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Ectopics have moved in


Three weeks from an ablation, slow recovery but OK. I seem to have traded afib for ectopics. So far the few I had were relatively short - 12 hours or so . But this last one is 20 hours and staying. So no sleep and up and down all night, Tried slow breathing and it helped briefly - but how long can they last? Do I blame it on the short flat walk I did in the morning? Something I ate? I have a very careful diet, no alcohol and no caffeine and no fun either with this. Thanks everyone.

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It’s three and a half weeks since my ablation and my arrhythmia, rhythm and rate are not as consistent as they were before my ablation. I suffer more from exhaustion now than I did beforehand although some days are better than others. Similarly, some nights are better than others. My resting heart rate had been around 48 beforehand but dropped to 42 before rising to 61. It is presently around 55. I’m assuming that this is normal. Three weeks is early days.

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Thanks, it's hard to know what is normal these days, my hr dropped from 80 to 60 after ablation. It's good to know I'm not the only one.

Had the same thing after mine. They eventually will subside.

You give me hope!


Same thing happened to me three weeks out - I was advised to go back on the bisoprolol and flecainide that I’d previously been taking. Back in normal rhythm after three days. Hoping to discontinue drugs shortly ( apart from apixiban.)

Thanks, it gets so discouraging sometimes so everyone who replies gives me hope. I am still on a lower dose of metoprolol until I see my ep. I hope I can discontinue that too.

I had them quite badly from time to time and even had a couple of af episodes for about 9 months after my ablation. Then they just stopped of their own accord. I feel good now off all Meds except blood pressure ones and take cod liver oil. Hang on in there it gets better

Thanks to you too - 9 months out! But I'm glad they stopped for you. Hopefully in time I'll get off the meds too.

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