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Ablation on Monday!

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I recd a telephone call from Cardiology offering me an Ablation for Monday 26 Sept 2022. My husband advised me to take it, so I accepted the offer. I did query why I had been offered this so quickly as only diagnosed with Atrial Flutter in June 2022. Apparently it is due to the fact I am unable to take beta blockers as I have very low blood pressure. Also my tachycardia is playing up and my body is not at all happy. Its scary as my EP is now someone different but looking at his CV he has an excellent track record with Ablation complex or less so which is reassuring. He also is apparently very good with nervous patients, mind you he hasn't met me yet! Poor man. He prefers sedation over GA as likes to chat to his "victims", sorry should have said "patients" whilst he is doing the procedure. To say i'm anxious is an understatement but have been calmed a little by reading the fact sheets re Ablation on this wonderful site.

So am trying to get my stupid anxious head in the right place, pretending I am an adult and being so grateful to be offered this procedure so early in my diagnosis.

Have my fingers and toes crossed that I behave myself and all goes well as I have an elderly doggy who needs me, and mustn't forget a husband who is putting on a brave face about everything whilst going thro heart problems himself.

121 Replies
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Thinking of you for Monday and I’m sure all will go well.

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fairyfeathers in reply to sassy59

thank you for your kind reassurance

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I think you are doing the right thing. Ablations for Atrial Flutter are easier than they are for AF and the success rates are higher too. Here in the UK, you can be fairly confident that if you are offered an ablation, that it’s the right thing to do.

Good luck for Monday, you have done all you can to prepare yourself for the procedure and I’m sure it will go well for you. When you feel able, please let us know how you get on…….

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fairyfeathers in reply to FlapJack

thank you so much for your response

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Its only natural to be nervous,I sympathise! I had a long time to dither and whitter about should I/should I not due to Covid shutdown and aftermath. At least you are in very soon.

I too had a different EP on the day from my own but to be honest after my long wait things were getting much worse and I just wanted it done!

I had mine done 14 weeks ago, no flutter since,not once. So good luck and let us know please xx

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fairyfeathers in reply to wilsond

thank you so much for your response

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ETHEL103 in reply to wilsond

me to.Tho the covid booster i had friday sent me into a fib during the night and tacky.

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fairyfeathers in reply to ETHEL103

That’s not good and a worry. Hopefully your symptoms will soon disappear. I have just had my GP surgery contact me to have my covid booster and flu jab, which I will make a decision on after my procedure.

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ETHEL103 in reply to fairyfeathers

Very best of luck.

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wilsond in reply to ETHEL103

sorry to read that,hope you settle soon.

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ETHEL103 in reply to wilsond

Thankyou better today.

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jaffacake8 in reply to ETHEL103

That's what is concerning me. I'm worried that if I have the booster I might go back into flutter. My heart problems started a few months after having my Pfizer booster and I am still sometimes getting flutters and ectopic beats and high heart rate so its all a bit worrying. Hope your Afib has settled now.


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ETHEL103 in reply to jaffacake8

Yes it has.I waited for 36 hours for the cardio nurse to get back to me so i looked after myself.I took a verapimil as a pip and after 2 hours hr slowed.I dont want to.put any one off the booster but im not sure i will have another one as it has caused me a lot of stress. The nurse said i did the right thin g.Most people i know had no side effects at all.I guess us hearties are vunerable.

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Best wishes ❤️‍🩹

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fairyfeathers in reply to Buffafly

a big thank you for your kindness

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It is very normal to worry but ask yourself would I, a devout coward, have had four ablations if they were nasty. As Flapjack has said flutter is easier to ablate than fibrillation so you will be fine. Glad you found the fact sheets useful so hope you take our advice.

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fairyfeathers in reply to BobD

yes fact sheets were a great help and I will definitely be having lots and lots of rest afterwards as I want the best outcome I can get. Thank you for your reassurance

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The procedure always seems more scary than it actually is. You will be fine, and when it is done you will wonder what all the fuss was about. Our minds can conjure up all sorts of strange and untrue scenarios 😊. You have an opportunity to feel better with this ablation so go into it with a strong positive outlook . Good luck !

