My INR Level dropped & now I'm Nervous

My INR Level dropped & now I'm Nervous

Hi everyone! I have been on warfarin for 5.5 months. The first 2 months I was very regular with testing. I need to be within 2.0 to 3.0. I have never been over 3. I have dropped to 1.8 a couple of times and they increased my dosage. Been fine for the last 2 months. Last month I had 3 top teeth pulled and didn't bleed hardly at all. Last week I had 4 teeth on the bottom extracted. I bled pretty good from 12:30 noon time until midnight. I called the doctor on call and they said do not take my warfarin that night, but could get back on schedule the next day providing the bleeding had stopped. So on Thursday night I didn't take my dosage, 5mg. Next day, bleeding stopped so got back on schedule. Now today, 5 days later, my INR dropped to 1.6. The nurse called the clinic and they said I didn't have to increase my dosage, they would check it next week! Then the nurse proceeds to tell me all the signs to look for stoke. She said the lower the number, the more of a chance to have a stroke! Needless to say, I told her I was going to be worried now until next week, could they test me on Friday? She said no, would have to be next Tuesday. I have a hard enough time not stressing and worrying. How worried should I be? I would appreciate your opinions as you have all become like family to me. Thank you so much. Bonnie

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  • Hello Redhead.

    I've been taking warfarin for years and have become very consistent for my results (in the 2-3 range just like your target).

    And yes, they reduced it slightly when I have dental treatment or a minor op.

    I've found FOR ME that to be consistent I need to watch potasium (vitamin K). This does NOT mean no K, just keep it roughly the same in your diet. I'm lead to believe that the antidote to warfarin, like if you have a serious accident with internal bleeding, they give you a high dose of K to thicken the blood. Perhaps other bloggers would like to confirm that.

    So yes, I eat broccoli and bananas and anything else with K but have consistency in your diet. The more K you eat, the more warfarin you'll need to take. But be consistent...I think you've got the message.

    I stress this is just how I approach it and been in the 2.3 to 2.7 range for over two years. I take 4mg for two days and 5mg for one day. Funny how that tiny bit on the third day keeps me just perfect.

    Good luck.

    PS: Why can I answer you at this time of day......I live in NZ.

  • Thank you Izzle! I live in Massachusetts, USA. Nice to meet someone from New Zealand! Thank you for your input. I do my best to keep my diet consistent. In fact, my diet is so boring and repetitious, it's hard. I eat the same breakfast, cup of tea, english muffin, 1 scrambled egg. Lunch I eat a cup of pears, half an apple, and if still hungry, later in the day I have another cup of decaffeinated tea with a corn muffin. I have fish and rice with peas 3-4 times a week, pasta on one night and chicken another. Trying to stay away from sugar, so I no longer eat sweets. I eat shredded wheat cereal plain for a snack. LOL! I and my nurse really think the reason why it was so low today, was because I had missed my one 5 mg dose. I take 5mg. 4 times a week and 3 times a week I take 2.5mg. Have you heard if an INR reading of 1.6 would cause me to have a stroke? I may call my GP tomorrow to see if I could get another test on Friday instead of waiting until Tuesday. Thank you again for getting back to me. I am so happy for you that you have been taking warfarin for awhile now and have such steady numbers! Hugs, Bonnie

  • Hello again Redhead

    One diet I've found really tasty is an Australian one developed for diabetics. I think you could possibly download it on the net. It's called 'The CSIRO total Wellbeing Diet'. The Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation is very well known and respected in our part of the world. They did heaps of research for the diet. My partner, she's trying it at the moment and losing weight slowly, we've both lost about 2.5kgs (6 lbs) in 8 weeks.

    They give heaps of recipes and a 12 week diet plan. You can adjust the quantities to suit your age, gender, fitness etc. and you don't need to be too strict on yourself. I can obviously recommend it.

    Getting back to low INR, I had a general anaesthetic for a hernia op about 3 years ago. They got me to stop taking warfarin for about 3 days. I was fine, but glad to get back to my normal INR simply for peace of mind. I've also missed to odd days pills and managed just fine. Warfarin stays in the body for quite a few days you know.

