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First panic attack since surgery

I tried. To get out of the house today. So what better place to go than with my husband to the farm he works for. The ride was wonderful. I did my best not to cry because I was enjoying the view. I had taken some meds to break my constipation since I haven't gone in a few day due to pain meds and surgery. Boy did it work well. When I finished I climbed back into my truck and my heart started to act up.

I know t throw lots of PVCs, I guess I threw just enough for me to feel a little adrenaline draw up and make me freeze up. My husband took me to the hospital on my request. I cried nearly the whole way. The doctor I saw said I have a spell of depression because I went from severe health issues to far less dramatic problems. He said my brain needs to be rest and catch up to all the good stuff that I can look forward to. I say plenty of sleep just to forget for now. But I'm not very good at being sleeping beauty I tend to look more like a the mess you see on a Zquil commercial. Even though it's still early here in the evening, I'm going to try go back to sleep. Its the only time my brain gets a break.

Many hugs, love and many wishes and blessings to my virtual friends.

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Good morning Ruby

I was glad to hear you made it out of the house and that the trip solved your plumbing problem.

As I said a couple of days ago "You are very delicate right now both in body and mind. Be kind to yourself and give it time."

On every mountain you have to take the first steps.

Let your husband still pamper you.

Have a lot of rest and try and introduce trips out as often as you can cope but don't go too far to start with.



Great advice from Pete.

"Boy did it work well. When I finished I climbed back into my truck and my heart started to act up." I was wondering whether this digestive "event" triggered your AF?

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:-* had an AV Node ablation so my AF doesn't even bother me now. My biggest problem is I had an entire early set of arrhythmias which are all Ventricle. I have a woman here in the States who has never had AF But does have a bunch of ventricular issues. Either way I'm staying with this group because I spent 13 years with AF trouble that caused VF. That and you all have lifted my spirits and always make me feel welcomed even on my worse days.

Perhapse all the stuff I post here may help someone. That is my goal. All I have gone through May not be the same but still may help someone find the strength they need to fight to live or slap sense into their doctor to give them help. Or just maybe they are in the early stages of this mess to wasn't to be the lab rat to save as many as possible. ( I wanted to be that lab rat for so long. But I've run out of options and I'm getting to that middle age thing so they don't look at you the same no matter how much right you have.)

I don't want anyone who reads my posts to become afraid of the possiblities of where I have gone but look at it as more of a preparedness of what could happen, although I pray it never gets this bad for anyone else.


Hi, Sorry to hear you are having a hard time when you were looking forward to things being so much better - which of course they are but your brain is not yet in catch up mode. Have you tried yoga breathing? sometimes even just taking ten minutes a day to concentrate on your breathing, in through the nose and out through the mouth can be enough to settle you. Hope things get better for you.

Take care and try and relax. If you find sleeping a problem don't be afraid to get help sleep is most important and taking sleeping tablets responsibly for a short time to help you over a hard period will not do as much harm as not having sleep.

It may well have been your "digestive event" that caused your AF to flare. Hope it doesn't happen again.

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Infant do yoga but I do meditate. Its just going to take time for my brain to catch up either way. In three months i had VFvthen AF then more AF that I got shocks for then just Atrial tack with a slow climb from 103 to 120 in 12 hours. An AV node ablation to stop that crap then I had a VF Storm ( totally new arrhythmia). 8 days in the hospital only to have a surgery to cut the adrenaline off from my heart. (sympathectomy) so far it has worked like a charm but its only been 9 days. So I'm sort of on very slow to dead stop for now until I see my doc next month on the 24? I have to double check that date.

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Diarrhea causes us to lose not just liquid, but potassium as well, and probably magnesium and other minerals etc as well. This upsets the balance of essential electrolytes which the heart needs, so may well have set off the AF.

Flax seeds are inexpensive, and are very effective at keeping one going regularly. We stir them into our breakfast cereal. Start with a teaspoon a day, and slowly increase until you get just the right effect for you. They are nutritious as well, but are best if they are already 'cracked' as they may otherwise not be digested properly.

Eating a banana is a good way to replace some of the potassium quickly. There is plenty in a healthy diet, especially in fruit. In the States you can buy it as a supplement but this is definitely not recommended, as having too much can be very serious, so it should not be taken as a supplement except under a doctor's supervision.


Flax seed is hard to find here in The States where I am. Its like these people are afraid to be healthy and live. It can also be semi expensive. But I will look for it non the less. I love bananas. But I can only eat a few before I stop eating them for a month or two. If I had my way I Certainly would become a fruitatairian. I love vegies too but I'm like my husband..........I just can't be a rabbit and eat just salad. And I don't trust the food labels here in the States. My goverment is too busy arguing over who should use what bathroom. Perhaps things will get better enough and y will grow my ownngarden just enough for me and hubby.

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My grandchildren live in the states. The family are vegan. I have to say when I look at some of the food available over there I realise that I could be vegetarian or even vegan if I had to live there all the time! Meditation is good. Just try and relax and be good to yourself it is early days yet and you have been through so much.

All the best



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