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thank you very much for your upbeat reassuring response

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good luck on Monday, by Tuesday you will be so relieved that it’s done, and at least this way there isn’t weeks wait to get more and more stressed about it

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fairyfeathers in reply to 4chickens

thank you so much, yes I’m pleased I don’t have too long to wait

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good luck for Monday and will be thinking of you. xxx

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fairyfeathers in reply to Frances123

thank you for your kindness, I'm trying to keep my anxiety levels in check as anxiety and flutter not a good mix

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I have had ablations for Afib and AFlutter. Flutter easier for the EP. You will be fine, best wishes for a successful outcome! I was quoted 90% success rate for flutter ablations.

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fairyfeathers in reply to KMRobbo

Thank you for your reassurance, I will be so relieved when its all done.

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I did not have GA for my ablation and didn't know it was an option. I was well sedated, not aware of anything and only slight pain after procedure was finished.

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fairyfeathers in reply to BlueINR

hi, I was told sedation is the preferred option to EP's as I did ask whether GA was available. But my EP stated recovery with GA was longer and he liked his patients to be awake but sedated. Thank you for your reassurance

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Good luck for Monday. Atrial Flutter is much more easily got rid of permanently than A/Fib so go for it confidently. You are very fortunate not to have to wait cos the earlier the better.

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fairyfeathers in reply to GrannyE

yes I cannot believe how quickly I was booked in. I was told it would be a year to wait, then 8 weeks ish as I could not tolerate meds plus my symptoms were getting worse. It helped speed things up when I accepted a cancellation appointment. So I am so grateful. Thank you for your best wishes

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Raffles2602 in reply to fairyfeathers

I'm sure you will be fine and it will be great to have your life back to normal. I saw my cardiologist last week hoping to be offered the procedure but he told me I was too old - just had my 71 birthday. Wonder if it depends on the area. Let us know how you are doing. Thinking of you for tomorrow.💐

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fairyfeathers in reply to Raffles2602

how very rude of your Cardiologist to say you were too old! I’m sure it depends where in the country you are as to availability. I would have been so annoyed if my Cardiologist had said that to me. My father continued to have heart procedures well into his 90’s so I would be querying the age cut off. Thanks for your good wishes

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37Polly in reply to Raffles2602

I am 82 yr old female and have been offered ablation when I feel ready at an excellent medical center i US?

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Thoughts will be with you tomorrow, but I have no doubt the procedure will be fine. When I was last in AF they wanted to cardiovert me and I refused as I was too nervous, so no doubt that when I get offered ablation I will be feeling exactly the same.

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fairyfeathers in reply to MrFeen

yes the old anxiety and stress levels play havoc with most things I do, its so annoying and frustrating when they impact on life in general. I do hope you get offered a procedure to help you with your symptoms. In a way its good I have little time to get myself in a state about the Ablation. A part of me wants to cancel, but then I tell myself off as I have been given a chance to get better. Thank you

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I remember being so nervous but a little sedative and their caring voices I was totally at peace, and all went so smoothly and quickly. Wishing you well.

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fairyfeathers in reply to Rubymurray25

what a lovely reassuring response so thank you.

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I hope all goes well for you - I had an ablation a week ago and it was fine - recovering well at present 😊

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fairyfeathers in reply to FindingCaradoc

what wonderful news that you are recovering well after your procedure. Thank you for taking the time to reassure me

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Although I am far too much of a coward to face the operation myself unless my AF was totally out of control, the advantage of having it early is that the success rate is likely to be far higher. When you get into permanent AF like me, though fortunately with it controlled quite well with beta blockers, the chance of ablation success is down around 50% or lower with more complications. Having been diagnosed early before it has had a chance to become persistent or permanent, it does make sense to consider a treatment which can bring about a lessening of risk. Good luck.

