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4 ops and feeling worse

Hello Everyone. I had an ablation 3 years ago for PAF.

I also had a biventricular pacemaker fitted last Aug with an AV Node ablated 2 weeks later in September, but still had problems.

Last Tues I had a 2nd Ablation. Two days post op I was taken back in with pain in my throat, top of chest, and a dead left arm and hand. I was told it was Oesophagitis post cardiac ablation procedure. I was discharged 4 days ago

I now feel worse than ever with pain across top of chest. My balance is all over the place, still cant use my left hand/arm and feel dizzy as soon as i move. I get rushes of pressure to the head as soon as i start to move, and my breathing has got so bad that i feel like i'm going to die. I was better than this before I had the ops.

Has anybody else experienced this please?

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Hello Joe....this sounds absolutely awful for you, particularly given that you went for the ultimate pace/ablate route.

I do hope that someone on here who has experienced similar can give you some reassurance. Presumably you are in contact with the hospital that performed the procedure.


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Hi, so sorry you're experiencing these symptoms. I had catheter ablation last Friday and I have experienced a lot of chest discomfort and feeling very light headed. I went to the doctor and she said my ECG was normal but my blood pressure was low at 80. She recommended salty foods like ready salted crisps and plenty of water, eating a little each hour and not to stand for long periods. She said gentle walks around the house and garden. She said resting a lot can cause blood pressure to dip. Hope you feel better soon x


Was the second ablation on the av node again? Sounds like you have nerve damage? That should get better over time. How much better is the question and how long.

This does unfortunately sound more extreme. You should probably contact the doctor and or hospital. Feeling as if dieing breathing to me is an emergency. Contact them asap or go in person.


Hi Joe - I'm sorry to hear of the problems you are experiencing and really hope someone on the forum will put your mind at rest by saying that they have had the same thing and got well. Do you feel worse now than when you left the hospital? I'm really surprised that you were discharged feeling the way you do! Have you talked to your GP to see what he thinks of it all? Don't hesitate to go back to A&E if you feel you are getting worse instead of better.

Wishing you well again.



Sorry you are having a very tough time Joe. If you feel this poorly I would strongly be considering a and e. Better get checked out again.

Take care and good luck.


There may also be the chance on top of anything else your pacemaker may need fine tuning.

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