A Fib and the link to low magnesium levels

Hello every body

I'm now 6 weeks post my third ablation (one for SVT and two for A Fib) and I am feeling great. I had a flurry of what turned out to be ectopics about 10 days post op, but otherwise no A Fib, as far as I can tell by checking my pulse regularly, and no 'events'.

So far so good. Even taking two of my grandkids to France last week and the inevitable tiredness that caused, didn't bring on A Fib.

However, a friend of mine suggested I try magnesium citrate for my poor sleeping pattern. I have to say it is much better since my ablations, but still not perfect as I rarely get through a night without surfacing and sometimes simply can't get back to sleep for a couple of hours. But this could just be an age and female thing.

This triggered a memory of a comment on the forum a few weeks ago, so I dug around and found the article by Kahn et al in the Framingham Heart Study trial, which suggests a moderate link between low serum magnesium levels and A Fib.

Does any one have any comments about the use of magnesium citrate and the prevention of A Fib?

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  • Many people take Magnesium to help with those ectopic beats, and have varying degrees of success. Magnesium citrate produces some GI side effects for many. Magnesium taurate seems to be the formulation of choice. Always run it past your EP before taking anything. I do think magnesium and CoQ10 are both helpful personally in keeping those odd PAC's to a minimum.

  • Sound advice. Also, since I like nuts and green veggies and avocados, my magnesium levels are perhaps not that low.

  • There are some conditions for which Magnesium is contraindicated, unfortunately I have one of them which is a very rare disease, however the other would be anyone with kidney Dysfunction so as SRMGrandma says - run it past your doctor first.

    I know a lot of people on this forum believe it has helped them a lot

  • I only have one kidney, so perhaps that really is something to take into account!! Thanks for the advice.

  • Just keep an eye on kidney function on your bloods and alert your doctor, I am sure they would keep an eye on them anyway.

    There is a Magnesium spray which is very popular but I find a warm bath with a good handful of sea salt is safe for me and helps muscle relaxation and therefore sleep. Sea salt contains some Magnesium as an element and is absorbed through the skin through osmosis. Even Epsom Salt baths are too much for me.

  • I have an uncomplicated AF but noticed magnesium Citrate really increased my energy levels .

  • Interesting. Have you been sleeping any better??

  • yes.I do sleep better....and I have plenty of other reasons not to.

  • Glad to hear about the improved sleeping but not the various reasons not to!! Life can be very complicated at times.

  • Dr Sanjay Gupta, cardiologist in York, has done one or two informative youtube videos on magnesium and AF.

  • Thanks Kath. I shall watch them

  • OK, so I watched quite a few of them and shall go and talk to my GP since I don't see my EP again until October. Thanks for the link.

  • I take a Mg compound and spray on Mg half an hour before bed and it usually knocks me out. My compound has a lot of 'hearty' things in it including Taurine.

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