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fairyfeathers in reply to oscarfox49

thank you for your good wishes

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I had a last minute offer too which was scary. However I went ahead ! It was fine. I had lots of sedation and was beautifully cared for. I rested afterwards for quite a while (worth it I believe) and it has made all the difference to me. Good luck ,let us know how you get on.

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fairyfeathers in reply to Mouchkin

thank you for your lovely response

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Mouchkin in reply to fairyfeathers

Oh I meant to say I was 79 ! Xx

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to Mouchkin

still young and years ahead of you to enjoy. Xx

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I had the same happen to me in 2019 and was so very glad to be able to get it all over with as my atrial flutter was very difficult to cope with. The procedure, as others have said, is quick and straightforward as it is performed in the right top chamber of the heart, the right atrium. This is the first chamber entered by the catheter. coming up from the femoral vein from the entry point in the groin and then up through into the heart via the inferior vena cava. The area to be ablated for AFl is also clear and can be fully and accurately ablated without fear of damage to nearby organs since the heart wall, here, is thicker. It's all good for AFl ablations! there's no blanking or healing period, either, so you'll feel better very quickly and off your drugs. The anticoagulant will be dependent upon your Chads score, though.


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fairyfeathers in reply to Ppiman

thanks so much for the very interesting info in your response. All sounds positive which is reassuring. I have a score of 2 so will def continue with Epaxaban for life.

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Wishing you all the best for tomorrow. Im also a coward and going in tomorrow for a pacemaker insertion ( first part of a pace and ablate procedure) and I know exactly how you are feeling. Good luck, im sure all will be well.

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fairyfeathers in reply to Nannysue1

bless you I’m sure your procedure will go well. My old dad had a pacemaker in 2007 fitted in Cyprus after medical emergency whilst on holiday and a new “F1 “ model as he called it fitted a few years ago of which kept him well and fit. All done under local anaesthetic and he said afterwards he didn’t know why he had worried about having it done. He lived until he was nearly 97yrs old and died not from a heart problem but due to his old age. Take care

Nannysue1 profile image
Nannysue1 in reply to fairyfeathers

lovely to hear that your dad did so well and lived to a ripe old age. Thanks for reply

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well I wish you all the best! I am 52 with Afib they offered it to me twice snd I turned them down.. are you on a lot of meds? Why is your pressure so low? Have you read The Afib Cure? I am curious.. 😊

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fairyfeathers in reply to Eliktrick

hi I’m 71 female, vegetarian, don’t smoke or drink and BMI is excellent . So not really a candidate for a heart problem, well so I thought. I have always had low blood pressure, like my father did. No particular reason as far as I know. My GP says it’s excellent but unfortunately when I started Bisosporol I could not tolerate even the 1.25mg once a day. My BP Was around 82/53 with pulse of 53 consequently felt faint and couldn’t function. So I am only on Edoxaban 30mg once a day. I also react to fillers in tablets. My GP thinks I’m a bit of a nightmare to treat because of it! I like to keep him on his toes. No haven’t read the AFib Cure. The EP didn’t like the fact I was having too many episodes of Flutter. So the offer for Ablation was a bit of a shock at this early stage of diagnosis . Mind you I didn’t know I had a problem until June this year and I accepted a cancellation appointment

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I had an ablation last year which was not at all as awful as I thought. I was sedated but woke to see the inside of my heart on the big monitor screen and had a chat wih the EP. You will need to take it very easy afterwards but I hope you will find it a great help as I did. Best of luck and wishes. :)

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fairyfeathers in reply to bassets

thank you so much for your kind reply and good wishes

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I’ve had two and like you was very nervous but I assure you that it’s worth having it done as the improvements to your life will be enormous. Trust in the EP team - I am sure they will put you at ease. The worst part is the anticipation and waiting. This time next week you will feel that you are a different person. But do follow the info sheet and take it easy - it’s easy to get sucked in to thinking you can do loads of stuff because you feel well. There are only three things you need to remember immediately post ablation - rest, rest and more rest. Good luck tomorrow.

