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Bridging warfarin prior to colonoscopy

After posting on here that I had been told to stop warfarin five days before a colonoscopy, and getting lots of helpful advice, I rang the hospital department where I was due to have the procedure and said I didn't want to stop warfarin without bridging. The specialist nurse from an associated hospital rang me the day before I was due to stop warfarin and said the doctor said I am low risk - to just start taking warfarin again after the procedure. I told the nurse I was extremely unhappy with that decision having recently come out of a 70-hour AF episode. He spoke to the doctor, called me back and I had to go and pick up a supply of Fragmin with full instructions on bridging. No bleeding problems during the colonoscopy after two polyp biopsies.

Thank you all!

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We do need to fight our corner sometimes. Well done.


Brilliant. Good that you persisted. Bridging is the best way forward because it reduces the risks as best as can be done without staying in the Anticoagulation.

Was the doctor who said that a cardiologist or a general one? Are they aware of more recent findings that people are at 2 to 3 times the risk in the days immediately after stopping Anticoagulation?


This was a doctor completely unknown to me - I doubt very much a cardiologist and I am assuming it was someone who looks at a patient's records and signs off the prescriptions (or not) in phlebotomy department - the nurse spoke about having to go 'back to the doctor' with my comments.

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Hi Irene

I agree with Bob, we really do have to fight our corner these days and that's what you did, so well done. I'm glad to hear that you didn't have any bleeding issues and that all is now well.



Well done Irene - So glad for you that all went well.


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