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Third ablation recommended


My case is little bit complex , I had few types of irrethemia along with artificial valve after two open heart surgeries and a scar in the heart .

As most of you aware I just had my second ablation two weeks ago , and I can say both of my previous ablations were successful thank god .

First one stopped my atrial flutter

Second one treated SVTs till now , it took six hours , but unfortunately the doctor was unable to treat my PVCs coming from lower part of the ventricle

Today I was offered a third long EPS with ablation without warfarin or saddation to treat those PVCs , very annoying really .

I used to have those years back but recently they are more frequent , symptomatic even with sotalol.

The doctor and my husband are encouraging me to have it again , since we are here at one of the best hospitals (cleveland clinic ) , medication option was not recommended by doctor due to other side effects and I'm not old enough to be on long term medication.

I'm really scared even I cried at the clinic , it is an endless nightmare , cant imagine I will be through that six hours procedure for the third time after only two weeks , also I don't want to go back home and suffering away from experience doctors in this field , also it is not easy to come again later to USA.

What do you think ? Really I'm confused , stressed , sad .........., am I exaggerating the situation ?

I believe that is god will and thank him deeply for everything I have .


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Having a third ablation would please me and I certainly wouldn't be concerned over it. Had two in 10 years, but now back on drugs, just wish they'd do a third and get rid of this arrhythmia. Just hate drugs so much, lord knows what they are doing even when they appear to work. Speaking personally, I'd go for it Maitha with open arms. We are told ablations are part of an ongoing treatment not a one-off cure.

Good luck


It's hard to be away from home so long, I'm sure, but it was a long and difficult flight and you are now in a position to gain further from the trip you have made. Perhaps the stress of what you have already been through in the last few weeks may be making you more anxious than you need to be.

I know you must be feeling down and anxious, but you are with the best possible doctors in the whole world... I would definitely say yes, it is one short day and then hopefully you will be able to lead a normal life without all the arrhythmias. We will be there with you in spirit - take care, and all best wishes.

Hugs, Lis x

Maitha, I am so sorry this is so stressful. You are not exaggerating, you're just frustrated and disappointed. I have to say, I agree with your supporters above! Once we go down this path, I think it is worth getting to the end - even if it is a temporary end! The relief of no arrythmia, or less, or slower to me would be invaluable. And certainly since your are still "on-site" with such a good source, take advantage of it! I know it is easy to say, as YOU head back into an EP lab so quickly, but if I were you - catch those doctors while you can!

Be of good courage!


Maitha, I do feel for you but for me this is a no brainer. You are in the right place, you have the right doctors and they say that they can sort you out. Why Delay? I wish I had been offered a repeat ablation so soon instead of having to wait a year between events.. Good luck and God be with you.


Yes Maitha, you should stay and have it done. There would be nothing worse than going home and then regretting it. You already have faith in God and now you need to trust the specialists. At least they sound sure they can sort you out. I know how you must be feeling because I myself am one of the world worries and I hope if I am in the same position you will be there to push me in the right direction too!x



Just to say I agree with everyone else,go for it while you have the chance


Hi Maitha I too agree with the others and also feel so much for you as you have had such a long and difficult journey. Of course you are disappointed that you need yet more procedures and that is upsetting. I think in life we regret what we didn't do more than what we did do.

Very best wishes

Hi Maitha - It's not an easy decision for you to make and sometimes when you're under stress it hard to see clearly the best route to take. If your EP has said the chances are of it being a success are fairly high and it wouldn't do any other damage to your heart I would say go for another ablation while you are there. Just think you could become totally normal with a still and well working heart.

Big hug

Jean X

There you are, my dear, from all the replies, find the courage, go ahead and have it done. You have come so far down this road, both physically and mentally, what is one more step, deep breath drop those shoulders and off you go - and I wish you all the very best!

One last piece of poetry for all of us.... perhaps I'll put it in a separate post as well! Now Maitha I want to stay true to the poet, but you can just switch out Paris for Cleveland!

See Paris First

by M. Truman Cooper

Suppose that what you fear

could be trapped,

and held in Paris.

Then you would have

the courage to go

everywhere in the world.

All the directions of the compass

open to you,

except the degrees east or west

of true north

that lead to Paris.

Still, you wouldn’t dare

put your toes

smack dab on the city limit line.

You’re not really willing

to stand on a mountainside

miles away

and watch the Paris lights

come up at night.

Just to be on the safe side

you decide to stay completely

out of France.

But then danger

seems too close

even to those boundaries,

and you feel

the timid part of you

covering the whole globe again.

You need the kind of friend

who learns your secret and says,

"See Paris first."

Maitha in reply to iris1205

So kind of you Iris :)

Thank you all for your kind support , I'm really lucky to have you always here where I'm away from my sisters and friends.

I'm going to meet a cardiologist today , my EP doctor told me that the chance of success is 95% in my case , (98%) for other cases due to my open heart surgeries earlier.

I'm scared to all that long procedures again but from all your input , doctor, and my family I should be brave to take my last chance to sort this last thing out , hope it is the last.

EP doctor said this is not to make you live longer , this is just to improve your life quality and I think it deserve a try.

Wish it will be under full sedation but unfortunately it will be not .

Kind regards


Hi Maitha, Have had open heart surgery also and had 3rd ablation in february. Like everyone has said go for the third one! My second ablation took six hours but my third only three! It was so worth it. Have been so well since! I know its hard to be away from your family in a strange place but you owe it to yourself and your family not to give up and miss the chance if it works! Best of luck and be well. Emma

Hi Maitha, sorry I have been away and only just seen your post. With all you have been through no wonder you are stressed, disappointed and unsure. However you are in the best part of the world for this treatment and given that you have traveled so far from home to go back without a full resolution would, in the long run, be something you would regret and would you be able to have the opportunity again I wonder.

You have been so very brave and gone through so much to turn away from a third ablation now would be counterproductive. Draw on your courage, trust in god and your specialists and let them do their very best to get you back to full health. Thinking of you. Big hugs.

Dee. x x

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