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Orange juice and salt Update!

Update to my original thread.

AS I mentioned in my original post - at the same time as I started the salt and orange juice regime I also stopped drinking tea and coffee (this was after previously drinking defaf hot drinks).

After really missing having a hot drink mid morning afternoon etc I decided to buy quite an expensive completely stainless steel kettle thinking that it could have been the chemicals within the plastic kettle that kicked off my afib (us afibbers are desperatte people!!).

After just a couple of hot drinks (both decaf in the new expensive kettle), but not immediatley, I had the 12 hour bout of AF that I have previously mentioned, then a shorter bout of three hours (both very intense and scary).

It is now a good two weeks since that last 3 hour bout after which I stopped taking any hot drinks whatsoever and yes, fingers crossed - NO AF!!

I do realise that we are all different but I really do feel that this is worth trying as I was never sure what was doing the most good for my AF - orange juice and salt and NO hot drinks and it seems very much like my trigger is HOT DRINKS. (I'm still on the orange and salt as my daily intake of salt otherwise is low).

Boring I know but I'd be a lot more bored if it was beer and wine that was my trigger.......!!

NO TO HOT DRINKS (and fingers crossed........).

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I think you are chasing your tail here. You have AF - it is unpredictable, completely unreasonable and will appear and disappear without rhyme or reason.


Yes, but we with PAF cling to the hope that it's caused by something simple. Please don't destroy our hope, it keeps us going.


Interesting to hear. Will give it a go too.



Hi CDreamer. I'm only describing my experiences. I know that putting AF down to something so simple may seem unbelievable, but, in my case (after 16 years of AF) this, hopefully this is the answer (and again hopefully, for those people that try it). BTW, I'm still getting the miles in on the bike - a 66 and a 30 mile in the last week.


I'm not too sure about how caffeine free decaff drinks are and prefer naturally caffeine free hot drinks, like redbush / rooibos and peppermint tea. Or just hot water, with or without a slice of lemon. I like Red Chai as it is seriously tasty. I'm not completely sure it isn't pot pourri.


I think you've made a good connection there. I read about the benefit of acupuncture and the therapist I decided to see thought cold drinks would effect me, so no ice in my drinks. Can't see why hot wouldn't effect others? May be coincidence or the doubling of fleccainide dose, but no bouts since sept! I think the vagus nerve is the culprit for AF in some cases? Where that is the case I had advice to hold and blow nose while bearing down... have to admit I've tried to no avail when I'm in AF. Still anything is worth trying! To that end I'm off to see about joining a medical trial for gene therapy for AF next week, so maybe that will help some fellow patients in the future.

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very interesting to hear. As we scroll thtough everyone's comments it's good to see what people find eases their mind with AF since the power of thought is well known. If anyone has the desire to pick up every helpful comment for personal examples of both early warning triggers which are pertinent to their own body and simple ways of personal management of AF, (I would bet there are many of us with snippets of helpfulness). What a useful tool that would be! What's completely obvious to some, others may find useful to hear, just a thought.

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Yes Tracy I think the vagus nerve is responsible for a lot of my AF.I find that if I walk around I can go back into Sinus rhythm.Ive watched Dr Sanjay Gupta on U tube and he explains why this can work.


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