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Hi Everyone ! I did my Cryoablation 42 Days ago ! im 32 Male.. I'm On Pradaxa 150 mg twice and Concor 5 mg.. How can I know if my ablation is successful ?! 10 days ago I felt that my heart is skipping a beat for a whole day then it comes and go ! On New Year's Eve I had like 5 drinks and was panicking the whole night was scared that my heart rate gets high or I get an episode of AFIB ! I had 3 drinks 2 days ago and started feeling that skipping beat thing dunno if that's one of the AFIB's Forma or not ! The doctor who did my ablation was visiting only and he did my ablation the left ! And I don't really trust the other doctors here !! Does drinking alcohol could affect the success rate of the Ablation I did ? I need ur advice guys.. Thank You !

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Alcohol is best avoided if you suffer from AF also after an ablation your heart needs even more TLC as it has been subjected to a traumatic experience.

Sounds like you have had a few palpitations these can be triggered by alcohol

Try 'no alcohol' - abstinence is not as difficult as some image.

Don't worry too much about the two occasions recently - look to the future. I am sure you did no lasting damage.

Regarding the doctors who did your ablation - trust me they would not be allowed to carry out these procedures if they were not highly skilled - it takes years of experience.


Thanks a lot Pete ! What is TLC ?

Tender loving care

Don't worry about which doctor did what or went where.....much of what happens now about success or failure depends on you. I appreciate you are young, and that it has been a time for celebration, but methinks you know that you should have not have had any alcohol until you had given your heart a chance to heal. To put things into perspective, just over a month ago you had devices inserted into your heart that delivered temperatures to the pulminary veins that freeze burned them. It can take up to 3 months for your heart to recover, so you can be the judge of whether or not you could have done things differently. Let's hope that you now give your heart the time it needs to recover from it's of luck, John

TLC is tender loving care

KarimYassin in reply to FlapJack

Yes right John !! I shouldn't have drank ! Do u think this could have ruined anything in my heart ? Thanks a lot for ur reply :)

You need to stop drinking immediately

Alcohol can affect AFib so while I believe it's not required I have been t total for the Last 18 months to take the potential trigger away. Also I've stopped the coffee and trying to lose weight. There is also something call a blanking period when you will still possibly get some episodes or arrhythmias. This can be 3 month. My EP wouldn't judge success until post this period.

Best of luck Jonty

KarimYassin in reply to Jonty_13

But do u think Jonty alcohol in the blank period could affect the success rate of the ablation ?

Jonty_13 in reply to KarimYassin

I don't know Karim but if you are in sinus rythym at the moment try and avoid any know trigger would be my advice. There is a lot of inflammation in your heart you have to let that heal.

PeterWh in reply to KarimYassin

Yes and after the blanking period of 3 to 6 months though for some blanking period is a year.

It very much depends on the individual and from the sounds of it alcohol definitely affects you so I would avoid it like the plague. I go out drinking but only have soda and lime and with 1 (important not too many even in summer) ice cube. Also what it is can affect you considerably

I am in persistent AF. I had a small sherry glass of champagne at new year with no ill effects but certainly wouldn't risk any more. I had 3 very small sips of prosecco and within 5 minutes my heart was all over the place.

No one here can possibly know if drinking alcohol has damaged your heart, only time will tell. The message to you and others in similar situations is to not drink alcohol during the healing period and avoid it altogether if possible.

@KarinTassim do not drink alcoholic beverages if you have afib-also exclude sugar, caffeine, cocoa, salt, processed foods, quinolone antibiotics, large macrolide antibiotics (like biaxcin and azithromax); quinolones are like avalox, levaquin, cipro and anything ending in--floxin--look up the list. Do a google search for afib triggers. Avoid them unless you have a death wish. Also--epinephrine ()in asthma inhalers, in novacaine use carbocane ); nsaids, aspirin, over the counter cold meds. Research this topic as it is crucial to your health.

PeterWh in reply to traveler65

Brilliant response.

@KarimYassin You have to keep your potassium and magnesium levels up as the deficiency causes afib and the drugs you take deplete it.

Even after the Ablation ? Then what's the purpose of the Ablation ?

