4 weeks in nsr

After my 2nd ablation I was get af episodes everyday for nearly 3mths, but the last 4 wks I've been in nsr and that's now 4 mths since ablation so I'm hoping that I'm on the mend, I do get a faster pulse around 80-90 when my resting pulse is 60 sometimes and I still get ectopic beats when I'm really tired. I'm doing a lot of walking but still worried about going to the gym or playing football, would they bring on af or help keep it in nsr?

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  • Sounds like things are finally settling down.Listen to your body and take things one step at a time. It is still early days so take time to recover and don;t over do it.


  • Cheers bob.

  • It sounds promising - hope it keeps on improving!

  • Thanks, fingers crossed!

  • This is really encouraging, especially for those who don't move forward at once after an ablation! So glad that you are finally making good progress. If you go gently at the gym you can move at your own pace, but if you play football, surely you're less in control?

  • If you are accustomed to "pushing" a bit, going slowly isn't going to be fun. I would recommend slow, and research is showing now excessive workouts are detrimental to many of our systems, and a bottom line to our joints. If you aren't comfortable don't push. I am slowly learning this after many years of pushing my mind and body. If you truly listen, your body will tell you what it is seeking. I think I had earplugs in for most of my life!

    My ectopics/extrasystoles often come on with fatigue... listen to them. Rest well, things will improve give yourself time!

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