Atrial flutter/ ectopics

As you know this week Ive been experiencing some ectopic beats...unfortunately not at time of having ecg!! Typical. Last night after tossing and turning for hours I had what I think was an Atrial Flutter It felt like AF but lasted a couple of seconds and went. Then I was awake waiting for the 'biggy' that never came.

Does all this mean my ablation didnt work? What do I do? My EP wants me to wait until an ecg shows AF before they see me again. Im trying not to stress about it and get on with life but getting tired now too . Sorry to keep on you lovely folk

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  • Bridget. NO!!! Stop worrying. You must have been told to expect this sort of thing for at least three months as the heart heals. It might even take longer to settle down but don't you dare suggest it hasn't worked. Positive please. Ectopics are actually a good sign as it shows that the heart is trying to go into AF but not succeeding. I still get those seven years down the line but no AF.


  • Bob you are a treasure. Thank you for youe reassuring words. As its now nearly 4 months after ablation ( but only a week off meds) I thought negatively. Thats me. Ill try to be positive.

    But thank you

  • Bridget try to stay focused and keep positive as Bob says. You know that worry for worries sake is a bad thing and I know how hard it is to stay in a positive state of mind when all you seem to feel and hear is your heart beat. I still hear mine every night and feel it most of the day but I do try my best not to keep feeling my pulse when I feel anything out of the ordinary, and let me tell you that is most of the time. I wish you a happy and speedy recovery, stay chilled.

    BW Paul

  • Thank you. I know both you and Bob are right so I will try...promise.

  • Bridget, I'm in the same boat as you. 3 weeks post ablation, first 2 weeks nothing, 3rd week I get lots of ectpopics and have had 1 bout of AF that lasted 3 minutes.

    It is worrying but I was warned ALOT that this would likely happen.

  • So was I but as Im 4 months post ablation now I thought mine would have stopped. Wrong! Anyway thanks for the feed back and good luck

  • Hi Bridget, I had my ablation mid January this year and still get very short runs of heart trying to go into AF. About 5 beats of what feels like AF but think it is ectopics. I had my 24 hour monitor a couple of weeks ago and it did it luckily. I have my follow up beginning of September so will find out what it is and let you know. It happens when I get anxious or am tired. Take care.

    Bella :)

  • Hi Bella. Thanks for your reply. Sounds similar to me. Hope it goes well for you. Even though its not full blown AF its still an unpleasant feeling isnt it? Keep in touch


  • I certainly will keep In touch. I am still on half of a 1.25mg bisoprolol and will try dropping this soon or cutting it in half. Are you off the bisoprolol? I was reading back on your posts and saw that you are going to New Zealand in February. Upgrade if at all possible as it is a very long and tiring flight. I was supposed to go last year with my New Zealand husband and sent him on his own. I have done that trip 6 times and plan to do it for my husband's 60th in 4 years. Take care and try not to be anxious as this sets the ectopics off x

  • Oh good advice. We are stopping half way in Singapore so wont be too bad. Im not on any medication now

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