PeterWh in reply to KarimYassin

General improvement in health now and more importantly can have very significant benefits in the future.

@KarimYassin The ablation is stopping the extra electrical charge from the pulmonary veins where they enter the left ventricle. This extra electrical material was there when you were an embryo;It is genetic. The ablation is a life saving procedure. However!!!!-- afib is genetic--and there are other causes than just this material in your left atrium. Some of the causes have to do with your body's response to certain substances, as in the list of triggers mentioned by me above.SO--you have to avoid the triggers. Also--for normal function of just about every cell in your body you require adequate amounts of Magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, trace minerals, protein, and essential fatty acids etc. You seem to have no idea of the way the body works and of it's complexity. Your energy is produced by a part of each cell called mitochondria. Each mitochondria produces a substance called ATP. To produce ATP you need many things but primarily: T3 thyroid (the active part ), Magnesium, and Co enzyme Q 10. If you do not have enough of these and your ATP (energy-life) is too low in the muscles cells of your heart (called myocytes) then your hear t is under stress. Your heart also needs enough Taurine, the ingredients of Resveratrol,Your endothelial (lining of tthe arteries all over your body) require to be in good shape (not having endothelial dysfunction); your cells need to be in a state called cellular, osmotic homeostasis. (this means what is inside and what is outside of each cell has to be in the balance neccessary for what is going on physiologically) This is allsounding very "sciency" and overly complex. All it means is give your body enough healthy nutrients and see if it is okay for you to supplement with Taurine and Resveratrol, Pomegranate extract,Pycnogenol. Ask your electrophysiologist first if this is okay. You can get the required substances fromcertqain foods :wild caught salmon (has epa form of omega 3); meat that is only lean and grassfed/grass finished;organic berries; pomegranate juice (POM brand is the best)--why not do some research on your own about the proper nutrition for a person with afib./ proper nutrition (food and supplements) to remain healthy in general. Taurine normalizes the electrical flow over the surface of the cell; Resveratrol also helps normalize heart function as does pycnogenol. Do not just run out and buy this stuff because I say it works for me Look into it and consult your doctor. It is advisable to get the purest brands from the most reputable companies-such as Pure Encapsulations, Healthy Origins, and Metabolic maintenance. Lysine calms down the sympathetic nervous system: Your autonomic (nervous system is made of 2 parts : the parasympathetic (relax) and the sympathetic (flight or fight). P_eople with afib sometimes have autonomic dysregulation (meaning your flight or fight part is a bit overactive due to genetic reasons). The autonomic system is genetically geared sometimes to favor one part or the other. You can influence this by your foods, supplements, meditation, certain music etc.people with afib tend to have abnormalities with their extracellular matrix. This is the connecting material that holds all the cells of your body together. This substance is composed from Lysine, Proline and vitamin C. this is part of the reson , I think, That lysine calms the heart. The are currentlyknown to scientist 9 genetic polymorphisms (tendencies) that can predisposr a person to have afib. All of these tnedencies are down regulated with the proper nutrition and avoidance of the triggers. Try not to be too overwhelmed by all this. It is just something you did not know before. At any rate DO NOT


ALCOHOL or be concerned that drinking it must be part of your image or you social lifeB eing healthy is the most important part of your life--so love yourself enought to

take proper care of yourself. Basically if a health problem is not caused by a pathogen (bacteria, virus, parasite), or a trauma, then it its genetic mutation. BUT all genetic mutations occurred to your ancestors in the past as part of a survival mechanism. So don't worry about it--just be healthy--do some research. You will be fine.

also, if you do not take good care of yourself now you will have worse problems as you get older. Do also some moderate exercise every day.

