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Calling all Pink Carnations

Hi All, I've just made the second apple pie of the season which has reminded me about food and that it is less than six weeks to Patients Day at HRC on 7th October.

This will be the tenth year of Pink Carnation Suppers and I would like to remind you all that anybody coming to HRC who will be arriving on Saturday evening 6th October and staying over is invited to supper at Hyatt Regency Hotel . Wear a pink carnation for ID ( I usually bring a dozen for those too lazy to order one) and be in the foyer between 7 and 7.30 pm. (Other clothing is optional)

Please indicate if you will be coming so I have a rough idea of numbers. CarolF "your name vill alzo go on zer list."

There will be second chance to meet over breakfast next morning at 8 ish.

Hope to see a good turn out this year.


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You UK folks enjoy that wonderful event! 🙂I’m in USA and not able to go. Would love to know more about the pink carnations. Do they represent A-Fib charity? 🌸


Origins of the Pink Carnation Club.

When we first started AF Association I was invited to attend a reception at the House of Commons and was discussing with another member who would also be there how we would identify each other. (There were at least 120 member back then!).

I said that I would wear a pink carnation and he should carry a copy of The Times and because I read too many spy stories he should say to me " The wind is cold on the steppes" to which I would reply "Yes but only in winter. "

The first Patient's Day a lady turned up with a huge bunch of the flowers and ever since we have had a supper the night before for all those who stay over night. We did consider having some enamel badges made to sell to raise money for the charity but whilst we did get quite a way down the line with the idea (samples etc) there were complications in that the charity would not market them due to cost restraints so it would have to be a personal project which we felt unable to proceed with.

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That was simply the best story EVER! I would actually pay to see a movie about “The Pink Carnations”! Focusing on the humor but also on the individual lives of some of the members and how they come together once a year with this special identification (the hidden one being A-Fib and of course the obvious flower), with perseverance, knowledge and a life well-lived.

House of Commons! 120 members! Pink Carnations! The Times! Spy Stories! Code words! Mystery Flower Lady! Charity Considerations! Fantastically wonderful!

( There should be Club jackets or hats!)🤣


I'm not wearing a pink shower cap for anybody April.


..... but “only in winter” Bob! 😂

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Thanks, Bob. Looking forward to it. Don't forget the safety pins too ;-)

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Thanks for organising BobD. I'll be there again. Pete


Hi Bob,

I hope to be there. I will be going to the Syncope Trust's patients' day, not AF one, so it is a chance to say "hello again". Looking forward to seeing everyone again!


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