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Hi everyone... I realise that mostly we update with news about developments or anxieties and not often about the good news... which is why I've been quiet, because I haven't had an AF event since March after having one a month since last autumn. I'll probably have one tonight, having said that, haha...

I have tried to ask myself what's different, in case it helps anyone else. I've given up diet Coke, for a start - hubby must have been Googling because he declared it off limits. I have more or less given up chocolate. Also we've started eating more healthily, partly because hubby has been told he's borderline diabetic and we both need to lose weight. I've even got hold of the Optimal Diet book (SRMGrandma's diet) although my hubby did get a bit mournful at the lack of meat.

He's also making me laugh by trying the typical dieter's trick - if wifey doesn't see me eating it, it has no calories! I need CCTV... I am also exercising more, just walking, and using an old step machine and a little trampoline (got a bad knee). I bought one of those fitbits, which tells you how much you have/haven't done, which I find really useful. I don't know what of this may be helping - maybe it's all coincidence, but I thought maybe feedback would be good.

I am struggling to lose weight despite all this, though I've managed to lose 2lb. But I am hoping that eating better and exercising by themselves will help, and I'm trying to not worry about weight loss. I have it stuck in my mind that if I weighed less it would help my AF, because there seems to be a correlation with obesity. But that might be more complicated, I was thinking, and also related to a lack of fitness and bad diet. Who knows... Anyway, just a few thoughts, I hope everyone has a wonderful day.


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"if wifey doesn't see me eating it, it has no calories!"

Yes perfectly true along with anything ate in the bathroom, I know that for a fact

Maybe that's why I'm fat LOL :)

But I do agree that weight an fitness appear to make a difference and long may you stay out of AF Lis



Hehe hoping so Ian, I'll remember about the bathroom trick. Boy, do I need eyes in the back of my head :D

All the best,



Hi Lis, I have seen a very small TV camera about the size of a USB stick available on e bay for about £10 . LOL Diet anything is a no no in my view as is any diet sweetener. They contain aspartame which is really evil. My wife took me off sweeteners about 15 year ago after reading about the awful things it can do to people. Mood/personality changes-- just google it and all the stuff from USA lawyers.

Good luck and as they say don't look a gift horse in the teeth. If it is working for you then carry on.


Eatsalottie in reply to BobD

Hi Bob and thanks, sounds like just what I need! LOL. I had no idea aspartame was so bad, it's kind of sobering that it's in so many things. I sure will carry on - you have a great day :)


Yes I have an adverse BMI and as soon as I've got the all clear I'm just going to get back to my exercise. Liz a trampoline is a great start I used mine to get back to fitness many times just 5 mins jogging x 3 a week build up to 12 mins. If you've got knee problems then all low impact is good its great for the lymph glands and even just doing the health bounce for 10 mins is good for draining the lymph glands which I believe would be beneficial to cancer patients. Where I work they are introducing all this kind of stuff along with other holistic stuff.

I'm just going to exercise and eat healthy. But even fit lean people get AF its not always the overweight.

Eatsalottie in reply to Loo53

Hi Loo, lovely to know you're around after your ablation, you take it easy! I'm really glad to get feedback from someone who knows about trampolines, I didn't know any of that, it's a revelation. I'm really pleased. I'd also be interested to know more about other holistic stuff when you're feeling up to it.

It's true, quite right to point out all sorts of people get AF... It's just one of those conditions nobody seems to fully understand! One day... You take care and stay well.


Thanks Lis well that's why I'm taking part in a trial to gets us a step closer to finding out....yep any other stuff you need to know ask. Trampoline is a great start to get you conditioned (takes about 6 weeks)..:O

Eatsalottie in reply to Loo53

Cool, you're taking part in a trial? Tell me more! Yes, I bet it takes lots of weeks (groan) to get someone as out of condition as me into any sort of condition. I think the 'fitbit' decided I was 'sedimentary', could have been sedentary but I reckon I've been lying down longer than that :D

That had me laughing out loud. Very funny.

I have never had a weight problem and always tried to eat healthily yet here I am. I am sure it was stress, possibly aided and abetted by coffee, with me. Good luck with the trampoline and the eye opening info about that from Loo, I had no idea it could get so technical!

Hope the calmness continues. Happy days.


Its a PRESSURE study to determine how soon gaps appear in the ablated pulmonary veins so that I should imagine they can re-ablate people sooner after the first ablation instead of people waiting months for one and what the heart is doing to cause these gaps in the ablation lines I have to keep a diary if I have any funny turns and take an ECG every day! Also if daily ECG monitoring shows stuff up as to how the gaps recur then they hope to give out more machines!

Eatsalottie in reply to Loo53

Goodness, that does sound interesting - and very worthwhile! I hope they take excellent care of you. An ECG every day, my word... Thank you for doing this - hopefully it will shed new light on what goes on after ablation, and make things better for everyone :)

Great to hear that you've been free of AF for a long stretch, Lis and long may it continue. Ill just add one thing that you may not know - if you break a biscuit before eating it, all the calories fall out.......

Hi Sue... Do you know, that has always been my secret dream :D

Hi Lis oh well done! Losing weight effectively is slow and steady does it so glad you are not getting too hung up on that. I have lost 9lbs since Xmas, doing more or less what you are doing. My cholesterol is right down, my blood sugar level is down to 5. I still don't feel better, but that is the Mg, but live in hope that I must be healthier in the long run.

Wish you both all the best and so pleased you are AF free, that's marvellous.

Eatsalottie in reply to CDreamer

Hi CDreamer - and well done to you, 9lbs since Xmas is marvellous! I am sure you're right and that trying for healthy has to be better for both of us in the long run... Wishing you all the best too - take care!

I think an important bit is to identify your individual lifestyle triggers, it takes a while, keeping a diary helps. in my case real & decaff coffee has gone, so has Green Tea (L-theanine), chocolate, alcohol, meat at night, late and large meals, tennis just walking. It's tough but you can use it as a push to develop other interests. I have also cut sugar by 50%+.

Interested in the Optimal Diet Book by SRM grandma - do I just search for that?

I agree, it is tough trying to identify those triggers and you're never going to get each one. I had one attack after a couple of days with an upset stomach (probably my potassium levels were low) and you can't really do much about that except eat bananas and hope. You don't drink decaff coffee either? I will mope if I have to give it up altogether, that's for sure... Late, large meals do it for a lot of people I think, I remember Koll saying it was a big trigger for him. Thanks for all the good thoughts.

Yes, I don't think she wrote it but it's this lifestyle and diet course she's been on - it's over in the US, I don't think they have it here in the UK but you can get the book, just search for it on Amazon. Very low in meat but some great ideas for vegetarian, healthy dishes.


Thanks Lis, have a good weekend! I think the mental side is also a potential trigger and sometimes best not to share improvements with your nearest and dearest. I find taking up new interests help mentally….believe it or not I have started playing the drums at 60!

Good for you! Why not indeed... I plan on doing as many new things as I possibly can while I am still able. You have a good weekend too!

Hey Lis,

Great positive post and glad to hear of all your positive action! It can be hard to keep motivated, so good on you and may you continue symptom free with your efforts ... and some good fortune.


Eatsalottie in reply to Bev999

Hi Bev! Thank you, I'm trying (some would say very, haha)... I have my fingers crossed, you never know with AF but I will keep plugging away :) Take care and stay well!


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