    Also remember, there's lots of us with exactly the same issues as you and we getting on just fine. You are not alone, so have a man's hug from me.


  • Dear A, Thank you so much again! I will definitely be looking up that diet. It sounds good as it is working well for you and your partner. That's why I love this forum! I believe I get more and better info from everyone here then my doctor. Unless the doctor has AFib and has been through it, I don't think they truly understand how stressful it can be. I so appreciate the reassurance and the hug! Hugs back to you! Bonnie

  • Whoops, I must apologise for mixing potasium (periodic table letter K) with vitamin K. I wasn't aware there is a difference but 'Bagrat' has put me right. Many thanks to her.

    I'm sure you actually knew what I was trying to say.


    PS: Went into AF this morning for no apparent reason. But the good news was it was 17 days since my last one, which is quite good for me.

  • Sorry to hear you had a recent Afib episode. I have episodes too without knowing why. Sometimes I think I go into rapid beats because of anxiety, but I am really working on not letting myself get nervous. I sure hope you don't have another AFib incident in a long time. My best to you! bonnie

  • My AF was preventable......I ate my dinner too quickly and with a belch (which is very very rare for me) my heart went out for 40 hours. That I class as self induced. I should know better after 21 years of AF.

    I'm lucky that I don't have any severe side effects apart from a drop in BP. I no longer need to go to A&E as it self reverts in time, ie no treatment required and because of that NO NEED TO WORRY. I've got over that anxiety business now.....more trouble than it's worth.

    Yet well soon and just relax.


  • Dear Alan, Glad to see you have a sense of humor about you! But thank you for letting me know that eating too quickly can cause my AFib to kick in. Wow! 40 hours is a long time. I'm happy for you that you are able to stay calm. I, too, have been working on not getting anxious. Deep breathing, relaxing music seems to help me. Keep in touch. I am rooting for you! Bonnie

  • Bonnie. I'm having good success with yoga breathing. 5 or 6 slow breaths a minute. There's lots of YouTube videos on this subject and I try to have 4 quick sessions a day of about 5 minutes each.

    I've found it improves the blood and relaxation. Try it for a 3 months and see how you get on, you've nothing to lose.

    PLUS try to analyse your triggers and work out ways to control them. My biggie is eating too much or too quickly or too heavy food choice.

    Good luck


  • Hi the antidote to warfarin is iv vitamin dose can reverse it I'm a nurse working in cardiac unit and used it a lot.❤️

  • Thank you Bb for your reply. That is so very good to know!

  • Hi- planning an extensive trip to NZ in January 2019.

    Obviously will want INR checked frequently - is this easy to do ?

    I realise I will have to pay.

    Will come with plenty of my prescription to keep me well stocked.

    I am going to hire a campervan and tour north & South Island.

    I have a home testing kit too to use in between - thanks.

  • Gu'day,

    I have a very consistent INR which I put down to keeping a consistent potassium intake. I have it checked monthly at a local blood testing centre, of which most NZ towns have them. The downside of this is they send the blood sample away for analysis and the Dr gets a result the same or next day.

    However, recently a Unichem chemist (a local franchise chain) who offered the service and gave me the result straight away. The process is rather like diabetic patients use where a drop of blood is inserted into a machine. I'm not sure if all Unichem chemists offer the service.

    January/February is a very busy time of the year for campervans/motels as it's our main family holiday period as well, so get booked up for your van and ferry crossing to the South Island (if required). You might also consider camp site booking in the larger tourist centres like Queenstown.

    Safe travels

  • I highly recommend a home test kit.

    You can get one by Coaguchek.

    It eliminated my anxiety.

    Your health plan may cover it. I am with Kaiser in CA and they provide it for free with a weekly test strip. Or you can buy one on Amazon for about $500.

    The strips range from $5-10 a piece. I get them on Ebay

    I eat a varied plant based diet so i test 2 x a week. I sill get out side the range.

