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Having a 2nd ablation on Monday

I have been in flutter since Sunday and my EP said there is no point in doing another cardioversion as it would be just a Band-Aid, so they had an opening on Monday and scheduled me. My diazaltem was upped and has slowed the rate somewhat but I am at 80-110 bpm .Yesterday I spiked to 165 for a few hours, I was at the end of my dosage time .We figured it was caused by that and heat and some dehydration. I am still working which is stressful as I am a pastry chef. I think I will only do a half day today and tomorrow.

I hope this is the end of it for awhile. I know it is common to develop aflutter after an ablation which mine had done really well since March.

Any helpful thoughts would be appreciated.

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Heat, dehydration and stress, those three well known culprits!!

I went back into persistant Afib after my first ablation. After my second ablation 3 months ago, I had some ectopics and recently a couple of incidents of either ectopics or flutter. It is hard to tell the difference oneself. But I am pretty sure no further AFib but I see my cardiologist in November after wearing my 7 day holter, so will know for sure then.

Best of luck for Monday.


Thank you, I ended up not going to work. I was in the car to go and turned around and came home I was too exhausted . Talked with the nurse and she said I need to put myself first so I am having a quiet weekend. It sounds crazy but I am almost looking forward to Monday as I will have NSR.


Best wishes for Monday Kather and let us know how it goes.



I was incredibly relieved to be going in for my ablations, since living with the exhaustion of Afib basically meant I was a walking zombie.

All the very best for Monday and PLEASE do nothing for your first week and then SLOWLY pick up the pace. No point in undoing all that hard work in your heart. Put yourself first for a while.

Keep in touch.


Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Really hope it works for you.


Thank you so much. When I had my first ablation I felt good but anxiety was sky high ,but now not as nervous . I have been in flutter a week and have had enough. I know what you mean by the exhaustion , I know many others have to go through much more. So even though I am nervous I am looking forward to it. It means a lot to have all the well wishes, my friends and family are empathetic but no one knows what it feels like unless they have gone through it.


Also wondering do you think the success rate is better when they do an ablation when you are in either an a-fib or a-flutter? Hopefully they can see the results better. I will be asking the surgeon before I go in.


Well had my surgery on Monday. It went well but much longer than thought about 4 hours, I guess there was a lot going on in there with the flutter ,will get more info next week at my follow up. I was in 165 flutter going into surgery so was very distressed but they gave me a cardioversion before they started surgery and I had to have more fluids as my blood pressure was a little low which is normal for me. I am doing well but very tired and have a hard time sleeping because I keep listening to my rate which is in NSR but a little high I have a lot of anxiety and need to relax.Any tips would be helpful .Thank you


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