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Ablation blog part 5 : moving on up, moving on out, time to break free

Thank you for all your wonderful caring positive comments. Sorry about spelling mistakes . Difficult to see in the dark , strict nurse said lights out at 11 ! Who are we to argue ? Bob , as for sleep , hospitals are full of sick people moaning and groaning ! But apart from that the nurse came round every hour to take my blood pressure and release the pressure on the valves around the groin area . I can only describe this as a raised bubble full of pumped in air totally sealed with the ability to draw out a small amount of air , yes, every hour during the night ! This new way of healing the open wound draws the 2 cut edges together over 12 hours , and it works ! Bit of bleeding but wipes are wonderful things . One size does all ! succumbed to the dreaded bed pan once more during the night . Feel free to use your imagination , but don't leave it till the last minute , they don't hold that much ! Throat slowly feeling a lot less like the bottom of a birdcage . so at 0700 I'm informed of today's events . Eco scan first . Managed a biscuit and a cuppa plus a loo break en route . I can shuffle off the wheelchair to the loo , and the ' bubbles ' have gone with just 2 large dressings in place. My legs feel a bit numb and my groin a bit sore , but nothing I can't handle . it's good to hear the old ticker beating in formation , not a second rate brass band tuning up ! no burning sensation in chest area , woohoo ! Docs have been round with the update . Next appt in 3 months with Dr Norman at frimley park , Dr jones was in charge here at harefield . Nothing but praise for everyone involved . Been given gastro tablets to take for 2 weeks in case of tummy problems . Few more blood pressure/ blood tests awaiting results . Back onto my normal drugs except digoxin .

Nothing can stop me !

Lisa. ( 1 more blog to go ! )

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Wonderful news Lisa. I lied about the sleep! In Brompton it is about 30 degrees and the windows only open about an inch and then you can't hear yourself think for the traffic noise.

Good all round so far. Well done.


Looking good and well done for great attitude.

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How long they keeping you in for lisa?? They said they was going to keep me in a couple of nights minimum for my ablation, glad your feeling well and in good spirits :-)


Well Lisa, pleased that all has gone well for you....at last! Interesting to hear how the groin incisions were dealt with. I had a single stitch put in for just a few hours in each groin for my last ablation and was left with no bruising or pain . Look forward to next instalment! Take care & of course take it easy! Sandra


Always lovely to hear a positive conclusion!


Dr Jones is a fantastic doctor, as are all the team at Harefield. I am so glad you have come through it all with the positive attitude you have. You have done well. Be sure to get more medication for your tummy if it is still unsettled after two weeks. It can take a few months to clear. I agree with Bob about the traffic noise at the Brompton! At Harefield it is the noise of the helicopter as it lands and the knowledge that there must be someone really seriously unwell coming in. Keep hanging in there as you are doing.

Thank you for your posts. I am sure it will be a great source of comfort and knowledge for those who have entered the world of AF. Anne x

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Yes it is very interesting about the groin as I do not recall anything like that. After my first I had a femstop which is like a big clamp to put pressure on the wound as I woke up in a red puddle but don't remember any problems with my second or third. Just a pad for the day of the procedure. For my third I had three entry wounds, both groins and right wrist and the last was sore for a week or two with a large lump which took a while to go away. I was usually only in the night before and the night after the procedure and went home the next day so long as somebody took me.

Lots of new ways of doing things these days. When I had my prostatectomy I had two plastic tubes in my stomach that they injected local anaesthetic into every few hours for pain relief. The one on the left was great but the right one never seemed to work! After two days they just pulled them out which was quite painless. Main 6 inch wound was glued not stitched so very little scar. Dead clever.



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