Take it easy Paul!

With the bank holiday looking I had to attack some DIY.

So bought a load of wood to build that summer house we have always wanted.

Got home from work at 1.00pm yesterday had a load of timber delivered and set about building the decking base, moving onto the back and one of the side walls.

Finished at about 9.00pm because we do have neighbours so didn't want to annoy them with sawing wood ect.

Got tidied up for the day and finally sat down at about 10.00 with a pint and some food.

Went to bed at 11.00 as I was tired but couldn't settle tossing and turning, with uncomfortable tight feeling across my diaphragm area of my torso, pulse at only 80-90 BPM but normally 60bpm as on Sotolol.

It was hot yesterday from 12.00-7.00pm.

Note to self do as your told and take it easier after all it's only been 5 weeks since Ablation.

When your used to working hard it's difficult though!!!!

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  • Crikey Paul, do you wear red pants and blue tights? Get back on the programme and slow down. Too soon to be setting yourself challenges.

  • Very!

  • Stupid boy!!!.....u aint the first, and u aint gonna be the last......hope things settle now......

  • bin the pints please!!

  • It's so annoying not to be able to do the things that other people can do, but you mustn't overdo it and undo all the good work of your ablation! Perhaps just do a little bit at a time.


  • Baby steps. Trust me, being used to a 12.5 hour day on my feet in hospital it was very hard to accept limitations (which ultimately ended up being self imposed) when I started to feel better after ablation, but it was rather that than do too much and regret it later.

    Think months not weeks and you're on the right way to pacing yourself. Extreme exertion, extreme temperature hot/cold and boozing is not really a great combination but it will get easier!

  • Hydration is the secret. Drink lots of water (unless like me you plan on sitting in the M5 car park for three hours each end of your day. Get out if my way I want to get home and you lot are going on holiday! ) Love living in Devon so long as you don't need to go anywhere. )

  • the good news in you realised you were overdoing it even if it was after the event

  • We all do it and then wonder why we are tired!

  • I'm just over 4 weeks post ablation and I'm fine in the mornings until about 2pm and I then feel like I've been up all night absolutely exhausted. I do try and work through it as I feel guilty not doing anything especially when the dog gives me that desperate for a walk look. I'm really missing my brisk walks but if I manage to walk to town (about a mile and a half) i have to take a very slow walk back as my chest starts to ache and feels heavy and legs feel like jelly. I'll be really glad when things get back to normal.

  • Nanabrodie it sounds like you're doing quite well if you're walking a mile and a half. I find I have lots of energy in the mornings but am always more lethargic in the afternoons. I believe this all started with my AF 12 years ago. I'm fine until I eat lunch, then that's it and just lately been telling myself I can't do my garden until late afternoon because of the heat (that's just an excuse).


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