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Nothing for 2 years until now

Hi. I used to get paf. 2 cardioversions and one ablation and have been off all meds for 2 years and no signs of anything. Until recently. I don't think I have AF but have lots of ectopics and few premature beats associated with shortness of breath when they occur.

I run 10k races, do boxing classes to music and go to gym regularly. I eat ' clean' and don't drink any more.

I am however I am entering menopause and these ectopics seem to be hormone related. Is this a precursor to slowly returning to AF or something completely different. Wondered if others had suffered this

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Ectopics are not AF , in fact Sabine Ernst once told a meeting I was in that they are a good sign as it shows that the heart is not able to go into AF.

OK I know they don't feel much fun and from time to time I also get runs of these which have sometimes lasted several weeks but fortunately so far recently my Bowen man has been able to calm by doing work on the vagus nerve. There is also a very good slow deep breathing exercise which helps many people., If you use the search box top right you can find it probably under Gupta Breathing.

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Ectopics don't worry me too much as had them for 20 years ( even regularly had bi gemeny at times until I realized my un healthy addiction to diet Coke was the cause) but with my healthy lifestyle now and not a sausage for 2 years from them either, I was lulled into a false sense of security about them too.

Just unnerving to suddenly occur and for some hours and be uncomfortable. They used to disappear with exercise too ( as I believe my own rythum overtook the ectopics ) now I get them During exercise too which is strange.


Bigeminy precipitated by exercise should be evaluated with at minimum a stress test.


What would be the issue if they are precipitated by exercise.

I had a stress test years ago and the disappeared back then.


My EP said a similar thing when I was complaining about ectopics. Good to hear it again


It would help rule out coronary artery disease which could be a concern with any symptoms related to exercise


Valvular problems could also cause symptoms and an echo cardiogram would help diagnose these.


I was fine 2 years ago normal echo ore ablation and obviously one during


Blood work I electrolytes, metabolic profile,thyroid studies and a CBC are probably indicated.


They are all fine too had just before Christmas was anaaemic ( secondary to the menopause) but that back to normal now


I suggest, based on my extensive experience, the cause could be your spine considering what you said you do. Find a whole health chiropractor and check out this non-drug and non-surgery option. It can take a year for a nerve to heal so the this solution may take some time or maybe not.

Take a look at this video:

This guy has some good ideas and like all health care options offered, you need to do research and make the most appropriate decision for you. You should likely have your spine checked regardless, but unfortunately not all chiropractors have equal training and skills so you need to be thorough in researching your choice.


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