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Cryoballoon AF ablation and migraines

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Hi, does anyone know if it's true that some people suffer classic aura migraines for some time after a cryoballoon AF ablation? I had a this ablation a month ago and I've had a migraine nearly every day since then. I researched this on line and it appears to be a fairly common problem. But I wasn't warned that this might happen. One research paper suggests it is the result of 'atrial septal defect' (ASD) (a hole?) caused by the 'atrial septal puncture' of the wall of the heart during cryoablation (from right to left of the heart). If this is true, does anyone understand why it happens? And can anyone reassure me the migraines will stop?

The ablation has been very successful so far, my PAF has stopped altogether.

Best regards, Linda

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Yes, it is quite common and has somethi ng to do with the piercing of the atrial septum during an ablation. I experienced this after my ablation. They lasted 2 or 3 weeks and then I didnt have any more. Hope that helps x

Nobody warned me either. X

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LYJB in reply to dedeottie

Thank you so much! I'm so glad I posted this question. I thought I would be cursed with the migraines for good. All the very best to you, keep well. Linda x

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It is all in the fact sheet " Recovering From Ablation." Doesn't just happen with cryo either.

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LYJB in reply to BobD

Thank you, BobD, I have found the fact sheet and printed it....I didn't know this existed. The sheet states that the migraine symptoms will pass in a week or so; mine have lasted a month so far, I hope they stop soon!

Many thanks, best regards, Linda

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BobDVolunteer in reply to LYJB

We are all different. The fact sheet is quite new and I would love it if hospitals would hand one out to every ablation patient but that is far beyond my influence.

I was warned - it was also found that I had an unknown ASD - which would explain my life long migraines. Worked in reverse for me - my migraines reduced in intensity and frequency and I think I have had 2 since my ablation in 2914.

Always the contrarian!

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BobDVolunteer in reply to CDreamer

We still love you.

Yes it happened to me, I had no idea what was happening and was really worried the first time as no one had warned me about them. They do stop after a few weeks though.

I had the same thing for a few weeks. My EP explained it as being caused by "dirty blood" in the brain, which comes from punching the hole through the atrium during the ablation (not cryo in my case) procedure.

I am having trouble finding the aforementioned factsheet. Any hints/links?

H Georgianjane :-) click on the link below and scroll down the page to where it says...

''Recovering from Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation'' and open the 'read more' link.

I had a cryo PVI in january - no headaches.

Still having them after 2 years no pain just aura

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