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Eliquis and hair loss

I have been on Eliquis since the summer of 2017. I began to notice my hair falling out and am now despairing about how much hair I have lost. I started with quite a bit, so others would not necessarily know what is going on. It is constant. It seems that this is a rare situation but I wonder if others had any luck switching to another anticoagulant. Doctors seem unconcerned about this side effect, but it is quite upsetting.

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Hi Rbrenner

Welcome. Loads of stuff top right and from members on this. Can't help you myself but this will bump your OP which has got buried. Hopefully more members up now, sipping their decaffs 🙂


Thanks so much! I appreciate reading everyone’s unique experiences with this challenging condition. This is a very informative website.’


My hair is falling out in large amounts. I’m pretty sure it’s the eliquis


Falling out or breaking? Mine is very brittle on Rivaroxaban, now using a shampoo for damaged hair (L'Oréal) which helps.


Hi, I had some hair thinning due to a drug for Rheumatoid Disease,I went into AF two years ago. I take Biotin which I found on a USA Rheumatoid website and it does help-I take 2,000 units daily ( I started with 1,000 units, but as I’ve increased my Rheumatoid drug, I increased the Biotin.

My hair dresser says it’s working ok. Good luck

I buy it from Amazon.


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