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Hi everyone

Quick update on my phased back to work .I have just done 4 five hour shifts .One was renewing my first aid .Next week in upping my hours and working 10 till 5.Still feeling tired after work so have been relaxing with a nice mug of hot tea .

Hope all are well and everyone is doing good

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Well done!

Vonnieruth in reply to Maura5

Thank you Hope all is ok with you. .


Good job! CPR, etc not easy with AF. irina🐱

Vonnieruth in reply to Hidden

Thank you I was allowed to do one set instead of three to demonstrate I knew how If not i could not pass

Good to hear you are coping so well with a return to work Vonnie :-) I think it should be easier as you get used to being back in a routine .

Good to hear. Being physically tired is understandable but how are you feeling psychologically and emotionally? I went to visit work this week, part of me is looking forward to feeling well again eventually and getting back into things, another part (with the zapped confidence) is wondering if I’ll be able to cope when I do.

That all sounds very encouraging. I'm sure things will get easier now. Greatt news

Sounds like you are doing really well. Hope they continue to improve for you.

Vonnieruth in reply to CDreamer

Thanks Dreamer How are things with you

CDreamer in reply to Vonnieruth

I’m ok, tired, very bruised and sore where they inserted the device but I had a good night’s sleep and going to take it quite easy today. Thanks for asking. Keep going, you are doing really well and sounds as though your confidence is lifting, long may it continue.

Vonnieruth in reply to CDreamer

Thank you Dreamer You will feel so much better soon You are always here for advise to others so now it's time to get some back if needed Rest as much as possible and think of the benefits you will have once fully healed and sorted.

Brilliant news vonnie! Good on you! Xxx

Vonnieruth in reply to wilsond

Thank you Just going in the slow lane and see how it goes

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