Just had my third ablation

Hi guys! Hope you are all doing good! I had my third ablation on Friday at the Freeman hospital. It was quite an intense one and definitely the worst one I've had. They had to ablate on the left and the right side and my doc said he did quite a lot of burning. I'm in so much pain this time. In the chest area but especially on my shoulder round the back. I can't get comfortable at all. Feeling a bit sorry for myself as my other ablations have been a breeze! Just wondering if anyone else had experienced as much pain? Also very breathless. Any words of advice or encouragement greatly appreciated x

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  • Well done. Try to relax. The pain should pass after a few days. Look forward to the rest of your life now.

  • Thankyou! I will try x

  • Get well soon. I had my first one at Freeman six weeks ago x

  • Yes, when I had my second one done earlier this year (also at Freeman) I was in a lot of pain post procedure (actual heart hurting type pain) and I was told that they had ablated three large areas and that the pain was normal due to the fact that they had burned bits of my heart and as I probably had some clot there. I also had pericarditis this time and so after the pacemaker then had to be put in 24hrs later and I had pain from that too I felt properly black and blue and sorry for myself so can totally sympathise. I couldn't sleep or get comfortable for days. You will heal though and it will get easier- hopefully very soon! Take care and rest and take regular painkillers initially to help you. Good luck! Rx

  • If it continues, have an ECG done. There might be blood in the pericardium. I had such a problem with pain, breathing and general discomfort, and discovered there was a bleed from the ablation.

  • Hi Katy - Sorry to hear that you are experiencing pain and hope you soon feel better.

    I've had three ablations too and didn't experience any pain after any of them, only complete exhaustion. Tell a lie I did on about the fifth day after my 2nd one. I got out of bed to take the electric blanket off as I could feel the wires as I lay there and when doing so I had the most awful pain in my heart area, thought I was having a heart attack! When I spoke to my GP next morning he said, just put it down as an experience! Huh, I thought, he can be so blasé about it, but he was right because it never happened again.

    Please make sure you talk to someone about your chest pain, even if all's ok and it just puts your mind to rest. After all it is your heart we're talking about here, one of the most important organs in your body!


  • Hi,

    I had 3rd ablation (1flutter 2pvi). First two were a breeze, this last one knocked me for six! Had an echo immediately after procedure to check for pericarditis but was fine!

    Pain has been awful, BodD suggested it could be oesophogial heat transfer and I am sure he is right. Just over 4 weeks on it is abating and mainly occurs when bending or doing too much!!

    Hang on in there it will improve I'm sure! My AF is very quite....hope yours is too?!


  • So sorry to hear u are in pain. Hope it goes away soon. Just keep looking at that NSR showing!! And all will be better.

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