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Stress or Physical activity and the effect as a trigger

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As many will know I had my last ablation 3 weeks ago.

I am feeling really bullish right now and my positive brain is taking control despite a few ectopics and my many false dawns over the many years I had AF.

I am writing this post for two reasons.

Firstly I have found that in the past 3 weeks gently increasing my physical exercise has been no problem with only some mild breathlessness.

The only bad day I had was when I discovered that a large Invoice for my work had not been paid by one of the companies I do work for coincided with a minor tiff over the colour of some paint we were going to have applied by the painters that were arriving the next day. It took my heart 3 hours to calm down from fast but NSR.

I now am doing my best to lead a quiet life and it is working.

The other reason for my post is that I wrote to my EP the other day (made the most stupid typo by putting the 21st February as the date) thanking him and his team, the nurses and the anaesthetist for all the wonderful work they did on 24th August coupled with micro managing my skin and the electodes so that I had no allergic reaction whatsoever.

In my letter I asked about physical exercise and what advice he could give me his reply was as follows:

"With regard to how you conduct your life I am happy with you doing gentle exercise and gradually building this up. From an exercise point of view nothing you do should increase the likelihood of you having a reoccurance. If it is going to recur it wil recur regardless of your activity levels and therefore I am happy with you trying to live your life as normal" Sounds good to me but I am still staying teetotal.

Obviously it is too early to tell for sure that I am out of the wood so to speak but I do feel a lot better this time.

We are all different but I thought his comments about exercise worth posting to you all.

Just in case you did not realise too, the new image I have for my identity is a typical (not my) image of a heart mapped in 3D. The wonders of modern medicine and science.

Here it is again a bit larger. The little dots I think are the ablation dots as I can see straight lines. Bit unsure about the dots on other parts of this heart.


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Well done in your recovery. Your positive attitude and new ability to do more as a result of your treatment is wonderful. Enjoy. X

It sounds as though you are doing well.

I was somewhat confused by your new image. My agricultural background limits my imagination! I thought it was a pig's head.

Very best wishes for your recovery.

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Finvola in reply to jennydog


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pottypete1 in reply to jennydog

You know I thought that myself.

I will have to think of something new as my last one was the sun setting beyond the sea in Hope Cove Devon which on reflection conjures up the wrong attitude bearing in mind we are all supposed to be so positive come what may.


Your post has so much positivity Pete! No dreadful itching and misery must be a big plus - and so simply done. Great news about your recovery too and normal life sounds so inviting.

The 3D scan is quite a surprise - look how many dots there are! I'm assuming that is the left atrium only and by jingo, the EP who did that must have worked for hours.

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pottypete1 in reply to Finvola

Not my heart

It might just be the graphic designer's license but at least it gives an impression of what it looks like.


Glad to hear things are going well!

Thank you for your post, very interesting

Pete, so pleased you are feeling positive and I like your EPs advice! I do trigger the odd episode in the gym, but then again it happens watching TV. What will be, etc.....!

Thanks Pete

I have been using physical activity as part of my recovery and as a personal trainer it is such an important part of my life..your quote from the EP was really useful



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