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Pink Carnation Supper

It is now only four weeks to HRC Patient's Day and that means Pink Carnation Supper on Saturday 30th September, the night before HRC.

I organise the event as a very informal meal at Hyatt Regency for anybody staying over the night before Patient's Day. This will be the ninth such event where we get together and share our experiences, meet old and new friends and generally while away the evening which would otherwise be spent cooped up alone in our rooms.

We meet in Reception around 7 for 7.30 and then hopefully the Hotel will remember this year to organise our table. (Bit chaotic last year! )

Oh yes and the Pink Carnation bit is wear one as ID although I usually bring some spares.

Please respond below with your name so I can get a feel for how many are coming.


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I wanted to come this year but unfortunately we will be in Spain, maybe next year, have a good evening p.


I expect to be there this year Bob. I'm staying over at the Hilton just down the road.


Hi Bob, I am not attending the conference this year but hope to be there for the next one. I hope you all enjoy the supper and the patients day. X


Hi Bob,

I'll be at Patients Day this year and would like to attend the Supper on Saturday evening please - though I think I have already mentioned that to you several weeks ago.

Looking forward to meeting up with everyone again,



As the talks at Patients' Day seem, yet again, very much for the newly diagnosed, I'm giving it a miss this year. Very sorry not to be meeting up at the dinner.


Hi Bob. This is my first Patient's Day so I would love to come to the supper. I was originally staying at the Hyatt Regency but moved to the Premier Inn, which I think is quite near?

Looking forward to meeting everyone.


I'll be there. Looking forward to meeting you all.


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