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Holiday travel insurance

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Morning everyone ,just before Christmas got my travel insurance quote from Lloyd’s which hubby and myself have with them,husband has chrones he is fine on insurance ,me with my copd was quoted 270 to be added onto insurance ,shopped around got a quote from Asda for both of us £90 ,so wet are still covered by Lloyd’s but also with Asda,I am covered with everything with Lloyd’s apart from copd ,I find these insurance company’s are becoming a right rip of to the sick people ,.i have this problem every year .and most of the ones for sick people are the ones whom charge the most . Hope this is helpful ann x

5 Replies
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Holiday insurance is a minefield but the real problem is that no one knows how good their insurers are until they have to make a claim.....

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I agree - it doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive the premium is, it’s what the insurer does when you call them and lodge a claim. When I can travel again I’ll be asking a lot of questions.

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I find it best to stick to medical specialist insurers and I have used the same one for ab It 10 years now and found them incredibly good and have made one claim which was settled promptly although it was a small amount. I declare 3 conditions and have been covered at very little extra cost - but sometimes I have had to ring them rather than just rely on internet quotes. The last time I travelled (Dec) it cost me an extra £17 for 7 days because of the medical conditions.

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We once had a joint world wide annual policy with TSB it was around £90. When I went to renew it they wanted to add £200 to it and at that time we had no health issues. I asked them why the increase "Your both 70 now" was the reply. We switched to Insureandgo.

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Make sure you are covered for what you want to do. I went on holiday, went hiking alone and swam in the sea, despite having AFib, and found out later that I had not been covered for these activities. As I did not need to make a claim, there was no actual problem, but I am more careful now to check the policy wording, which incidentally relates to everyone, not just the sick.

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