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Aching back and legs at times Arthritis ?

Have had blood tests at Doctors but nothing untoward showed up. Could I have the start of some sort of arthritis as I am 76 and there is arthritis on my mothers side of the family. I seems to be worse after sitting for some time or gardening and feel stiff and aching when getting out of bed in the morning. Any ideas please

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Snap Tyson, I have the same symptoms. I just put it down to arthritis and getting older. I certainly don't want to be given pills for the arthritis so don't mention it to my GP. I know there's a book that talks about improving it by diet because many years ago a friend lent me one. Is yours really painful and troublesome!



Jean. Thanks for reply. It depends what I have been doing heavy work and gardening seems to kick it off. I suppose at 76 I should expect some aches and paints as forget at times I am not in my 20's anymore. I still manage to do most things but feel it in my wrists shoulders and back at times. I find if I keep moving and don't sit fit to log it is Not to much of a problem. Mike

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Hi Mike; my mother used to say that old(er) age doesn't come alone. Our joints and cartilage wear. When I was about seven, an engine block fell over and left me with a pair of comedy kneecaps; they're lumpy, bumpy and don't resemble each other. I've had two arthroscopies on the knee that took the full force of the block. I was a gym bunny up to 68 and that kept my quads and hamstrings strong enough to support my knees. I backed that up with Pilates, yoga, cod liver oil, glucosamine and chondroitin. After a big respiratory issue and then a stroke I'm back doing Pilates and working on a rowing machine at age 70. In the gym I would use a Spin bike (not a class) and an Elliptical trainer. The combination of supplements and exercise seems to work.


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