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three months post ablation and I am symptom-free. I was due to come off all medication but unfortunately I had a heart attack last week followed by an operation to insert two stents. The heart attack was a surprise to both me and my cardiologist as I have undergone almost every heart test and have never had any underlying problems. 10 days on and I am feeling fully recovered but still taking it easy. Apparently the heart attack was not related in any way to the atrial fibrillation. I feel this is one case where af has been of great benefit to me as it was only through my extensive study of this problem that I recognised the symptoms of a mild heart attack for which I received prompt treatment.The blockage in my right coronary artery was severe and could have killed me at any time if left untreated.

For the record I found my heart attack scarier but less symptomatic than a bad AF attack, I certainly wouldn't like to have both at the same time.

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  • wow. Continue to heal and be healthier than ever before !!

  • You sound so positive about your experiences. Good luck and god health.

  • Interesting, and wow for knowing what to do, take care on your recovery x

  • Oh my goodness what a shock for you! However very lucky that your problem heart was caught early. wishing you well.


  • Well done you and thank goodness you are now recovering. I was told years ago by my GP that there is no predictor for heart attack. My Brother in law had one and my wife sent me to the GP for a check up. He said that any tests they did could only tell that I was not having one at that time. As an aged relative use to say, " you don;t know what's hanging till it drops".

    Stay well and rest plenty.


  • Oh my goodness, you've taken it so calmly I'm amazed. I wouldn't be sure of the signs, to be honest, what did you experience? Hoping you continue to mend well and wishing you the best of health!


  • Get well soon Kakapo, again wow, glad you know enough to get the treatment you needed so quickly, best wishes.

  • It's great that you have such a positive attitude and that you are already feeling so well recovered.

  • Thank you for your kind replies. I think my experience with AF has hardened me up to the experiences like hospital. I woke up in the middle of the night with a mild, diffuse Chest pain which slowly increased and spread down both arms and to my left elbow in particular. It was not particularly bad and certainly nowhere near as bad as stomach ache. My cardiologist told me that everyone experiences them differently and the only thing you can say for certain is that if you can put your finger somewhere and say this is where it hurts then it's not a heart attack. It couldn't have come at a worse time being right in the middle of lambing and just as we were about to start a new honey season but I managed to stay fairly calm throughout except for the fight in the air ambulance. I have until now managed to avoid small planes and flying down to Wellington strapped tightly to a stretcher through a fairly nasty spring storm was enough to make me close my eyes and think of Queen Victoria.

  • What can I say kakapo to have gone through this experience, and still wanting to let everyone know with so much objectivity. I hope you take time to rest and recover soon.

  • Good grief kakapo so glad your fine now but what a shock! I would have thought too that if there was stenosis or anything wrong with the heart it would have been picked up but I guess they were only looking for the area that they were going to treat perhaps! I wondered if there was anything up with my heart other than the AF but the EP never said I guess that's why they have cardiologists and EP and both deal with different areas of the heart...

  • So pleased you are on the mend. You are so calm, I think I would still be in 'headless chicken' mode! Hope the new lambs give you strength. x

  • well done for coping so well- keep well now!

  • Hi kakapo, I was reading one of your posts and you say you have had every sort of heart test , did the angiogram not show the blockages. Brian.

  • I had a heart ultrasound and two Stress tests along with endless cardiograms. I guess they never gave me an angiogram because I never had any risk factors or angina .

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