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Cryoablation 6 months on.

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Hi all, just a quick update on my Cryoablation which was performed on September 7th 2018 at Liverpool heart and chest hospital. The first couple of months after were a bit of a rocky road but I noticed a significant step in the right direction on month 4. It taught me to be patient and not expect to much to soon with this procedure.

Now 6 months from the most scary day of my life (im a chicken!) I can honestly say my symptoms have virtually gone, I have a few palpatations some days but if that's as bad as it gets I am very pleased with the result.

I continue to avoid all of the usual triggers and my quality of life is now 99% better than before the ablation. The second good thing to come from this is I no longer fear having an ablation, so if the problem re-occurs going for number 2 would not be anywhere near as stressful as last September. Knowledge is power and ablation although a very technical procedure is not something that should cause too much worry once you have the experience.

Best wishes to all who continue to suffer with heart issues and if you have the opportunity to consider ablation please don't do what I did and delay having it done through fear rather than getting fixed and getting on with your life. πŸ‘

21 Replies
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Best news. Going for my second ablation April 30. New doctor and new hospital. Thanks for the encouraging report. All the best. Your friend in the USA.

djbgatekeeper in reply to Rebma

Thank you and I will keep everything crossed for you in April πŸ‘Œβ€

So glad you’re going so well Dave.


Thankyou for your honesty and re-assurance to others. Seldom do people really understand how long recovery takes. a situation not helped by doctors giving un realistic expectations,

This is a great post, really honest and very reassuring. Exactly the kind of thing you need to see when you are facing your first ablation.

Thank you so much and I hope you continue to feel brilliant, you took the leap and you deserve it.

fortune favours the brave 😊

Thanks Kellyjelly, very kind of you to say I was brave but it was more like hobsons choice really lol... My runs of arrhythmia and palpatations were becoming a daily occurrence and despite years of dodging the bullet through healthy living I had no choice in the end.. If you are facing your first ablation try not to worry to much, it is over and done with in no time and the success rate is very high. Despite being on this forum for years I've never heard of anyone who has not come through the process because the medical professionals have got it down to a fine art these days.

Take care and I wish you the Very best of luck πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

Thank you so much for the kind reply Brave people always say they are not brave 😊 your bravery comes through not only in your decision to have the procedure but in your patience through the recovery process.

I’m so pleased I’ve read your story and thank you, it really helps 😊

Excellent news!

So pleased for you, may it continue

Cheers Redders

What an excellent outcome, well done and here's to a healthy heart future and hope life continues to be good for you. Best wishes.

Thank you!


Thanks for the great update Dave- such good news and positive arrirude is dually uplifting- for you to say and all of us to read!

Thanks Missy πŸ‘

That's great djbgatekeeper - well done sir! - I'm very happy for you.

Similar to you, I am 6-1/2 months on from PVI cryoablation and since the procedure I have not experienced any PAF or ectopic beats whatsoever. My quality of life is now 100% better than before the ablation. :)

Prior to the ablation I was having frequent PAF episodes (occurring every 7-10 days) that would last anywhere from 10 to 18 hours. A vagal a-fibber, my episodes were almost always brought on by my digestive system - either while I was eating or shortly thereafter. About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with intermittent "nutcracker esophagus" (esophageal spasm), and I believe this condition contributed greatly to my incidences of PAF over the years. Post ablation I still have occasional episodes of esophageal spasm of course but it no longer affects how my heart beats. My heart just beats steady all the time now like a well oiled machine. I love it!

May the joy of NSR last a very long time for the both of us!

Best wishes,


Kellyjelly in reply to Breezera

What a great result for you Breezera, as someone that suffers with very similar digestive triggers for racing heart I’m always hopeful when I hear someone get relief from that through ablation.i hope so much this will be the case for me 🀞

Breezera in reply to Kellyjelly

Thank you Kelly. Yes, the great result I've experienced is quite miraculous when I think about it - it couldn't have worked out any better for me. I was actually thinking of you when I wrote my reply to djbgatekeeper - having read many of your recent posts and learning that you suffer with similar digestive triggers for racing heart. Regardless of the various triggers a person might have (and they can be numerous), remember that one's heart must have some sort of predisposition for racing or going into AF or AFL to begin with, so that's the key.

As info.. following my PVI cryoablation the attending EP came to my bedside in hospital a couple of hours later to check on me and to tell me not only was the procedure an acute success, but he also advised that prior to ablating my PVs he was able to initiate AF at will by simply approaching my PVs with the catheter. I thought this information to be extraordinary and beneficial in helping me understand what had been happening all along in terms of PV(s) sensitivity & reactivity.

Kelly, I wish you all the best for your upcoming ablation. The procedure will be over in no time at all, and you'll wonder afterwards what all the worry was about. :)

Best wishes,


London, ON Canada

Kellyjelly in reply to Breezera

Thank you so much for your kind words Richard it’s so nice to know that you have been in much the same situation and it has really improved your life, gives me so much hope.

The EP sounds wonderful, to have that conversation with him and really feel like you understand what has been happening and that he had treated it so successfully must have brought such a positive energy into your recovery.

Thank you for your kind wishes, it really is lovely to have the support of complete strangers from all over the world!

Take good care 😊

Great to hear you have gained such a excellent result! Well done to you πŸ‘

What a lovely honest and informative post ! Hope things continue well for you.

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