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Tricuspid valve replacement



Recently I had my echo and was diagnosed to have severe tricuspid regurgitation, RV hypertrophy . My cardiologist is doing a cardiac MRI and also contact surgeon to see if I need tricuspid alive replacement. I had ASD repair when I was 10 years old.

Has anyone had Tricuspid valve replacement. If so please tell me what to expect, recovery time. I was stressing out with the word of open heart surgery. How long I will be out of work . What post op complications


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There may be those here who have experienced this but the forum you have come to is primarily for atrial fibrillation . Maybe there is another forum which may be more suitable ?

Can I just ask whether you also have AF. I was diagnosed 15 months ago and also have heart valves which require repair. Are the two linked.

BobD is right, there are people on this forum who have experienced open heart surgery for one reason or another, and later developed AF.

I had a (mitral) valve replaced over 24 years ago, and I presume the methods have improved since then. Let me reassure you that it is a marvelous operation. I went in, needing a wheelchair, and walked out at a brisk pace! The day after the op I was sitting in a chair for three hours, waiting for a bed on the ward, breathing without oxygen.

I am the kind of person who can often accept pain if I know it is not dangerous. If you have the works -- where they slit your sternum, then the pain comes in cramps between the shoulder blades of your back, especially for the first three nights. So have the courage to take a pain killer for the night. It does pass and is harmless. The nurses treated me to a stand up wash down, neck to toe around 3am -- how that felt good!

The other hard bit was the gagging in intensive care. This is normal, and is a good sign -- it is a sign you are almost ready to breathe on your own.

When you go back to work depends on age, severity of problem, prior fitness, and your type of work. You may find the BHF site helpful.

Had it done when I was 69 along with another valve repair, mini maze, and removal of the atrial appendage. realistically allow 3 months for recovery -your breastbone will need time to knit together.

It is an amazing life saving and life changing operation.. I had no complications. Still had afib after but a later ablation settled that. I am now 73 and enjoy listening to my heart valves wooshing away. Go for it.

Thank you all for your reply. I was diagnosed with atrial flutter in 2014 and had 2 ablations. I had ASD repair when I was 10 years old. The doctor feels it is a combination of open heart surgery I had when I was young and atrial flutter which resulted in mild RA enlargement. See I always had moderate tricuspid regurgitation. The only symptom I have now is chronic cough and occasional palpitations. The doctor did an echo and noted RV hypertrophy and severe tricuspid regurgitation. If they have not done the echo they wouldn’t know about RV hypertrophy. He feels to prevent further damage valve repair or replacement is the next step. He said he will check with surgeon and cardiologist who specializes in congenital defects if the next step of valve repair is ideal .

Thank you Lowe, lanc2. I feel little less anxious after reading your post and feel like I can do it and I am not alone

I am waiting on cardiology office to call with cardiac MRI appointment. I will update you all once I know what their next step for me🌿🌿🌿🌿

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