    I need 7.5 most days when I am eating my usual greens.

    If I am below 2.0 I take a 5mg immediately and a 1/2 a 5mg at night.

    If I get over 3 I eat a 1/2 1lb bag of spinach which drops my INR by .5. I eat a whole bag if I get closer to 4 which has only happened once. It takes a few hours to metabolize the Vit K out of the spinach.

    My advice is not to panic if you hit the 3-4 range just avoid mountain biking or other dangerous activities until you get it down. Best to stay above 2

    Check with your doc. Don't be afraid to change docs if you are not happy.

  • Dear Jwsonoma, Thank you for your informative information. I did look into getting a home test kit, but my insurance didn't pay for the set-up meeting telling me how to use it (although my nurse already had shown me everything). That was going to be $99.00 set-up fee. Then it was going to cost a co-payment of $51.00 a month for 3 months (12 test strips). I didn't think it was going to cost that much. But between all my doctor's visits and medication, we just don't have the money. As soon as I am able to pay off my dentist ($50.00 a month), I definitely want to get it as winter is coming and I will not be leaving my house until spring! When I was researching everything, I did see the cheapest prices were on Ebay. When my kids ask me what I want for Christmas this year, I may tell them, test strips! You're right, it would give me peace of mind. It sounds like you have a great insurance plan which I am so happy for you.

    My diet is pretty much the same every day, so we're not sure why it went down, other than I was having teeth problems and using Oregano Oil on the tooth overnight until I got it pulled last week. I never have been a big vegetable eater. I stick with peas, green beans and carrots.

    So after that low reading of 1.6, they told me to stay with what I was taking & they would test again next week. Well, I waited the full week and I tested at 1.5!!! I really had to try hard not to cry in front of the nurse. She could tell I was upset. She called the clinic and they said they would have to up my dosage. So now I take 5 mg 5 days a week, and 2.5mgs only 2 times a week, and now I have to wait until next week before they will test me again. It will be so much better when I can get my own test kit.

    I don't have to worry about exercising as I am in a wheelchair. I do exercise a little everyday doing small leg lifts and able to move my arms a little. So I don't have to worry about over doing it. LOL!

    Did I mention, I am seeing a new lady heart doctor beginning of November. An acquaintance of mine highly recommended her. I have a list a mile long of questions. Just Tuesday, I had to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours. I will be anxious to see how that went.

    I want to thank you again for your help. I can't say enough about the great people on this forum. I wish you the very best. Bonnie

  • If you are in range most of the time being a bit low for a week will statistically make little difference. I eat lots of high vit K food as I love my greens and my warfarin dose is adjusted to take that into account. ( by the way vit K is nothing to do with Potassium as far as I know . Potassium has the chemical symbol K but no connection with the vitamin. Potassium is a mineral. Please don't worry. I have jm had a bad fall last week and mild concussion and they were obliged to warn me about cerebral bleeds but I am here to tell the tale ( in spite of INR of 3.3 as I couldn't eat much for 48 hours due to nausea.

    We are the lucky ones on a ticoagulants ( not blood thinners) there are hundreds of thousands of undiagnosed folk at far higher risk.

  • Agree with you on all counts Bagrat. Most people get far too obsessed about INR and in fact few are in range 100% of the time. After 12 years I worked out ,my time in range as about 80% which is considered good but remember that is only the times you have it checked. Goodness knows what happens in between times and I don't want to. Eat what you want and make your dose fit your diet not the other way round. Again it can be said that by eating a high Vit K diet any variation will be percentage wise much less. Remember that the amount of warfarin you take is only relevant if your INR is in range. And no potassium (element symbol K) is nothing to do with Vit K .

  • Dear Bagrat, I am sooooo sorry about your fall and concussion! I know my nurse had told me if I even get a slight hit in the head, I am to go right to the emergency room to check for a brain bleed. I am so happy nothing happened to you (except for the nausea, which isn't fun).

