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Are Ablations a Con

I had my 2nd ablation almost 5 months ago and my heart has been racing up to 160bpm for the last 4 weeks (had bad periods before that too), with drugs it's now mostly between 109 to 125. It was never this bad before the procedure. Whereas before I led a fairly normal life out walking with friends etc. I can do little now other than sit. I'm having a cardioversion in just over a week. Has anyone on here been totally cured after their first or second ablation? Sorry, but I'm beginning to think that the whole process is a con. Very much hope I'm proved wrong after my cardioversion. Just so fed up with the whole thing.

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Jean, I have been there and will discuss fully at The Diggers Rest on 27th. Suffice to say that after my third I had five and a half years AF free although I do get some funny arrhythmias still. There is still no really long term data about ablation as it is still quite new science but I fro one am extremely grateful for the years I have been AF free and would have a forth in a nanosecond if needed.


PS It is most likely to be atrial tachycardia you are having hopefully and the cardioversion should sort it.


Thank you Bob, your comments have given me hope.


"Has anyone on here been totally cured after their first or second ablation?"

Yes. I had constant AF 10 years ago and after a couple of years on drugs, had an ablation just so I could get off the drugs which were making life difficult. The ablation was a 100% instant success. I could not feel my heart at all after the op, which was a bit strange after years of it pumping and banging!

Was it a "total cure", no, because the EP predicted I would need another ablation in 5-15 years time, and I'm now in AF again (8 years on) so hope to have another soon before it develops. Feels different this time though!

Actually, I did have another ablation last year, but they went in and could not detect my AF and even tried to stimulate it whilst I was under but to no avail. It's certainly a tricky customer is AF :-)

We know how you feel. It's tough having your life governed by your ticker when the rest of you is up to the job! I can't even work properly at the moment and I'm self-employed so no time off for me.

Good luck with the CV, never had one myself.


That's heartening, thank you for letting me know. Are you awaiting another ablation?


I hope so Jean. I'm going to see the EP next week at the New QE in Birmingham so will take it from there. The last time when they couldn't do anything, I only had tiny, tiny symptoms that I could hardly feel, it was AF though. So he decided to strike early, but possibly too early, just guessing! As I say, it's a tricky little devil.

At the Patients Day, the EP's said that ablations shouldn't be considered as an operation leading to a cure, but as part of a continuous process, because you're most likely to need repeats. Although it is possible to have a one-off cure.

That's what I heard.


I had my first ablation 4 years ago and am still AF free, touch wood!


Hi Mark - Thank you so much for letting me know of your ablation success. It gives me hope.


Had my third ablation this last summer, and have been AF free since then. Sometimes have the odd flutter, but nothing major at all. I'm still on Bisoprolol 10mg and Warfarin, Simvastatin and Ramipril. I must ask my EP next time I see him if I can stop some of the drugs. Maybe my age (70) is a factor. Anyway, absolutely don't give up hope. I'm so grateful for the treatment I have received, and there's no reason why it shouldn't be the same for you.

Best, Carrie


Thank you Carrie, all positive responses give me hope.


Carrie, I could hardly walk about with 5mg Bisoprolol, hated the drugx pleased it is helping you thoughx


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