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Hi folks I have decided to take a little break from this wonderful site You all have helped me so much over last few months with my AF and anxiety Have made some lovely friends but because of my anxiety I have been wondering if reading all the other people's problems Most I must say are far far worse than mine are adding to my anxiety I tend to store things in my mind and keep thinking about them So I think to see if I can move on and rid myself of it for once and all again a break may help Thank you so much for all the advice you have all given me

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Look after yourself 🙌

Thank you and you look after yourself also

Good luck don't be a stranger!

Oh I be back just need to consentrate on myself for a while I have lost all my strong mindedness and independancy

Keep well Vonnie - I hope we will hear from you again.

Thank you I will be back Couldn't leave all you lovely people for good Just think I read things and think what if it happens to me which brings on my anxiety

CDreamer in reply to Vonnieruth

Sounds sensible, best wishes.

Vonnieruth in reply to CDreamer

Thanks dreamer

It happens to us all Vonnie and it does no harm to take time out.....stay well......

Vonnieruth in reply to FlapJack

Thanks flapjack

Take it easy Vonnie x

I have only been on this site a couple of weeks & your name comes up very regular so it shows that you are a very caring person. I too suffer a lot with anxiety & I wondered if listening to other's problems would make me worse. The jury is still out on that. So all the best to you & remember to listen to some Tamla Motown!! 💝

Sure will I have it on my

I think it is a good idea if other people’s conditions worry you. I think having been in hospital so many times in High Dependency Unit, Cardiace Care and of course good old ED I think I am more conditioned. Having said that dwelling on the matter can play on the mind.

Anyway best wishes, you know where we all are if you need support.


Thanks Pete


Vonnie, I’m sure we all wish you well and hope you will get on top of anxiety, get back to your job and all goes smoothly.

Vonnieruth in reply to Hidden

Thank you I hope so to Will pop back on here soon for a catch up

Oh vonnie I will miss our chats !!! You take good care of yourself x

Vonnieruth in reply to Edm174

I will be coming back Just thought a break may help me with my way back to being me

We will all be thinking of you. You will return a stronger and more resolved forum member, ready to pass on whatever you have learned.

I understand totally as I quite regularly duck out for a while and return when I find I have missed my friends on here or when I feel stronger or more usually, when I need some more support!

Take care x

Vonnieruth in reply to dedeottie

Thank you I have made some lovely friends and will return when I feel a little more confident

You make a valid point: reading about other people’s experiences of Afib can be reassuring *or* worrying- it’s a fine balance.

Thanks Sam I have been helped so much on here by lovely people I won't leave completely just take a break and see how I feel within myself

Not been on here very long but your name comes up such a lot & your comments are always sensible & caring. I know exactly what you mean about reading the posts from other afibers making you feel more anxious. I was so relieved when I found there were others 'out there's with the same condition. However I think it's a good idea to have a break. I hope you keep well and get back to the 'old you'. Best of luck

Vonnieruth in reply to Petrified

Thank you

Thank you so much for all you have given of yourself. Take care of you now🌸

Take care I’ve appreciated your input and support

Thank you Short may help me but I know I can come back

Thank you April

Hi Vonnie, I completely understand as I too will take on the issues of others and it can be hard going at times because you always want to help and can't. Take a break but know the group is here for you when you need. Look after yourself and remember to put yourself first xxx

Thank you I won't be leaving totally too many nice people on here

good luck! Keep smiling!

Thank you I intend to try

I think you have been wise.

I also feel the same, usually have quick look at subjects and then delete without reading. Saw yours and had a read

Vonnieruth in reply to RexH

It does worry me sometimes that I think all this could happen to me

You take care now! All the best xxx

Vonnieruth in reply to wilsond

Thanks Wilson will be back to catch up when I'm ready

Take care and thank you x

Vonnieruth in reply to jaqshell

Thank you jag will be back on as soon as I am ready

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