    Thank you for the info on the potassium. My GP doesn't check everything that he tells me to do. I think he forgets I'm on warfarin.

    Yes, I have heard others say that having AFib makes us healthier than others, as we tend to take better care of ourselves and keep a better diet-at least for me that was true. I always had a bad diet as I was a chocoholic and sugar fiend. Now I am aware of everything I eat and I eat only the good stuff.

    Thanks again for getting back to me, and PLEASE be careful! Hugs, Bonnie

  • I'm in the US and my doc did not recommend a home test kit.

    Why not try one of the newer anticoagulants so that you dont have to worry about your INR anymore? After a year of warfarin I switched to Eliquis and it was a life changer. Seriously, it was! No more worries about food affecting my INR. it was wonderful.

  • Do the new drugs have a antidote if you develop a bleeding problem? That is one reason I have continued warfarin, it has a antidote should you be in a emergency situation.

  • I know what you're saying, as I felt the same way about concerns for the "bleeding issue" which was the reason I stayed with Warfarin for one year.

    After listening to my frustrations with Warfarin/food/INR, my EP doc suggested I might want to switch to Eliquis; said he would recommend Eliquis for his mother.

    His explanation for an antidote for Warfarin but not the other anticoagulants, was complicated and I dare not attempt to repeat what he said. But he DID say that an antidote is in the very near future for the newer anticoagulants. That's all I needed to hear and asked to be switched to Eliquis and have no regrets.

  • Dear Barbara, I have talked with my husband several times about changing to one of the newer anticoagulants, but he has never liked using any medications that have only been on the market for 5-6 years. He said it's not like the olden days when they would test a drug for 20 years before putting it on the market. (Keep in mind, he's 78 years old and I'm 68) Old school thinkin'. If I can't keep my INR stable over the next couple of months, I may insist on changing. I do love hearing about other people's experiences with the newer A-C. It gives me something to think about and have hope for.

    Thanks for getting back to me! Continued good fortune with Eliquis.

    Hugs, Bonnie

  • I'm 67 yrs old so I am "old school" also. I spent some time searching tonight, to see if an antidote for Eliquis is just around the corner, but so far, nothing has materialized. I did find this:

    Antidote reverses anticoagulant effects of factor Xa

    inhibitors in minutes, studies show:

    “Andexanet rapidly reversed apixaban-induced and

    rivaroxaban-induced changes in anti-factor Xa activity and

    thrombin generation without serious adverse events or clinical

    thrombosis,” said the researchers, led by Mark Crowther, of

    McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. They found

    no serious or severe adverse events and no thrombotic events

    in the studies.

    “The ability of andexanet to reverse anticoagulation markers in

    participants undergoing anticoagulation with apixaban,

    rivaroxaban, edoxaban or enoxaparin makes it a potential

    universal antidote for both

    BMJ 2015;351:h6086 doi: 10.1136/bmj.h6086 (Published 13 November 2015)

    Hopefully you will someday know the relief that comes with not having to take Warfarin. The newer drugs are so much more user friendly. I do understand your feelings regarding wanting an antidote before you make the switch. So far I have no regrets; still hoping for an antidote, soon.

  • Thank you Barbara for all that information! Yes, I hope someday I have the courage to be brave and try one of the new ones. Hugs, Bonnie

  • For me, the Coaguchek kit was a life changer as I spend about three months a year out of the UK. I eat what I want, but I am not obsessive about checking, my INR level is normally between 2.5 - 3.0. When my INR level is on the high side, I do what my surgery instructed me to do - skip a dose (these instructions are for me only!) My variations in INR levels are usually caused by a cold or feeling unwell, not by diet.

  • Dear Irene, I do so hope to get a Coaguchek kit soon, as I am disabled and have a hard time leaving my home. For now, I still have a nurse coming in twice a week (she does my INR only once a week). In fact, in the winter time, I won't leave my house until spring!

