Ectopics / unusual sensation

This is a bit of a random question but am just wondering if anyone ever gets a sensation of their heart not being in arrhythmias but not being completely settled? I have not had much AF or AT for the last 3 days (which has been lovely) but I keep having episodes of a few hours.. Especially first thing in the morning where it feels like there is a bubble right under my sternum. My chest feels a bit hollow and as though it is not completely settled. It is definitely not in my usual arrhythmias but it doesn't feel normal. I don't feel unwell just not completely comfortable. This happens to me from time to time. I don't know if it is runs of ectopics or my heart 'trying' to get into an arrhythmia. Sorry that this is all so vague but I often find symptoms really difficult to put into words. Has anyone experienced anything similar to me? I wish I were on an ECG machine right now to find out what is going on. There is nothing obvious with my pulse aside from the odd ectopic and a couple of short runs of tachycardia. Any ideas or feedback most welcome! PS. This is not me a analysing my every heartbeat as I tend not to do that and just enjoy being on NSR. I have learned not to try and predict arrhythmias as they bite when you least expect. So this is a genuine sensation.


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  • I do know exactly what you mean Vony. I feel like that a lot of the time but since I know it is not AF I just accept that I am having a fit of the vapours. and move on. Never recorded anything on Kardia at these times. I think it is probably stomach related (vagus nerve). We are all far too aware of ourselves aren't we.

  • I have the same thing and agree with Bob I am pretty sure its the (Vagus nerve) Gaviscon seems to help.

  • Really??? Gaviscon?! Will give it a try. Have been having a lot of heartburn over last few days.. But weirdly heart has not been in arrhythmias as much!

  • Maybe because the acid has been escaping?

  • My goodness... Never thought of that!!!

  • I take Ranitidine every evening so I don't get reflux at night, worth a try? You can get it over the counter though of course I don't advise that 😜

  • Thank you so much Bob. Does this just go away and come in periods for you?! I don't like the feeling but as you say it is not AF and certainly more bearable than full blown arrhythmias. I almost feel that if I started to run or exert myself it would become more unsettled. It is such a strange feeling. Poor you having this a lot though as it is not pleasant. Oh to just have a normal heart beat... I took NSR so much for granted in the past... When I didn't even know NSR and this mad world of dodgy tickers existed!!!

  • Yes I find from time to time I get into a loop from some food issue or another . Gaviscon as mentioned or one of the 'prazoles for a day or two. Least of my worries on cold days with arthritis!

  • I wake at about 5am most mornings with my heart doing similar things. I dont think it's AF but it's certainly not NSR. Get a bit fed up!

  • It's a strange feeling isn't it.

  • In one word - yes. I have recorded on Kardia, shown to EP - ectopics show up very distinctly and he just said 'oh yes, both atria and ventricle ectopics, nothing to worry about' and did some very scientific measurements by measuring against markings on a piece of blank paper to ensure everything else is ok, it was.

  • My heart arrhythmia replicates yours entirely. Fed up with it but have to just cope with it as there's not much help out there in the medical world. This site has been such a help and comfort as I felt so alone previously.

  • Yes Gillie. I understand completely. I am sorry you have this bloody condition too lol xxx

  • Hi Vony,

    What you feels are so called subclinical symptoms. The typical mild clinical symptoms are better defined, as palpitation chest pain, shortage of breathing.

    Concerning the ectopics there are types: Premature Atrial Complexes (PACs) and Premature Ventricular Complexes (PVCs). According to the literature PACs may provocate aFib. They can "drive" the microrentry and macro reentry circuits. These circuits are the structural basis of the aFib.

    Myself have and wearable ECG monitor and I can practically continuously record and observe my ECG. Having couple of hours of realtime observations now basically "learned" to feel my PACs. My feeling just my heart beats are not so "clean" as usual. Importantly PACs runs predicts my flutter (might form of the aFib). Intensive walking helps me suppress my PACs, but this only delays in the onset of my flutter by 1-3 days.


  • Hi mercurius what do you use to record ECG

  • Hi, I'm lucky. We are developing the ECG, and we tested it in house. I don’t have any symptom and during the testing came up, that I have flutter.

    We are working heavily to make it available ASAP.

    I like the device because it makes long records and it is discrete comfortable. I can use it for hours and nobody can see that I have it.

    All the best Mercurius

  • Hi Vony

    Been getting these quite often in the early evening especially after a stressful day in work. Awful thumping ectopics for a good few hours then settles down. Like you, I know it is not full blown AF but it does make me quite weak. Had a treadmill test at hospital a few months back; showed up nothing. Had a 24 hour Holter monitor;showed up nothing! Cardiologist thinks it could be blood pressure related, though GP disagrees as blood pressure seems normal (on a low dose of ramipril). Am going to phone GP to see if I can get a referral with a proper EP and get some clarity. You are right it is a genuine sensation which can be unnerving.

  • Hi I have had the bubble in chest feeling to the point it feels my chest will explode. I was on a monitor in hospital and whenever my heart went over 85 I wA getting pvc and the bubble feeling would be there. So it was my ectopics. That has helped me. I wS given diltiazem to help.

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