Weight loss surgery and anti-coagulants for A-fib

hi -- i am in the US,69 yrs old, female, and have a-fib and high blood pressure. i'm advised to start taking an anti-coagulant but i had stomach surgery (gastric bypass) in 1998. There is an issue with absorption of some medications and nutrients. Need to know if anyone on the forum with a-fib has had stomach surgery and what are they taking for stroke risk reduction? My cardio recommends warfarin, i want to take eliquis. thanks for any response!

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  • I have a friend who had weight loss surgery. She was on warfarin and recently transferred to Rivaroxaban (excuse spelling) no problem. Prefers that "doac" as it is only once a day. She also has other medications and no conflict changing from warfarin.

  • thanks! does she think the DOAC is being absorbed and is giving her protection? there's no real test to determine that. that's why I'm asking about absorption.

    thanks again!

  • Yes. She has a small dog that scratches her now and again and the result is the same as when she was on warfarin.

  • thanks, that's very helpful!

  • hi psage-Sorry don't know anything about gastric bypass and absorption of medicine, but I take Eliquis and get on fine with it--no weekly /monthly blood tests needed. Perhaps you should ask you cardio why he wants you to take warfarin, rather that Eliquis. Warfarin is cheaper, if you're having to pay for it. I also take 50mg Losartan for blood pressure which works brilliantly for me. Hope everything works out for you. Liz

  • thanks for your reply. the cardio suggested warfarin partly for the cost -- in the US it's considered a generic and the co-pay is $12/month. Eliquis is brand, at $100/month. this is WITH insurance coverage -- Medicare and Medicare supplement. but mostly for the fact that warfarin in the bloodstream is measured by blood test for the INR and the antidote is a vitamin k injection or intravenous. simple and proven. the DOACS have no antidote yet, except Pradaxa, and the INR test doesnt apply.

  • My GP offered me the choice of warfarin or one of the new anti-coagulants. i chose the latter because we take our caravan away throughout the summer months to various places and it would be quite difficult to have INR tests if I am away. I take Eliquis because each tablet lasts for 12 hours, so I reckon if I had an accident the anti-coagulanet would wear off sooner. Best wishes, Liz

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