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bleeding from rib injury?


I have a problem worrying all the time about potential bleeds with Apixoban. Been taking this for 18 months with no apparent problems.

Yesterday I banged my left rib cage hard. Its a little painful on movement and now I am wondering if this would cause a bleed and with the Apixoban and should I see a doctor.

I am due to travel at the end of the week long haul.

thank you

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It's worth checking with A and E as you are travelling. Serious bleeding would result in you looking pale and feeling generally unwell. I had a heavy fall in the winter while on Apixaban and didn't go to A and E as felt OK, just shaken, In your shoes I would get checked just for peace of mind as travelling long haul- but I wouldn't worry too much


thank you for replying, Rosy


I had a bad fall and was in agony around my ribs etcafter a couple of days, went to A & E because I was worried about internal bleeding but they said I probably fractured a couple of ribs and the pain was caused by bruising which was getting worse before it got better! Also as Rosy says, to quote the doctor, ' If you were bleeding you would be much more ill than you are'. So you may get more pain from bruising. I am taking Rivaroxaban and was more concerned at the time of the accident about a brain bleed because I banged my face hard but A & E just sent me home with a leaflet about head injury 🤕

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Thanks Buffafly

I shall see how I go. If I was not on Apixoban I know I would be less fraught!

thanks again


I would check out,long haul....air cabin pressure etc


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