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fairyfeathers in reply to JefferyW

yes the doing very little thing will be difficult for me. I am going to behave as want the best outcome. Thank you for your good wishes

good luck! Sedation is pretty chilled out! Ablation often offered early these days, that is best practice

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fairyfeathers in reply to

yes it appears they like to treat early to get the best outcome. Thank you very much for your response

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Good luck! Do let us know how you get on. I’m on a waiting list for a cryoablation for AFib and I am nervous. However, medication hasn’t been great for me so far. Just tried my first ‘pill in the pocket’ on Friday and it didn’t work.

I was supposed to go into A&E and get a cardioversion if it didn’t work in 6 hours, but we were just leaving Scotland for a family holiday in the Lake District and after my last experience I don’t think they would have done it. (The rate was lowered but still AFib.)

So after two days it has plunged into Bradycardia. I feel like I’m stuck with a heart rate in the low 40s, or the risk of going into AFib. Sometimes it feels like it’s harder to control for those of us with naturally low resting heart rates and/or low blood pressure.

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to Gumbie_Cat

goodness that sounds scary. You poor thing. Hope they can get your symptoms sorted as sounds horrible and very unsettling. Yes low BP normally and then getting arrhythmia is not a good mix. My heart is all over the place at present as I cannot tolerate Bisosporol. One minute in tachycardia then fluttering then seems to stop with a few etopics in the mix then goes really slow before it speeds up again has made me quite fed up. So hope this procedure helps. Sending you a hug

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Gumbie_Cat in reply to fairyfeathers

thank you! Best of luck.

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Good luck for Monday. Its only natural to be anxious but as many have said flutters are easier to deal with. I had mine 'sorted' many years ago now. Still get afib but at least no flutter. I shall be thinking of you. It will soon be over. Let us know how you get on. Brave lady.

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fairyfeathers in reply to Adalaide2020

thank you so much for your lovely response

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Lucky you to be offered an ablation so quickly! You will be fine. It will be all over before you know whats "hit" you and you can go on to lead your best life! 👌

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to Becksagogo

yes I am lucky and can’t quite believe it’s happening. Thank you for your good wishes

Valencia48 profile image

Stay positive!! All will go well!! Be thinking of you as will all these lovely people here. Let us know how things go please.

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to Valencia48

thank you I will update soon

Ellie-Ann profile image

good look. Hope all goes well for you.

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to Ellie-Ann

thank you so much

Browncoat profile image

Best thing ever for me... I had some minor discomforts afterwards (you can search my posts if you want more details), but I would absolutely do it again! It made a huge difference to me.

You've probably been made aware (if you've read the literature here) but visual migrains/aura are quite common afterwards - don't freak out - they will pass in 30 minutes or so. I had a few.

I also had some oesophageal discomfort that needed some omeprazole for a couple of weeks, so don't be afraid to mention any symptoms to the AF team.

Good luck!😀

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to Browncoat

thank you for the helpful info and good wishes

Thanks55 profile image


I had mine done in June this year and I almost left the hospital when the consultant came to talk over the op I was totally terrified

I am very lucky as my ablation was a success fingers and everything crossed that it stays that way I’m still being careful not eating or drinking things I know are not good for me but I don’t mind that and next week is my follow up telephone consultation regarding my well-being and hopefully coming off the meds so onwards and upwards 🤞 I hope

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to Thanks55

I wish you well with your follow up appointment. Thank you for your good wishes

Dazza67 profile image

the very best of luck,,it is a worrying time,naturally, but definitely the right decision,,ive had 2 ablation procedures, 1 in 2017 and the other last year,,so i feel your anxiety,,all will be fine,,and your dead right ,,our other halves worry as much as we do,,but put on a brave face for our sake,,, keepus posted

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to Dazza67

so pleased your procedures went so well. Yes hubby is anxious about me going in and will be relieved when I’m back home.

