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Anyone living with AFib and an implanted pacemaker (dual leads)? My pacemaker was needed to prevent a very low heart rate (30s) and in the diagnostic process it was found that I also have AFib. Treatment includes Xarelto, Diltiazem, Digoxxin and I still experience annoying heart action and dizziness. I am male and in just a few weeks I will be 88 years old and living in sunny eastern North Carolina, USA. Any thoughts?

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  • Hi cmscott,I too have a dual lead pacemaker(fit last June)for missed beats and i also have AF but for this i,ve had an ablation which as worked approx 95% and i,m on Bisoprolol(beta-blocker 1.25mgs)Have you considered or has one been mentioned to you by anyone.I don,t know if age comes into it but it is worth speaking to your GP to find out.

  • Thanks argzxoni61 for your helpful reply. Up until about 6 weeks ago I had never heard of the expression Atrial Fibrillation. I was and am new to all this business about pacemakers, A Fib, heart flutter and by reading some information about ablation on Google scares me even more. Despite my experiences with this stuff I feel that I am doing pretty well when I read the testimonials of some of the other members on this wonderful and helpful website. Yesterday was a very good day and I felt clear of the dizziness and comfortable in my skin. I sure hope to have more days like that, but last night about bed time, I felt the A Fib trying to sneak back in. Today is OK though. Thanks again argzxoni61.


  • I had a pacemaker fitted about a dozen years ago for heart block following a heart valve replacement (I had the valve redone a couple of years ago as it started to fail). About 5 or 6 years ago I developed AF on very rare occasions, but this over the years has developed to more frequency and longer periods.

    So the pacemaker has no influence either way on the AF.

    However, the really good thing that the pacemaker does is to record all the AF episodes. It is then dumped out every 6-12 months and goes to my GP.

    This month we have decided that I should go onto blood thinners (Rivaroxaban) as the episodes were a bit more frequent (although only 1% to 2% of the time) but also extended to up to 4 days. Previously I had Aspirin as a precaution. I have always taken Atenolol to keep the rate down during the episodes.

    The timings on the longer episodes are surprising as they indicate that I have been in AF when I had no idea at all about it. And several during the night!

  • Hello mungodaisy and thanks for your interesting story. However different our stories may appear to be, they have a compelling similarity. For the past 6 weeks I have had much to learn about the definitions and terms used in dealing with matters of the heart. Trying to understand the low heart rate Vs the high heart rate and what may cause and affect them and how this can affect A Fib can be tedious and confusing.

    Our stories, I suppose, do give evidence that we are not alone. Anyway mungodaisy thanks for your reply

  • Hi

    I have had a dual lead pacemaker for about 5 years. As everyone else has said it doesn't affect the af, although if yours is slow af I wander if it might. The pacemaker as you know stops your heart rate being too slow.

    I am still aware of my heart beating, seems to come with the af, in your place I would go back and see the dr and see if they can do anything else to relieve the symptoms


  • Hello mumknowsbest. Thank you for your reply to my inquiry. It is so wonderful that good people like you and the many others who do so are able and willing to help those of us who need information and guidance in coping with our particular situations. This is especially true of you being a volunteer who must be dedicated to helping others and this website.

    My A Fib has sort of wrecked my life but I am learning and coping. Thanks


  • Keep learning Clay

    Af is now part of your life, but don't let it be your life


  • Eileen, I appreciate the information and guidance that you offer, and especially, I thank you for thinking of us..


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