    We still can't figure out why all of a sudden my INR started to drop. 1.8, then 1.6, this week 1.5! Diet was basically the same (I write down everything). But I did have a toothache in which I was putting drops of Oregano oil on a cotton ball and placing that on the bad tooth. I finally got into the dentist and he pulled four teeth, so didn't eat much that day, and I bled for 12 hours so thusly I skipped my warfarin that night. One socket actually oozed blood for several days. (I think he should have stitched that one up.) So went right back on my regular schedule and it has continued to go down since. This week they did up my dosage to 5mg a day for 5 days and 2.5mgs a day for 2 days. I now have to wait until next week for another test to see what is going on. I can't wait to get the kit!

    So maybe it went down because I was traumatized by having my teeth pulled. LOL!

    Thank you for getting back to me, and I pray you have continued success with your INR. And I will try not to stress so much. Hugs, bonnie

  • I have noticed that when you miss a dose of warfarin, the effect of that missed dose takes several days to show up. Our surgery nurse explained to me that often variations in INR levels right themselves, and not to test myself daily, which I was doing when I first got my Coaguchek! So if my INR level changes by as much as 1.0, I do nothing unless it has gone under 2.0. I am happy for my level to be 2.5 - 3.5, and she agrees. It would seem your INR level dropped because of a missed dose, and should right itself soon.

    So don't worry - wish you well, and that spring comes around quickly!

  • Thank you so much Irene! That is good to know. We waited a week before my nurse checked me again and it went down from 1.6 to 1.5!!! We went over everything I took and did last week so they had to up my dosage. 5mgs, 5 times a week and 2.5mgs, twice a week. Am hoping tomorrow for a better INR. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I'll let you know how I make out. Hugs, Bonnie

  • In demographics, the world population is the total number of humans currently living. The world population was estimated to have reached 7.6 billion as of October 2017.

    Worldwide Statistics

    for strokes

    According to the World Health Organization, 15 million people suffer stroke worldwide each year. Of these, 5 million die and another 5 million are permanently disabled.

    High blood pressure contributes to more than 12.7 million strokes worldwide.

    Europe averages approximately 650,000 stroke deaths each year.

    In developed countries, the incidence of stroke is declining, largely due to efforts to lower blood pressure and reduce smoking. However, the overall rate of stroke remains high due to the ageing of the population.

    Anything over 1 is an improvement it may not be ideal but it will come back to your normal in no time at all. I have been on Warfarin since 1992 and have multi conditions with my range of 2.5 to 3.5 3.0 ideal. Try not to stress over the number to much as it will improve without you upping the dose. The warfarin clinic have a formula that they have used for many years so if they say no need to do a test they are most of the time very right in saying that.

    Be Well

  • Hi Offcut, Thank you so much for all the information. I did have high blood pressure for a few years, but since I was put on Atenolol (beta blocker), I was able to get off of my high blood pressure medication. Thank goodness I never smoked or drank, or I'd really be a mess. LOL!

    It's good to hear from someone who has been on warfarin for a long time and doing well. You mentioned you had multi conditions. I too have so many other things wrong with me. I have severe degenerative deformities from arthritis. I have no cartilage in my joints so am now in a wheelchair and can't walk. Had 2 total knee replacements which helped for a while, need a hip replacement, but the surgeon said my lower spinal cord was so bad, he can't do the hip replacement. Have been to several spine specialists with no luck. Last one said, if they tried to fix my spine, I wouldn't even be able to sit up. My hip is rubbing bone on bone, so am in lots of pain when I move it.

    This year in January, somehow I came down with C-Diff which knocked me for a loop. It came back in April and I just got through with my last prescription for that. In May, went to ER as I thought I was having a heart attack, but they said my AFib was now permanent and I had asthma! After feeling better, I was able to have 2 cataract surgeries done as I was blind in one eye. Just recently, had the rest of my teeth pulled so I can hopefully get dentures in the spring. It was in May that the hospital doctors put me on warfarin. Needless to say, 2017 has been a tough year. I was always a person who "rolled with the flow". Now I find myself fighting anxiety attacks.

    This forum has been a life saver for me!

