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So just walked through the door from the Royal Brompton where I’ve had a cardiac mri and appt with Sabine Ernst to get to the bottom of my run of ventricular tachycardia caught on my five day monitor. It started this morning at 3:30am for our journey up, got there had the mri, no mean feet to lie completely still for a hour and a quarter whilst told to breathe in, breathe out and hold your breath.. a couple of hours wait then to see a consultant

The young gentleman I saw explained that my mri was perfect nothing out of place... but we’d need to speak to Sabine to discuss what if anything was the next step for my VT, met with Sabine who said I only had a short run of 4-5 secs of it, and that usually with the mri being fine they’d just give beta blockers or do an EP study to try to pinpoint where it originated, as I’d pressed the button on the monitor it would need investigating......I replied that I hadn’t pressed the button, didn’t even know there was s button on there, however the monitor showed the button had been pressed...

Sabine rolled her eyes and said in that case it’s probably just an artefact on the monitor a “red herring” so to speak... the outcome sent on my merry way with a clean bill..... lots of worry for nothing👍🏻👍🏻

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How about that!!!!!

Great news after so much concern - very glad for you juggsy.

What great news. You were so worried weren’t you. It must be a real relief.

Hope you are feeling well.


All that weight off your shoulders, delighted to hear everything is fine!

Wow Juggsy, you must be over the moon!! Now yours really is a success story and so good to hear.

Now don't go sailing off into the sunset without coming back to the forum to report on how well you're doing in the future. Have a lovely AF free life.



Very good news Juggsy! Looks like you have been well looked after. Do keep in touch to let us know how you are.

What a relief for you Jugsy. Best wishes CD

Excellent, you must be so relieved. Hard work all this hospitsl stuff isn't it. Enjoy your outcome.


And the moral of the story is never trust electronics. Seen too many odd things on Kardia that are artefacts or movement. So glad it was nothing.

What a relief, so glad all OK.


Great news, Juggsy.

Very pleased for you Juggsy. On you go.....

Oh my god she used to be my heart surgeon. Operated on me three times. She is one of the best EP specialists. Glad u have been given a relatively clean bill of health.

Glad all is fine Juggsy, now you can get on living without any worries about your health heartwise.


Great news

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