Jomama in reply to traveler65

While I appreciate the wealth of information you are giving, I am a bit concerned that you mention that AFIB is caused by genetics. I have seen three EP experts and all of them say the cause is unknown. In my case, they think the cause could be from radiation therapy I had to my chest for breast cancer treatment 14 years ago. They are not sure though; they said that it could be genetics, it could be an electrical malfunction in my vagal nervous system, etc. etc. So what I am saying is that causes are not particularly known, and they are not always genetic.

traveler65 in reply to Jomama

@jomama My EP told me that he is not that smart they do not know the causes. B.S. If you had untreated hypertension because no one knew y9u had it--this will cause a change in architecture of the heart that will result in afib and many other cardio problems. A good cardiologist as well as an EP can tell by the abnormality (permanant) of your ekg if you did not treat your hypertension, if you have this, early enough. They do not want to give you too much informaiton, because it takes up too muich of their time.risk tendency One of the test results showed a (+,+) for the COMT gene. this is the gene that breaks down neurological stimulators: dopamine, epinephrine and neurepinephrine. (+,+) means a positive from both paretns. The result is that my body does not break down the above mentioned neuro stimulators at the appropriate speed. Therefore I have too much. this affects the electrical function of the heart. There were many other indicators. The 9 mentioned in the previous post were recently discovered by the scientists researching the area, not by me. If you believe these scientist are some stupd crazy people disregard their research and ask people on this site for their ideas if you think they know more than scientists and doctors form Harvard, Lund Univ., and a heart hospital center in Boston, who are cardiologists and geneticists doing the reaerch. Goinig on this site and saying "MY EP said he does not know and no one knows the cause" is a waste of time. It is like one 5 year old telling another "my dad is stronger than yours" Try to find relevant scientific information. If you do not believe that ailments not caused by a pathogen or trauma are mostly genetic in cause then you should definately do some reading about genetics--then you will know what is actually going on.

Jomama in reply to traveler65

No need to be condescending. I am a strong believer in science, and I read and research a good amount, but I do believe the jury is still out on this one, and just because you've read several studies saying this is so from some prominent universities doesn't make it so. I'm not saying that genetics aren't one particular cause for it, perhaps more often than not; only that it may not be the singular cause for it. Even geneticists would not make that bold claim without concrete and sustained studies that prove so. I think it's dangerous when one extrapolates from a few studies when they have not been completely proven. I would assume that EPs would much rather be able to tell their patients the concrete causes of their afib if they knew them, rather than saying they are not sure. You are obviously well informed, but I'd just be cautious to draw concrete conclusions like your claim. No need to respond; just wanted to clarify my position without getting hot around the collar :)


While an ablation may reduce or minimize AFIB, or even stop it completely for years if you are lucky, it is not a permanent cure. Many on this site have had more than one ablation. Once an AFIB patient, always an AFIB patient. Life style changes and monitoring what you put into your body in addition to a successful ablation give you the best chance for a productive and healthy life. Good luck.

You need to think now and maybe check with your GP if you don't have an appointment with an EP. Unfortunately this condition is not curable, but can be managed by yourself along with your EP and GP. You do not say if you are on any medication. Apart from the good advice above, helping yourself also means arming yourself with knowledge first, and slowly altering your lifestyle in respect of diet and exercise.

It's perhaps more difficult when you are younger and have friends doing what they always do, but you cannot afford this luxury now, its hard to enlighten your friends who might think you are bunging it on so to speak, but the main person you need to enlighten first is yourself, the rest will follow, so its a chance to give yourself alternatives rather than keeping on with drinking to begin with. The best of luck in this achievement.

Yeahhh !! So true !! Thank you so much for the advice :))


I had a Cryoblation in march 2016 and i have had the same problem, i had a Af Attack about 3 months ago but none since, but get the odd skipping beat thing, , i tried having a drink of wine but it made me feel ill so have not bothered since,

Just take it easy it takes a while to heal as i am finding out Suzy

Thanks a lot Suzy :)

I am afraid that alcohol is a no no with afib - it is perhaps the best known trigger and I simoly gave up as the worry of getting afib negated any pleasure.

YES. Alkohol can trigger afib and best is to skip it totaly.

If you have a history of afib, I think it's important to realize that alcohol is a trigger for the condition. Now that you've had an ablation, please give your heart time to recover. I would wait at least three months to eat/drink ANYTHING that might trigger afib. Don't forget your heart has been essentially burned in area and is very irritated and must have time to heal. I would completely avoid alcohol, caffeine and chocolate, which contains trace amounts of caffeine. Also caffeinated sodas, like colas. I know you are a young person, but really, take it easy and respect your body and let it'll be grateful that you did.

Plus you shouldn't be drinking if you take any type of blood thinner.

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