Suze43 profile image

Go for it! You are bound to be anxious but it is just awesome what they are able to do. I too have low blood pressure and chose ablation in the hope I could stop taking bisoprolol. My procedure (for AF) was at the end of August and I have been pleasantly surprised at how straightforward the recovery has been. The fact sheets are absolutely brilliant. My main concern has been a faster pulse rate but now in week four post ablation it is starting to settle.

Good luck and please let us know how it goes for you.

Keano99 profile image
Keano99 in reply to Suze43

hi Suze, when will they let you stop taking Bisoprolol?

Suze43 profile image
Suze43 in reply to Keano99

I was advised to just stop 3 weeks after ablation. However because my heart rate was quite high (but no AF) I waited for that to settle. I will be stopping in the week ahead. I was only on 1.25mg and last December when I was on 2.5 but experiencing serious 'spaced out' symptoms (blood pressure drop) GP said I was over medicated and to just halve the dose. I did that with no ill effects so am hoping I can banish the bisoprolol for good now.

Suze43 profile image
Suze43 in reply to Keano99

Update on my previous reply…. Spoke to my arrhythmia nurse today and she said ablation patients are often advised to stick with the beta blocker through the three month blanking period. However, she said that on my notes the EP had said it should be OK to stop after four weeks so this week I’m going to try just taking on alternate days and see what happens.

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to Suze43

lovely response from you and is reassuring to me. So thank you.

Ledmor profile image

had mine last Wednesday feeling fine was a wee bit sore for couple of days but fine now

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to Ledmor

hope your recovery continues to go well. Thank you for your response

Keano99 profile image

it sounds like you’ve made the right decision, good luck…..

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to Keano99

thank you so much

GardeningMK profile image

hi there, I am 56 and had ablation done on 7 sept I have picked up a couple of complication due to this -

1 they went through an artery as well as vein, because my % of ectopic beats was too high- 22% and beta blockers made me very slow, even a minimal dose reduced heart rate to 36 some days… so like you I agreed to ablation. , there were two sources of ectopic beats identified and it took longer than originally planned.

Complications I managed to get -

1. I got pseudoaneurysm which was picked up by CT scan and 10 days after ablation I had emergency surgery which was all fine, no complications, thankfully, I am at home now.

2. The second thing potentially could happen is a damage to a femoral nerve during the ablation, which also happened to me, making my leg numb and painful at the same time. This happens rarely but I got ‘lucky’ - two rare complications! I was told this goes away usually but if not it is something I can live with as long as there is no pain. If it happens you need to ask GO to give you gabapentin and ask for physio but hopefully you miss it!

On a positive side - having had terrible palpitations in the past I now feel like I am 35 again, going to sleep is nice, no heart trembling, nothing. They managed to reduce my 22% to 0%!!!!! It is amazing .

The reason they don’t usually use general anaesthetic for this type of procedure is because when your body is unde GA it goes to ‘safe’ mode and your heart picture is different or rather not complete, as they would be hidden- the ectopics, I mean. they would not be able to see where the source of ectopic beats is so best to be awake and just under sedation. When they inject local anaesthetic in your groin just take a very deep breath - it helps. Further in the process once they found your sources of actopics You will feel pressure in your chest when they start burning the source of Ectopics but it’s manageable. Remember the good result is instant and once you recovered you will be fine!

Ask to avoid going through the artery to avoid pseudoaneurysm ! They should go through a vein.

Let me know if you want more information. And good luck for Monday!

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to GardeningMK

goodness you have had an scary time with your procedure so pleased that things have improved for you nevertheless. Your info has been noted just in case.

Keano99 profile image
Keano99 in reply to GardeningMK

That is so unfortunate.. I hope your femoral nerve heals ok. Where did you have your ablation carried out?

