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Aching back and Legs could it be arthritis ??

Can anyone suggest what is causing my lower back and legs to ache quite badly if I sit for to long or do any heavy lifting. I am 76 years old and have had numerous blood tests at my Doctors which shows nothing untoward. Could it be some sort of arthritis as there is arthritis in my family on my mothers side she still lived until age 95. Any ideas please ?

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I think you need to go and talk to your GP.

Is this AF related? Or did you mean to post on the Arthritis Forum?


Sorry meant to Post on arthritis forum.


You're on the wrong site, this is for heart electrical problems.

Try this arthitis site... healthunlocked.com/arthriti...

There are other arthritis sites as well, just go to Communities and the Browse Communities.

Hope you get a solution.


Thank you have gone onto Arthritis forum.


Sounds like osteoarthritis, my physio told me never to sit longer than 30 minutes!


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