Hi in 1996 i started to feel unwell and I started to get chest pains i was told i had angina early 1997 i had a triple heart bypass i felt ok for about ten years then the angina came back in 2008 i had a heart attack and had three stents put in in 2015 i had another three stents also in 2015 i was diagnosed with crhonic kidney disease in 2016 i was diagnosed with lung cancer and prostate cancer i was operated on in June 2016 i had the top half of my left lung taken away the operation was successful i was supposed to be having an operation in November last year to remove the prostate cancer but i ended up having another heart attack so i couldn't be operated on they tried to put more stents in but my arteries are to blocked to get the wire to my heart i was told i had chronic heart disease while i was in hospital i was also diagnosed with anemia they gave me two pints of blood and i felt much better then the effects of the blood transfusion wore off i have no energy i get very breathless and I'm tired all the time i have been put on iron tablets but I don't feel any better i had a blood test the other week and my hemagloben was down to 78 i have been told that it's dangerous for it to be that low the normal hemagloben is around 178 i am 73 years old i know the human life span is supposed to be three s core and ten but up to a couple of years ago i was enjoying life and i want to enjoy it again can anyone help me

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  • You sound as though you have so much to cope with.You should try and get the anemia sorted out as anemia completely saps the body of energy. Is your GP any help? Have you been 'written off' by the various hospital dept.,s dealing with you? Or does it appear so?Are you in the uk?Your GP can perhaps help you to create a priority list to help you get any further treatment that might be possible.It seems an awful lot to manage on your own. If you have been told your blood count is 'dangerously low' why are you not getting another transfusion and quickly?

  • I am waiting to have an endoscopy to see if I have any internal bleeding I personally don't think I have it's another three weeks before I have the endoscopy in the meantime i know my condition is getting worse i don't like keep going to my GP i feel like I'm pestering him

  • Never feel guilty that you are pestering your medic its your right to have the best treatment available. Believe me if they were the ones suffering they would be pushing for the relevant support.

  • Thanks 10gingercats. But like I said I don't like pestering anyone especially my GP

  • As Meadfoot says you must keep 'pestering' your Gp.....esp. if your condition is getting worse.It is his job to help you sort things out. Do not be apologetic with him.Ring the endoscopy dept., or get a friend to do it for you and see if they have a cancellation list.You might then be seen sooner at short notice. You really have to look out for yourself and it is hard to do when you are so unwell but it what you need to do.

  • Thanks meadfoot but like I said I don't like pestering anyone especially my GP

  • You can always pester your pharmacist instead and see if there's some known side effect in your medication that is contributing.

    But I think it is worth seeing your GP. In addition to the iron, do you know if you have any vitamin deficiencies? Someone I know was, when referred, found to have three different low readings, including being very low indeed on vitamin D. Some large doses of it have been very beneficial.

  • Hi rellim296 all I have been told is that I'm short of iron

  • That figures if you were much improved by two pints of blood, but just because one shortage has been spotted, it doesn't mean you don't have another and a good look at your various levels could bring up something significant that's easy to treat.

  • I have been told by a friend of mine who works for the NHS that two units of blood would make me feel a lot better it did the last time I had it done but what about when it where's off again more blood ???

  • It's very difficult to deal with so many health issues and it sounds as though you have really been through the mill. As 10gingercats says you need a hierarchy of your needs planning out by your primary medic to ensure they are dealing with things in order of urgency.

    Never mind your age, in this day and a age 73 is certainly not old. The three score year and ten is well outdated with today's medical knowledge and advancements. Remember seventy is the new sixty.

    My uncle had a massive heart attack in his forties, a quad bypass in his seventies followed by prostate cancer and is still here alive, well and in a good state aged 94 . Never give up. Keep your chin up and ensure you pester your medic, GP, to get a plan actioned as a priority and don't take no for an answer, we owe it to ourselves to grasp the nettle and take control of our health requirements. Best wishes.

  • Please go back to your GP you need someone to give you a plan on how to move forward,you also need help and support. you have some serious health issues and you are entitled to treatment. I am sure your GP would want to help you. if not you need to ask to see another GP or get back in touch with the hospital that has been treating you. 73 is not old and we only have one life which is very precious.

  • Dear Tom. You have written a very good summary of how you feel. Why notbsend a copy to your GP. You could add that you were doing this as you were concerned about pestering him/her,. However you could say the burden of your medical situation is substantial and wondered if there was any one who could help you with deal with the enormity of the situation you find yourself in. I am 73 and have an enormous health history. I have found being completely honest with medics about how I FEEL to be a great help. Recently I was talking with my shortly to be 21 year old grandaughter about my health issues and dealing with medics. Her reply has been an enormous help and I share it with you. She said " Grandma you have to be comfortable with what you do/decide. You can always change your mind and remember tomorrow is another day." May you be given the strength and peace you need to regain enjoyment in living.

  • You have been through alot 🌺 You will get there i sure you seem to have a strong personality

    As for pestering your GP ,,,,, wrong word

    You are a concerned patient who is worried and needs support and a clear health care structure so you know what to do next

    The first thing you need to address is why are u losing blood

    Therefore you need to as a concerned patient be very assertive and explain its causing you great concern your GP

    This is his job

    Look at your discharge letter it should tell you your working diagnosis from the hospital

    Go back to GP and discuss tell him you want a specialist review

    You need help and support

    This is not pestering its your right

    Please 🌺🌺🌺

    Once they know where the problem is and it get sorted you can start to heal again and go forward on many more adventures 😊


  • Hi jamie's 123 thanks for your advice next Tuesday I am going for an endoscopy to see if I have got an internal bleed in my stomach if I haven't got a bleed in my stomach i don't know what I'm going to do because I'm getting weaker and more tired everyday. PS not looking forward to the endoscopy

  • If u are getting weaker And no plan of action by doctors

    Take your self to A&E if you are that unwell with a medical history like yours

    They will help u keep in and sort things out

    Go to a good hosptial that has all the specialities

    Trust me u are not alone

    I work in A & E as a nurse 😊

  • Hi jamila 123 thanks for your advice I don't feel like going anywhere today I've just been in the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea and now I'm out of breath and I don't feel like doing anything today I'll just sit here on my own today and see how I feel tomorrow thanks again for your concern

  • Okay i understand ]


  • Tom! you have very sound advice from our trusted friends here, now you have to move it forward, sooner rather than later, you can do it!! let us know how you get on, we are all here to listen and support you.

  • Hi Caznear68 thanks for your concern and support i will keep in touch

  • You are so optimistic, and strong, you'll always come out on top

  • Hi micke6 i used to be strong and optimistic but the last year or so i have become pessimistic I'm getting a bit fedup of it all

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