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Chest pain?

Sorry to be a pain myself, but the times I was hospitalised I was woken by a mega pains in the chest which got worse as time went on waiting for ambulance. After three visits I was diagnosed with Af. Has anyone else had chest pains thinking it was heart attack. These are real scary and then panic sets in and makes it worse. They stopped all other tabs and put me on warfarin, and ramipril, also a tab for angina which I do not have but was told it helped to open valves.

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Yes I have chest pains when I get AF now. I didn't originally but now I have Atrial Tachycardia as well as AFib and Atrial Flutter they are just like heart attack symptoms. A&E assume I am having a heart attack but each time it has turned out to be arrhythmia driven.

It is very scary and the anxiety added to it makes it even worse but perfectly understandable. I feel for you. Can't comment on the meds but I would see my EP/Cardiologist/GP whichever one you feel most confident in and talk it through so you get the best treatment and advice.

Be well.



Hi Dee thanks for that. Each time I have been in with this they think its a heart attack and turns out its not then it was angina. After the angiogram it was not that either so i suppose they had to come up with something. I will take on board what you said and get GP to sort out my tabs.



Hi Dot. I really identified with your post, in fact, even though I was diagnosed with PAF last year, each time I have an episode I wonder if it's a heart attack and yep, it scares me. The fact that clinicians are able to tell on ECG whether it was or not is comforting in one way but of course that's often after the event!

In films we usually see people rolling around and clutching at their heart yet when my friend had a heart attack last year she thought she would shower and wash her hair while she waited for an ambulance!!

Can anyone say how you can tell if it's a heart attack rather than a visit from the unpleasant Mr AF? (Sorry guys, it could of course be Ms AF!)

Keep well Dot x


Glad you're OK now squady. The whole thing's really destabilising isn't it?


Morning Dot, yes, I have the same and it is frightening. I was convinced I was having a heart attack but, like you, it was AFib Tachycardia and Bradycardia. I also had an ache in my jaw and neck! Thank goodness for this forum, talking about our problems to others who understand how we feel.

Stay well and keep positive.



Many thanks to you all I really appreciate feedback. I do wonder if there is anything wrong with me as I do not suffer with a lot of what you all discribe. I do get palpations now and again and I get a funny feeling in my throat and chest when these happen. But for the last two years I have had so much stress that its a wonder I am still about. I lost my hubby two years ago and went through hell, also I am 72 years of age and have now sold my house and bought a flat in a village by my son. With all this to attend to I was hospitalised three times. Hopefully my stress levels are now on the wain and will get back to normal soon as I am very fit and healthy and cannot stand being tired all the time and having to sit down after the smallest task. Thanks again all.



Hi. Yes we are all different. I don't get chest pain but left untreated I have an erratic pulse at 130 b.p.m. for 75% of the time. It's not very nice but I was actually normalizing it and didn't feel too bad unless I exercised. It was only when I was started on flecanide which stopped the symptoms that I realised how bad I had felt and how much it was compromising my life. Thankfully My life is mostly back to normal. Dottie it sounds as though you have had a tough time lately and that will not have helped at all. I find that long term anxiety makes it much worse and it is so tempting to put A.F. symptoms down to stress and so ignore them. Maybe as life settles down a bit you will be able to look after yourself a bit more. It's easy to ignore your own health during times of stress. Take care.x


Hi Dottie

The problem with this condition we are all different, there are people out there with af who have no symptoms at all and are unaware they have it. Biggest problem is the stroke risks remain the same



I have come home from hospital today after a suspected heart attack. It started with AF, then went to Atrial tachycardia (I was told). When I tried to move about I had severe pain in my upper chest, followed by a near blackout. As I had previously been told the angina was caused by a 'spasm' I was going to 'tough it out' but my precious husband insisted I go to A and E. Blood tests showed a bit of heart damage so I had to stay in for an angiogram which was clear so the conclusion was the pain was caused by AF. I now have extra meds and the promise of an ablation if not successful. I have to say that when I arrived at hospital I did think I was about to die, very scary.

As the doctor I phoned before I went was cross because I didn't want to go to A and E I am now wondering if I always have to turn up there for heart pains.......wonder what others do?


It's a dilemma! The ambulance crew that last took me in told me not to hesitate to call them if I had chest pain. They also explained that it didn't necessarily mean they would take me in to hospital and that they would carry out some checks at home and then make a decision. I've always ended up in A and E tho!!


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