Eliquis and hair loss


I'm 25 and recently broke my hip - I was given Eliquis to take but after 6 weeks I have severe hair thinning and my hair is now falling out more quickly and eyelashes aswell

Does anyone know how long after stopping taking eliquis the hair loss stops? I've suffered from insomnia, sickness, nausea and low blood pressure but the hair loss is too much. Would be great if someone could give me some info if they have suffered from the same issue


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  • I have been on eliquis apixaban for nearly 4 years never had any of these in fact had a hair cut tues and hairdresser remarked how thick my hair is but we are all different hope you sort it out

  • Just had a thought are you taking an antinflamatory

  • No I was taking dihydrocodiene initially but I stopped about a week ago because my pain threshold is high anyway (I was walking .. not greatly... but for a week after the initial break before I knew it was a proper full break and just going through the pain as I thought it was a grade 3 strain) so now just the eliquis which just makes me feel incredibly nauseaus

  • it's more likely that your hair loss is telogen effluvium related to the stress of your injury. If so hair regrowth starts after about 6 months.

    It could be caused by the eliquis, but if so presumably you are stopping it shortly and then should see recovery of growth

  • Hmmmmm I don't think so to be honest... I have been under a great deal of stress over the past year from work and then from 4 hours of hard training daily and my hair was fine until just recently - do you think it could be related to dihydrocodiene

  • unlikely. The other thing is to get your iron and thyroid levels measured. You will have lost some blood with your injury so maybe relatively iron deficient.

  • I found I had considerable hair loss with warfarin, but since switching to eliquis about a year ago, I have no noticeable hair loss. I doubt it's the eliquis.

  • Thank you for your experience! Did you find any side effects?

  • I am on eliquis with major hair loss. Can’t be attributed to anything else. Very despairing about this. May switch to another NOAC to see if I have any improvement in hair loss.

  • None at all. And I don't hear of anyone on this forum who suffers any side effects.

  • Same here, no side effects from Eliquis.

  • Been on Eliquis 6 months now with no side effects

  • Do you realise this forum is for people with Atrial Fibrillation a cardiac condition? You may have it if so welcome if not maybe another forum on health unlocked may be able to help you more. Good luck

  • I've been taking Eliquis for about 4 months and am despairing at the amount of hair I'm losing. I did some research online and it does happen to quite a few people. Have yet to find out a remedy, and if you're a person who reacts in this way to anti coagulants, it appears that all types of them will elicit the same effect. I console myself that it's stopping me having a stroke!

  • Thanks Wendy that's really helpful everyone else has made me feel a bit like I'm going crazy but the hair loss is getting faster and it's hair thinning so all over plus all the other side effects and I'm not on any other medication so there's nothing else that could be causing it and after he amount of stress I've had in the past I severely doubt its from stress! I'm not sure what to do at this stage I'm taking them because of my broken hip so I've stopped the past two days but I don't have a doctors appointment until Thursday so I'm worried about not taking them for that long

  • Be careful about suddenly stopping them, as it has been found that people are much more likely to form clots as a reaction to stopping the medication.

  • If it is causing such undesirable effects then surely the medics should change you over to something else

  • I had bad hair and eyelash loss on warfarin and was changed to Eliquis. I still have hair loss but not so bad. Spoke to cardiologist at the Royal Brompton about this on Thursday and she said she had not heard of it with Eliquis but maybe I should change to another blood thinner. Anyone know of a better blood thinner? From what I have read some people appear to suffer hair loss with all of them so don’t want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire!

    Will try the Hairjelly Protein capsules recommended but am taking lots of supplements already. Will check what is in them so I don’t overdose on something.

  • I persisted with Apixaban, as I thought that I'd get hair loss with any of the anticoagulants. The good news is that after 11 months, the hair loss has slowed down and so I've stopped worrying that I'll be bald!

  • I've been taking Apixaban for 4 months. I did notice some hair loss but took a course of supplements recommended by Victoria Health. My hair is now thicker than it has been for ages.

  • hi Pam what supplements are they please??

  • Bought them from Victoriahealth. com. Hairjelly Protein Capsules. Worked great for me, took for 3 months and are safe to take with Apixaban, etc.

  • Hi Pam can you let me know what and where you got the supplements please 👍

  • Hi. victoriahealth.com

    Hairjelly Protein Capsules. I bought 3 months supply and it worked brilliantly. They were recommended by their pharmacist.

  • Thank you

  • I'm having the same problem and I am starting to go crazy... I've been on eliquis for more than a month now and I am loosing massive amounts of hair. I had a thrombosis though and had to stop taking the contraceptive pill, so I was thinking it was hormonal. Please share if you find a solution!

  • Following two back surgeries in '12 and '13 for 7 herniated disks, a stent, and more than a few embolisms, I was on Warfarin for a couple of years. Labs got to be very inconvenient. Then something else--I forget what--and now Eliquis for a year-plus. BUT, I'm also taking BP and Chol meds plus too many more. I was in the process of researching each and every when I ran across this. In the last 6 months, extreme thinning and breaking. A year ago I had a mane; now I can barely see a root!

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