3 months since ablation now getting ectopics

Hi there, I had an ablation for Paraxysmal AF and Flutter in January.  Have been symptom clear since then,  feeling great, my heart  quiet and calm.  Just beginning to feel like have got my life back not listening to my heart 24/7 or worrying about the onset of attack (was getting them for hours every day) Had my 3 month check up with consultant at Guys last week, was bragging about how well I was with no heart flutters etc.  BP and ECG etc were very good.   Then 2 days later I start to get runs of ectopics I think, a missed or big beat 2 - 3 in every 60 second cycle.  This sequence lasting for a couple of hours on and off over 2 days, a couple of hours at night, then next day afternoon then stopped and came back for while in evening.  Not uncomfortable but has worried me that this means the AF will be coming back.  Anyone else had this happen after ablation.

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  • Wendy, this is very common and experienced by many on this site.

    I still get these 3 years post my 3rd ablation.


  • Quite common and not AF at all. Try not to worry but if it persists ask your GP for an ECG to capture it and send a copy to your EP. The more you worry the more you will notice of course. I have been AF free for  nearly seven years  but still get ectopics on a regular basis  and a recent 48 hour tape showed up to 2000 in any 24 hour period. It isn't dangerous . just irritating.

  • I had ectopics and other strange little flutters after my ablation. Then an infection was diagnosed and treated and I have had very few since, though this may simply be that it is now over three months since my ablation. Just thinking  you  may have a virus or slight infection? 

  • Thank you - yes I have had a bad bout of  Gastritis or possible food poisoning from seafood over the weekend it might be this. Was ok Monday and Tuesday but today have had irregular beats for 3 hours today, felt like AF at some point but when I check my pulse its a normal speed with irregular blips every 20 or so beats.  Very strange.  On consultants advice,  GP is meant to be starting to put me on a reducing meds regime concerned perhaps not ready for this!?

  • Hi I had my first ablation four months ago and get lots of flutters / palpitations, some days more than others. I was told by my consultant that it was nothing to worry about, so I am trying not to worry, as that makes them worse. Looking at other replies to your post, it seems we have to just try to get on with things, not worry about it and hope we can remain AF free!

  • I had my ablation 10 months ago and still have quite bad spells of ectopics, but no recurrence of AF. I had hoped that the procedure might have helped with the  ectopics, but I am grateful for the AF going, for now at least! In my experience treating ectopics is a very different ball game to living with AF. AF used to strike me periodically and that was a sign to stop, take my medication, and basically sit it out not really feeling like doing anything. With ectopics, which I have for long stretches,  you can't really sit it out, you have to get on with life, which isn't easy as you tend to feel anxious and uncomfortable. Fortunately, or unfortunately, whichever way you look at it, ectopics aren't usually life threatening, so tend not to get doctors jumping up and down. Its a case of finding your own coping mechanisms, trying to relax, which does help and the usual things like a good diet, maybe supplements like magnesium etc which others have found helpful. I hope it doesn't, but I am realistic enough to know that AF might return some day, and I might need further treatment, but I don't think you should worry too much that ectopics will be followed by AF.

  • Thank you everyone for your reassurance.  I will be trying not to worry and accept it.  I guess it rattled me because I had been completely symptom free for 3 months was so enjoying the quiet heart.  Life goes on and will certainly not let it hold me back. 

  • Yes I had a PVI in August last year, after some problems, I have GREAT days when all is well and fine, and then ectopics have a field day. Just one of those things. Agree with your last comment don't let it hold you back. Good luck.

  • I believe everyone -- even those who don't have afib -- have ectopics but because they're not so focused on their heart rate and beats, they simply don't notice.  We afibbers just seem to become fixated on what our heart is doing at any given moment.  I think it's helpful to let go of the constant need to check and concentrate on other, more important things in our daily lives.

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