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I have just purchased travel insurance for a week in Italy through Just Travel Insurance ..£38...Stay sure wanted £68 .

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That's a good recommendation then! Thanks for sharing.


I looked into Just Travel, but thought they didn't cover pre-existing conditions. Looking at some reviews which say they don't either! Are you sure you have full cover for AF etc?

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Yes have checked again...have declared both AF and Hiatus Hernia.

Is that one or two travellers? I got for just me week in Italy £8.10

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With which company? I presume you declared your AF.

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I most certainly did. I went on money supermarket. Com took cheapest one also declared hypertension and cholesterol

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Just tried moneysupermarket...cheapest is Just Travel ..£29.

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Only did ours yesterday are you still awaiting treatment? Have you attended Aand E , have you fainted think ours was puffin

Also for two to Greece £23

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Sorry mine single was get going

Tried get going..£22...can't be bothered to cancel Just Travel now but will definitely try Get going in future..thanks for the tip.

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As I said money supermarket. Com they come up with many quotes different every hol

That is cheap. I also use them but had to pay £128 for a week in lanzarote.


Thank you for your recommendations. I have just paid a lot of money for one week in Malta through Talk To Tim as Stay Sure wouldn't cover me. I have declared two A and E attendance along with permanent AF! Am off to Ibiza for ten days in September so will tryone supermarket.

We're talking about declaring conditions, but does declaration mean that they cover it?

I declared my condition to one the NFU who I tried for travel insurance, as they required declarations. But the reason they wanted declarations was so they could exclude the condition from cover.

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No I went for policies with pre existing conditions

On the front of the policy it states that the declaration gives details of the medical conditions 'covered'.

Hi As an ex insurance man I would always urge everyone to shop around, as loyalty doesn't seem to count for much these days. However, one thing you should always watch out for is the way in which the company handles claims. Of course, until you do claim you won't know how understanding, accommodating or efficient the company will be, but it is worth checking various sources of independent reviews ( e.g. Which ) if you really want to know more about the claims experience. As someone who has claimed as a result of a heart related problem I had whilst away in Tenerife, I know how much of a comfort it was for me and my family to have an insurance provider behind me looking to help not hinder. I am not the font of all knowledge, but will happily give anyone the benefit of my experience in this business if it is of any value.

I have found that pre-existing conditions are covered by most when the insurance is purchased at the same time as the tickets. At least that appears to be the case in the US. We spent Christmas & New Years in Spain. I have AF, & my husband has COPD. He did have an exerbation in Spain, and the insurance company provided us with the contact for an English speaking emergency facility. We didn't included medical because our insurance here reimbursed us.

I am 78 with continuous regular irregular AF, slight medicated blood pressure and had a single bypass and aortic valve replacement in 2015 I am paying around £500 for a years travel insurance in Europe and a cruise included. Does that chime with anybody's experience in this respect?

Is that for two I got week in Italy for one £8.08 went on money supermarket site. Got one for three weeks for two in Greece under 30. All condition s declared

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