looking for some advice while taking apixaban

i had pulmonary embolism in 2011 and was put on Warfarin after having several cardiac arrests , been on Apixiban for 6 months no problems with bleeding but now having to have maxo facial surgery to remove 4 wisdom teeth , 2 teeth and a cystostomy in jaw and worried on bleeding with Apixaban. im really scared of any surgery .

has anyone got any advise for me as surgery is in 3 weeks

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  • Although I'm on Apixaban I can't comment on it regarding your operation. Won't they take you off it first? Pass? It's quickly out of your system.

    But I did have maxillofacial surgery many years ago to remove a cyst in the roof of my mouth behind and on top of my front teeth. My face had to be open above the jaw, some teeth removed and other had the roots cut off and drill and filled from the root end.

    It sounds terrible but to be honest I went in, got knocked out, and came out all done.

    I did look like I'd been a few rounds with Mike Tyson for a week and eating wasn't easy. Can't remember but maybe stuck to liquid foods?

    Hope if goes well for you.


  • I would try to get in touch with whoever started you on Apixaban for them to discuss with your surgeon. Ask to speak to his/her secretary and explain your concern. Usually each hospital has a protocol to follow. If you are concerned re PEs or lack of anticoagulation cover then ask if you can have "bridging" anticoagulation by injection while off Apixaban.

  • there are fixed protocol;s for each type of operation so just ask the surgical team about this. There is also a list online I found- don't have the link now. I am on Apixaban and just miss one dose before eye injections and missed one day before gastroscopy- but these are classed as low risk for bleeding- the surgeons know how much bleeding is normal for your op.

    At least with Aoixaban you are anti-coagulated a few hours after re-starting and don't have to stop too long beforehand.

  • Often low molecular weight heparin injections used when off oral anticoagulants. Pre op clinic will advise I'm sure

  • You will be told what to do and when to stop when you have your pre op assessment appointment I am sure. IF you are worried why not ring the hospital where it will be done and ask. Every surgeon seems to have different ideas but generally with apixaban I think it is just don''t take it the night before but do check.

  • Stop Apixaban 24 hours prior to surgery.

    Consult clinic for advice

  • Ask the hospital, they will know exactly what you should do.

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