    I hope I didn't talk your ear off. LOL!

    Thank you so much for your positive words of encouragement. Yes, I must put more trust into my A-C clinic.

    Thanks again! Bonnie

  • I have found it is good to talk things though on here as it will lighten the load on the many thoughts we hold and cannot get out of our heads. I have lung and heart issues and they have problems with one not affecting the other with the medicine they give me. I also have arthritis and to help that along Chronic Gout which is really messing my joints up. I rarely swell up so a visual scan does not show that much of a problem but I had an xray on my foot and it was not a pretty sight (Even the specialist was surprised at what he saw)

    All in all I now have 15 prescriptions and still waiting for a right heart catheterization to give a a better reading as they have done ultrasounds and found I am now showing severe Pulmonary Hypertension.

    Onwards and Upwards and keep a PMA ;)

    Be Well

  • Dear Offcut, yes, it so good to talk with like-minded people who can relate to what we're going through. It sounds like you have much going on too. I tried telling my doctor that the atenolol beta blocker I take reacts with the albuterol I take for my asthma, but he said it shouldn't interfere. I will feel better after I talk with a regular heart doctor. I have never had gout before, and it looks like I hope I don't get it. I have heard it is extremely painful, so I am feeling for you.

    I sure hope all the medications are working for you. Do you have to keep a chart? I know I do. It helps so I don't skip a dose or take a pill twice.

    I believe in the power of prayer and will be praying for you, for better health and for guidance for your doctors. Keep us informed on how you are doing. My thoughts are with you, and thank you for taking the time to get back to me. Be strong! Bonnie

  • Hi. My INR has shot up over 4 for the past few weeks due to diet change. My IBS has flared and my veggie tolerance is gone! So I am proof if it were needed of keeping diet constant. If you're struggling to get yours up maybe add some greens, regularly, watercress is good.

  • Dear Joynjoy, I,too, have IBS after having a bad bout of C-Diff. So I watch my diet all the time. My diet is basically the same, very few changes on a day to day basis. The past 2 weeks, my INR has continued to go down, 1.6, then 1.5 now this week 1.4! They increased my warfarin to 5 mg everyday now. I am hoping this Tuesday, it will go up, otherwise, I'm not sure what they will do. Thanks for sharing! Bonnie

  • I had home testing kit from coaguchek when on warfarin. Found it really useful. Have now changed to elequis and no problems. Great as no testing and no limit on greens etc

  • Thank you lallym! I hope the Eliquis continues to work for you! Bonnie

  • G'day Redhead,

    I'm in Cornwall, UK.

    I'm on warfarin and have been for nearly 8 years now. No problems with it at all. Occasionally it drops down low, occasionally it shoots up high, but, basically I agree with Izzle. I have had to stop warfarin twice, once for a CT scan and once for something much more challenging - a partial knee replacement.

    In both cases it took a week (with no warfarin at all) for my INR to drop to zero - or to the level of a non warfarin person. Once the warfarin was restarted it took a while to get back to my normal INR theraputic target. In fact, from stopping warfarin till I got back to target was 29/30 days.

    So just because your level drops doesn't mean you are not protected.

    I follow a gluten, wheat and oats free diet, as well as tweaking the FODMAPS diet and this along with other variations plus my meds controls my AF and I haven't had an AF event since April 2015. I basically eat all and anything I want, when I want, including the so called forbidden veggies that warfarin people are supposed to avoid. I do it all consistently.

    I self dose should I need to and self test using the Roche Coaguchek XS device.


  • What drug controls your afib?

  • Dear Spoiler, For myself, I take 100mg a day of Atenolol. It lowered my blood pressure and it seems to keep things in control. I also take a diuretic. I now have permanent AFib, so I guess you can't really say it is under control. But so far I have been able to get by. My very best to you. Bonnie

  • Have you had ablations??

