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Hello all, I will be going on anticoagulants & Flecanide this week, I am gutted if truth be told! My Cardiologist said that I need to get nearer my ideal weight & if my BP returns to normal & I have no AFib episodes within the next year I can come off Apixaban. Has anyone had this advice from their Cardiologist? I still want to keep going with the Kyolic Garlic, Magnesium & Vit D3 as although they don’t appear to have slowed my clotting down (according to a recent clotting screen) they do have other benefits & wondered if anyone was taking these supplements whilst on anticoagulants? Just hoping it’s safe to continue with them?


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Garlic I know affects clotting. I use garlic in cooking from time to time but certainly not in therapeutic doses. I would be wary using it with apixaban. I dont think magnesium affects the clotting cascade but can improve heart health and many experience fewer ectopics.

Not sure why you are gutted as you have been given meds to possibly save your life ( apixaban) and improve it's quality (flecainide) I have been on flec for 7 years and apixaban probably 3 and would not wish to stop either.

Bebbe in reply to Bagrat

Thanks for your reply I am 52 & do not fancy taking lifelong meds as this is the likelihood plus I’m not a fan & always experience side effects. Garlic in high doses has not slowed my clotting time so I guess I will just reduce the dose.

Bagrat in reply to Bebbe

I understand your leaning towards "natural" anticoagulants but they can be just as potent as prescribed meds with no guarantee of whats in them. Didn't know you could measure their effects by clotting time. It's the combination of garlic in therapeutic doses plus apixaban that would concern me. Your consultant should advise I think.

My OH has been taking handfuls of pills for his B/P and heart since his 40s: without them my chances of being a widow by now would be very high

Bebbe in reply to Bagrat

Thanks Bagrat I will seek some advice 😊

Hi Bebbe :-) it is not for me to tell anyone what is safe to take but I eat fresh garlic in moderation and grow my own, 22 heads a year.

I am on Apixaban and take magnesium taurate and the logic I use for doing this is a magnesium deficiency can contribute to arrythmia and I don't think my diet provides the required daily intake so I top it up.

I also take Vit D3 capsules on prescription from my GP having been diagnosed with a deficiency which was affecting my mobility .

Bebbe in reply to doodle68

Thanks Doodle68 😊

wilsond in reply to Bebbe


I eat garlic regularly but not as a supplement as well. I take vit D high dose as always have low natural white cell count,worse in winter of course! I take magnesium in tablet form.

Apixaban has few side effects ,and for me Flecanide is great. It might be possible in time when things are more settled ,for you to use it as a pill in pocket response.

Best wishes

Bebbe in reply to wilsond

Thanks Wilsond, that’s useful to know! I used Flecanide recently as PiP when I had my last bout of AFib but unfortunately it didn’t work for me.

Ianc2 in reply to wilsond

OK. Time to display my ignorance once again.. How does Vit D interact with white blood cell production?

wilsond in reply to Ianc2

I have no idea! I had several blood tests which showed low white blood cell count and was advised to take high strength vit d..and c. . My diet includes tons of fruit n veg which is also useful .

I will have to investigate!

My EP said “any history of hypertension, even if it’s under control or has returned to normal” is considered for anticoagulation. I had preeclampsia and very high blood pressure in my pregnancies almost 30 years ago, then it was great until I started having arrhythmias when it went a bit haywire. My BP is now circa 110/70. I’m 55 and have no other risk factors and have been advised to stay on anticoagulants for life. With a history of stroke in the family I’m happy to stay on the drug.

secondtry in reply to Kaz747

Good move, my wife had preeclampsia 40yrs ago & probably high blood pressure most of her life and had a mild stroke last September at 69.

Kaz747 in reply to secondtry

There’s a lot more research and knowledge nowadays than when we had our kids. I hope your wife is okay now.

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