well i go for my check up tomorrow after having my Cryoablation 2 months ago, i must admit i am feeling a lot better than when i first had it done, but still getting Fatique quite bad, had a few blips with AF but not as bad , the only other thing i have is my left arm aches most day's is this normal until it settles down? had chest pains at first but that seems to have settled now , fingers crossed hoping to come off some of the tablets if all goes well.


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  • Still early days. People really never "get" how long it takes to recover. I felt about six months before I was back to how I wanted to be.

  • Thank you Bob, will see how things go tomorrow ,


  • Suzy,had my cryo in January. Feel much better. Getting back to my routine. Doing it slowly but steady. Did a 55K bike ride the other day and felt terrific!!!. Stopped my antiarrhythmic drug a couple of weeks ago. Did notice that toward the end of the week my endurance is not there but I look at it this way I'm just happy to make it to the end of the week without afib :-)

  • Hi Paul, glad you hear you are much better, and glad you have come off the Antiarrhythmic Drug, that's what i am hoping to do thank you for your reply i do feel a lot better its just niggley bits still playing up now and again, hopefully find out more tomorrow,


  • Bob, is right. It's still early. I had a lot of ectopics afterwards but they have substantially diminished.

  • 2 months is a relatively short time for your body's second most important organ to recover from what it's just been through so don't worry. Ablation is actually a major trauma and if performed to for example your hands you would still be in significant pain from the burns.

  • I don't mean to be picky, but Cryoablation is a freezing process rather than the burning process of a RF ablation, but the same principles apply about healing time.............I'm pleased to hear about the results as I am due to have a cryoablation later in the of luck Suzy

  • Cold burns are often worse than hot burns - ask any mountaineer :-)

  • Point taken....I did say I was being picky, but some folk may not be aware or the difference between the two methods of ablation

  • Hi Suzy

    Had my cybro ablation 6 and a half weeks ago, and like you, still get very tired. Feel like I " hit a wall" and have to stagger off to bed for lovely afternoon nap!

    I am also taking whole term off school, and changing to very part time in Septmeber. Have found Bobs advise of really respecting recovery time and really listening to my body and learning to say " no" to things I really don't want to do!

    Am already winding down my medication, very slowly.

    Hospital were quite "gun hoe" at coming off them quickly, but again I feel slow and steady, is the best way ...

    Haven't we had some lovely weather to aid our recovery too!

    Best of luck


  • Hi Everyone thank you for your replies, everything went ok at the hospital, but they have not taken me off any Tablets yet! say its to early as its only about 9 weeks since i had the Cryoablation, so want to see me again in 4 months so hoping they can decide if it has worked,

    so bit Disappointed that they are not taking me of my medication yet! but better to be safe then sorry, although they did say i could try cutting down the flecanide so i will see how i go, yes Sarah the weather has been good:-) which helps i have been sitting in the garden this afternoon, thank you to everyone again dont know what i would do with out you all, Suzy

  • Suzy, just be patient. You will be off them in no time. I felt the same way. Couldn't wait to get off them . I wasn't scheduled to be off them until next month but I was having some kidney issues. Levels are a tad too high so the EP decided to drop the tikosyn. I go for a retest in a week or so.

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