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Burning in tummy and chest

Could I be gluten sensitive after my 2nd and 3rd ablation ( 4 months apart ) I get burning in my tummy , chest and throat and I feel nauseous ..... it comes and goes , I eat small meals and I'm careful of what I eat..... I'm only 4 weeks post ablation and they did give me stomach pills to take after 2nd ablation which I'm still taking ..... I'm on metoprolol and Rythmol ( propafenone ) which I've been on for 3 years and never had a problem with it .

Never had any issues with gluten or dairy before ??? I'm wondering if it's the healing process ?? I just feel horrible at times, maybe it's an ulcer due to the stress ?? Seeing my GP in 2 days ...... can anyone help ??

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I think you will find that a lot of people on here have various stomach problems post ablation. Seems to be related to disturbance of vagus nerve.

I certainly had this and although it has improved (it is almost 4 years ago ) I still suffer from bloating if I am not careful. The thing that helped me most was switching from bread/toast in the morning to fruit and yogurt. I do eat some bread but keep it to a minimum as this does seem to be the most thing that sets me off. So maybe worth trying.

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I think that is common post ablation, I had it also for the first 30 days. It is really like heart burn, from when they burnt the heart for the ablation. I took meds for awhile and it went away.

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Morning Terim, yes it's quite usual to have a slight problem like you have after an ablation. If you think about it and the disturbance that's happened inside you during your ablation, then you are likely to be a little sore and swollen from that. It will soon disappear, I had it for quite a while and then someone on here asked if I ate yogurt. On replying yes (well I thought it was good for you), they told me not to as they had found it had made their stomach worse. I stopped eating it and the soreness disappeared.

When it had been problematic I also found that eating a banana would soothe it, which was especially helpful if I woke with soreness in the night.



Thank you for your reply .... I will try the suggestions


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