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Post cryoablation update

Hi all im 20 weeks and 5 days (5 months) post cryoablation and still getting bouts of AF. I had a gap of 8 days with nothing and the longest gap ive had post op is 13 days. I'm feeling depressed and worried about having an additional procedure particularly because of my hearts awful reaction following the cryo op. I wondered if i need to keep waiting and hoping or if i need to accept that the op back in August hasn't worked. I'm 46 and first got AF symptoms back in 2011. I'm 70kg and was a keen footballer prior to all of this. I walked into town today which is a couple of miles and AF set in shortly after i ate some dinner as i walked. Its pathetic. I'm seeing the specialist again for a follow up in a couple of weeks. If theres anyone who has seen a marked improvement even after this amount of time with my frequency of events please pipe up to renew my hope. Best wishes to you all and thanks for reading.

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How many hours of AF do you have in a week? Is there a trend of improvement even if slow?

Improvement can happen for up to 6 or even 9 months occasionally.

But at 46, if your AF is significant and not controlled with medication, the probability is that you will need another ablation. This is common and second time round is generally less intrusive, a "touch up"

What is your medication? Are you on an AC?

Don't sit on this for too long. If necessary, a private EP appt at £200 pounds typically, could be the best way forward


Thanks for the reply i haven't looked at the amout of time per week. I did look at the length of time between issues to see if the gaps were lengthening which they aren't. Yes im on apixiban as i had a stroke last feb which is the reason why i decided on ablation in August. I'm seeing the chap who did the OP in a couple of weeks on private. Will see what he says. Thanks again. Steve.

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Hi Noxy

I am 48 male, 72kg and had as well cryoablation 7 months ago for AF and RF ablation for AFlutter. 1 month ago (when I was under 50mg Flecainide twice a day) I started to have again bouts of what I thought was AF and lasting for hours. I did a 24hEKG one week ago (and I had a bad episode when I was wearing it) and the result was I had 900 ectopics with some runs of 16 consecutive ectopics but no AF (honestly impossible for me to tell the difference in the symptoms I had); since one week I doubled the flecainide dose (so back to the dose I had before and immed after the ablation) and it is better. EKG detected also I have down to 38 beats in the night. Francesco.


Hi Francesco sounds like you are having a frustrating time of it too. I guess I need to have a monitor for a few days so the specialist can check if I am having AF or if it’s ectopics. Thanks for your post and I hope yours settles down soon !!


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