GardeningMK profile image
GardeningMK in reply to Keano99

it was in Wellington hospital in London

Quest4NSR profile image

You got this girl!!!!

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to Quest4NSR

I’m pretending I’m a big girl and not scared. Hope my pretending works!

Singwell profile image

You will be fine. Take some relaxing music or an audio book on your phone with headphones. I listened to something really soothing when waiting for my 1st ablation. It really helped. Also, take a cosy shawl or similar in case its draughty. And if necessary a neck pillow in case they are doing several that day and you dont get called in to pre op till late morning. I actually took my phone on airplane mode with my headset and listened to it during the procedure first time as sedation only.

fairyfeathers profile image

thanks for the advice. I’m second in the queue but the first patient is a difficult one so might not go into cath lab till lunchtime. Horrible waiting but at least it’s being done.

Snowgirl65 profile image

A short wait is preferable to a longer wait for medical procedures as there's less time to worry! Wishing you well that everything goes perfectly.

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to Snowgirl65

thank you so much

Pamid profile image

I just had my ablation for atrial flutter last week, trust me it is a piece of cake , I went to sleep and woke up and it was over! I was very sleep for a few days from anesthesia but other than that I felt nothing different! You will be fine! I just have to hope my AFIB stays away or I will need that ablated also!

Pamid profile image
Pamid in reply to Pamid

was happy I was taken off my anti arrhythmic drug multaq but had to stay on elequis and the other heart meds just wonder why dr added a baby aspirin and two proton pump inhibitors also , more pills 😫😫

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to Pamid

Thats bit odd. Have you asked why they have prescribed additional meds? Would be good to know.

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to Pamid

thank you. Im pleased your procedure has gone well. Fingers crossed the Afib stays well away!

Meno27 profile image


Had ablation done 4 years ago was really worried but it really was an ok experience nothing to worry about think the worrying beforehand is the hardest part

Hope this helps take care

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to Meno27

Thank you so much for your reassurance.

southkorea profile image

You will be fine. i have had two and there is a quick recovery period!

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to southkorea

thank you very much it’s helping me so much getting support from the lovely people on this caring site. X

Teresa156 profile image

all the best to you, for tomorrow 🤞


fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to Teresa156

thank you so much. X

Brianboru profile image

Good Luck. I’m sure it will be beneficial !!

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to Brianboru

fingers and toe’s crossed thank you

marinator profile image

you will do great,I had it done early and the cardiologist said that was the best way to approach it .So far cross my fingers 7 weeks No AFib

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to marinator

brilliant news so pleased for you

Dulcimer profile image

I have had an ablation and it is the best thing I have ever had. I have been really stable ever since and I would have another one if necessary. I didn't feel poorly afterwards, just a bit tired for a while. Hope all goes well and it sorts out all your problems! Good luck, Dulcimer

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to Dulcimer

so reassuring to get your message a big thank you

lovetogarden profile image

A good chance to get it done quickly, without fretting for months! Hope all goes well and they smash that pesky tachycardia. (My 2nd ablation took place with 24 hours notice! Someone cancelled and since I wasn’t on blood thinners, they called and put me on the schedule.) look forward to hearing from you after the procedure!

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to lovetogarden

thank you will report back after procedure

Bingofox007 profile image

good luck today, be thinking of you and look forward to update when you’re back home recovering 🦊.

dedeottie profile image

Good Luck today. X

Kevinder23 profile image

Wishing you all the very best, xxx Godwilling xx

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to Kevinder23

thank you so much

Afibflipper profile image

Hope ablation today goes well

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to Afibflipper

all good just leaving hosp update later in week

Hylda2 profile image
Hylda2 in reply to fairyfeathers

so glad. Stay safe x

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to Hylda2

yes all good update in couple of days

SCCDL profile image

Just now reading this - I am sure that all went well - aren't you glad to have this over with?

Keep us posted!

fairyfeathers profile image
fairyfeathers in reply to SCCDL

update soon. Went well. Thankyou

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