    Have you developed congestive heart failure from the afib? I am considering ablation, thought I never would do it, terrified😱

  • Dear Spoiler, Yes, I do have congestive heart failure. My doctor said it wasn't real bad, but the left side of my heart is enlarged, and one of my valves is leaking. Not sure if the AFib caused these other problems or if the other problems caused the AFib. He wasn't very specific, so I am going to see a new heart doctor in 2 weeks. I have thought about ablation, but I'm pretty sure I'm not illegible as I have had AFib for a long time. They say to consider doing those things as soon as you find out you have AFib. Some people have had much success with ablations, while others have had problems afterwards. Never mind, some people have had 3 ablations before it worked! Keep reading. There are alot of positive people on this site with alot of successes. If you feel comfortable with your doctor, you must trust what they say. I understand your nervousness, as this past year for me has been h*ll. I was never a nervous person, now I am nervous about everything. But things are getting better and everyone on here is so encouraging. Keep us informed. Hugs to you from a fellow AFibber. Bonnie

  • Dear John, So glad to hear you've been on Warfarin for 8 years with no problems! You are so very fortunate. I didn't realize it takes so long for the INR to come back after a missed dose. I have gone over my diet with my nurse and doctor, and still can't figure why it has continued to go down. First it was 1.6, then 1.5 and now this week, 1.4! Very discouraging. They have increased my dosage so hoping it goes up this Tuesday. How awesome you haven't had an AFib episode since April 2015! I just wore a heart monitor for 24 hours and my regular doctor said it looked good. Heart beats weren't too bad, that I was in permanent AFib now. I see a heart doctor in 2 weeks. I can't wait. I have a list of questions a mile long. LOL!

    Thank you for getting back to me. I can't wait until I can get my own Coaguchek. I think I will feel better when I can do it myself. Thanks again! Hugs, Bonnie

  • Bisoprolol, 5mg daily at night. Must also acknowledge the role my diet plays as that calms my vagal nerve.

    I'm also on Ramipril, Felodopine and Simvastatin. But I don't regard them as part of the control meds as I was on them 3 years before AF.

  • Thank you for sharing! Bonnie

  • I would drop the green food just until you are re-tested on Tuesday- I agree with what the others have said about home testing or changing to a NOAC- you are in control and stop worrying then.let us know how you get on

  • Dear Rosy, The only green food I eat are small baby peas. The doctor said they are very low on the chart so shouldn't affect my INR. Unfortunately, I started out at 1.6, then 1.5 and now last week, 1.4! We have gone over all my medications and my diet, and can't seem to find a reason why it is dropping. I go see a real heart doctor in 2 weeks, I will be anxious to talk with her. Yes, I can't wait to get my own home testing kit. I will let you know what the heart doctor has to say. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, bonnie

  • I went every week to have my INR tested for 6 years ..... I tend to leave longer in between now.

    However the reason I went every week was because I wanted to know exactly what my INR was for each week having had a stroke in Dec. 2010 - and most wanting to avoid another.

    I am going today because two weeks ago I was down to 2.1 .

    I understand your concerns and you need to voice them with your practitioners - there are NOA on the market - only two of them have anti dotes - not as easy as the antidote for Warfarin - which has been used for many years.

    Voice your concerns with your Warfarin nurse, GO etc

  • Dear Susiebell, For now I am sticking with the warfarin. But my INR has continued to go down. My nurse and I have gone over my diet and meds, and still can't figure out why it has continued to go down. 1.6, 1.5, then 1.4. I am praying it goes up this week as they have increased my dosage. My very best to you, Bonnie

  • I stay pretty solid at 5 mg daily. Eat greens 3 times a week. I am never off. Inr 2.2-2.6

  • You are so fortunate!!! I was pretty stable for the first 3 months, but the past 2 months, I have been mostly under 2.0. I am really hoping that by taking the 5 mgs everyday, my INR will go back up. Please wish me luck. Bonnie

  • You will get better, i chose warfarin because it has a antidote if it gets too thin, which can be dangerous if it is way off. The other new drugs, to my knowledge currently have no antidote yet that is available here in the US. I heard they are working on it. The very very best to you Bonnie!!!

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