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So bit of an update and sorry if I’m boring everyone. Went to my gp today as my anxiety was so bad after being diagnosed with atrial flutter last week in a and e. She helped me relax a little bit by reassuring me that it won’t kill me! But I must go to hospital if I get another episode and it doesn’t stop after a couple of minutes! She said she didn’t know if it would happen again and I asked if stress can cause it and she She we don’t really know what causes it in some people so now I just need to wait for my referral. Last week I didn’t leave the house as I was so scared but today I went back to work for a few hours which sounds silly but s big step for me lol xx

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Mmmm........ in my experience GPs rarely know that much about Af or AFl or Arrythmia in general. I’ve been packed off to hospital by my GP on more than 1 occasion with HR 180 in AF and sat in a waiting room for 7 hours. I gave up going or even telling my GP as I feel more comfortable at home.

Go by all means if you are worried but AF and AFl are not emergencies and are treated in out patients. I’ve never had any treatment in A&E but they will sometimes monitor you.

If the anxiety is paralyzing you then you do need some help as soon as possible to help you manage it but again, unlikely to come from GP unless you get a referral for Counselling or psychological assessment for treatment.

Have you asked for a referral to an EP? Did you look at the AFA website for information and did you find it helpful? Were you assessed for anti-coagulants?

Best wishes - CD.

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Lotty321 in reply to CDreamer

Hi, not beeen assessed yet I’m waiting for my referral and I presume they will go through everything with me then? X

Not boring at all, and good advice from the GP.

I have heard many a time that it is neither an accident nor emergency however I have heard and equal if not greater number of times, from people who have seen me in A&E, Medical assessment unit and CCU that I am not wasting anyone's time and they will do their best to sort me out - and not to leave it!

Lotty, we all know AF is a complex condition which effects people in so many different ways, but the one thing I did which helped me come to terms with AF and enabled me to meet other sufferers, was to get involved with an AF support group. Almost everyone I met had a positive outlook and was happy to share their experiences which made me realise that there WAS life after AF. There is information about support groups on the AF Association webpage and often there are informal meets arranged so that people can just chat over a coffee or lunch and these are featured in the forum. Referrals are important because they help establish a treatment plan specific to your condition. Meeting fellow sufferers is different, with some notable exceptions, they don't have 2 heads, wheeze, cough and splutter and they can also explain how they overcame their anxiety...…..it's worth having a look to see if there is a support group operating near you.....the one I go to is in Epsom, Surrey

Glad you feel a little more positive,taking time to work on calming techniques will really help you I'm sure.Well done for going back into work.

Not sure why GP recommended the A and E advice though. You can be assessed by your GP regarding medications such as betablockers for calming heart rate,and anticoagulant s depending on your stroke risk,which would be quicker than waiting for referral,sometimes a longish wait.

Best wishes

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Lotty321 in reply to wilsond

Really? She didn’t mention anything and just said to wait for my referral and that they might put me on medication depending on everything? X

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wilsond in reply to Lotty321

Yes,I was put on betablocker while waiting.Perhaps ask how long you may have to wait ? Meantime,try the anxiety reducing ideas ,they really do help a lot.

Getting out in fresh air and gentle exercise too xx

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Lotty321 in reply to wilsond

Maybe because when I’m not in atrial flutter my heart does beat quite nicely between 60-70? X

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wilsond in reply to Lotty321

Yes probably right,we are all different! You hang on in there and try to get around your understand able anxiety......

Best wishes

Follow your individual approach Lotty to get that anxiety down, whatever works for you. My advice would be read a lot of stuff here and elsewhere, pay (if you can) to see your cardiologist promptly and see an experienced Naturopath as well. Once you feel you know more and not totally in the dark about all the jargon, the anxiety eases and talks with the medics/alternative practitioners become more productive. Good luck.

I was waiting to see my GP yesterday pm and my heart rate increased and became erratic....caused by anxiety. I was pleased for once cos my Gp was able to feel the Irregularities for the first time. This particular GP has always seemed to doubt that I have problems which started in Feb/March. I had readings from my newly acquired Kardia machine showing irregularities and left the surgery with a script for anticoagulant and reassurance that he finally believes I have a problem. I’ve just started on amlodipine as a calcium channel blocker which has helped a bit. ( GP said he might change that tablet).

I wish you well.

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Lotty321 in reply to Clyde12

Do you have atrial flutter? X

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Clyde12 in reply to Lotty321

The GP said he’s certain now that I have atrial fibrillation. Maybe I have flutter as well......I had a monitor for 48 hrs from last Thursday and I know it recorded a few “episodes” .....I await an appointment to see the cardiologist who sorted out for me to have a monitor. GP was impressed by readings I’d printed off of irregularities taken by Kardia and because of these readings said it was most important that I have warfarin.

Good luck to you.

Lotty, i'd be reluctant to visit A&E after a few minutes if it did strike again. I think from your previous posts your heart went back to normal rhythm after a few hours

On the occasion i visited A&E i slept with it overnight and went first thing in the morning, not because i was concerned about the arrythmia, but to try and get a cardioversion performed as i was not on any antigoagulation. My AF/ flutter episodes have always been persistent so do not revert without intervention.

In fact the triage doctor at A&E initially just said "yes, you are in atrial fibrillation. I'll arrange for you to get an appointment with the cardiology dept", so they weren't that concerned.

If some people went after a few minutes they'd be back and forth to the hospital like a yo-yo

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Lotty321 in reply to jondeanp

Sorry if I’m being dumb but with my atrial flutter it was beating at 150 constantly so would I still not need to go? I’m not on any blood thinning medication. It reverted back on its own after about 2 and half hours x

Lotty, i can't tell you not to go, but personally i would wait it out a little longer before considering visiting the hospital.

I would try and relax & carry on with usual activities. If it reverts in a few hours then all good.

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