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Post Ablation day 2

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It's been two days since my ablation and I'm surprised at the lack of after effects of the procedure. I got home yesterday lunchtime after an overnight stay at the hospital and was very tired for the rest of the day, even after knapping for an hour.

This morning I got out of bed around 9:00am and have been pottering around the house, watching TV, spending time on the computer and reading.

The operation has left me with two small insertion wounds in the groin area and I'm going to remove the patches tomorrow to let them get some air. I've had no signs of AF and have only noticed some minor ectopic beats from time to time. Apart from being a little breathless when going upstairs, everything is normal.

We had a box of fruit delivered this week so we can eat more healthily and I've been grazing on it.

So far so good.

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Really great news Griffin, just don’t fall into the trap of thinking that because all is well, you can get back to normal .......

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Griffin9 in reply to FlapJack

Absolutely. I'm living life in the slow lane. 😁

Great news Griffin - take it easy - and then take it easier.

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Read the following once a day for the next three months. Rest rest and rest again now. .

From my own experience of more than 1 ablation I know that it is of utmost importance to rest much more than you think is necessary.

It is really good news that you are feeling so positive that is half the battle.


How did the actual ablation go?

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Griffin9 in reply to Physalis

I was unconscious throughout so it was good for me.

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Physalis in reply to Griffin9

A general anaesthetic then. I had fentanyl and was out for nearly all of it. How long did it take? Mine took an hour.

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Griffin9 in reply to Physalis

It was about 2 hours and some more in the recovery room.

So pleased to hear that all is well, long may that continue.


Pleased all is going well. I was surprised how quickly I recovered from my latest ablation in January. I am now walking between 3.5 and 4 miles a day and feel better than I have felt for years.

Take things easy for a few weeks. Listen to your own body and don’t push things. Keep well xx..

Bob's spot on. TBH I didn't notice much first two days and then overdid it. We also know that I was less stable anyway but - be patient if you get an AF breakout - mine stopped after 2.5 weeks and ectopics mostly after 3. I had some the other day oddly. I'm 8 weeks in and feeling good. Husband won't allow me to mow the lawn but I'm enjoying the slow lane and doing work for a few hours a week now. Not retired but run our own business. 🤞🤞 For you.

Speaking as someone who is due to have their ablation next Wednesday and has had serious anxiety over it, this is like music to my ears. I’m so glad your op went well and that you are recovering well. Best wishes x

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Griffin9 in reply to CakeMaker70

I'm glad you found it helpful. Good luck.

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12Potter in reply to CakeMaker70

I second that - fab to hear you’re doing so well! I’ve got mine on Tuesday & have noted the advise to rest rest rest - I know what I’m like so have taken this seriously. I’m nervous but also excited to as mentioned in previous post when you know you’re ready you know! Thank you everyone who posts on here it’s helps so much - good luck cakemaker70!! X

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Griffin9 in reply to 12Potter

Good luck with your op. I feel more awake today and have more energy, but haven't left the house yet apart from a stroll into the garden.

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12Potter in reply to Griffin9

Thank you 😊. Great to hear you’re more awake today - very sensible with a gentle stroll - baby steps seems to be the way to a good recovery 😁

I'm very glad you're feeling so well. Take it easy and enjoy!👍

I too felt ok the first week after cryoablation , then I had AF breakout that started at 7pm and was still going at midnight at 170 bpm , I think I was hasty but I rang 111 who advised me to go to a&e. They gave me meds that finally stopped it by 6am. I got a bit of a telling off from the cardio the next morning for going to a&e , he said I should have expected it and rode it out and it was too early to suggest if the ablation hadn’t worked. A week later I had another minor af attack but since then have been ok, that’s now nearly 3 months. So yes respect the procedure you have had done don’t panic if af breaks out, some days will be tougher than others, rest is the key and you will be fine. Good luck 👍

Great to hear! Just continue to get lots of rest. I tried to get back to normal too quickly, the heart needs plenty of time to heal.

Just a heads up, you might get a few migraines / migraine aura, this took me by surprise but is a common side effect of an ablation. Should pass in a few days.

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Griffin9 in reply to thumpthump

That's interesting. I googled migraine aurora and I have had periods when I get a shimmering effect in my vision. It's a bit like a ring of crystal.

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BillCook in reply to Griffin9

I get something like that occasionally since I've developed persistent AF. I understand it's called a "scintillating scotoma". It's like a horseshoe-shaped band of flashing black and white zigzag shapes - it starts off very small in the centre of vision and gradually expands until it diasappears outside the visual field after 25mins or so. I don't get headaches or any other symptoms, and my GP does not think it reflects any worrying underlying condition.There's a reasonable depiction of one here:

Mine is not in colour, though, and more like zig-zags than individual patches.

Hope all goes well for you post ablation

I had my ablation in December last year and I felt the same as you straight away. I have continued to improve ever since and now I've got my life back. I was digging on the allotment yesterday! So for me, it was the best thing I ever did. Good luck to you, and enjoy a relaxing summer.

Excellent news!

Great news. Long may it continue.

Thanks for your updates Griffin I really appreciate them as I'm due to go for my ablation in 2 weeks time. I've requested cryoablation as I believe there are certain advantages but as always there are pros and cons with every procedure. Hope your progress continues and you do well.

Good to know you are feeling well but I would ease off on too much pottering too. I too felt great for the first week, apart from horrendous bruising to my leg. My resting pulse was still in the 50s and no AF to speak of. The pulse has since crept up and up to mid 80s and I've had pulse surges of 135 - 150, especially after returning to work at 4 weeks after. I'm 6 weeks in now and resting pulse is starting to move down so the last 3 days, I've felt better. However, yesterday afternoon, I decided to go for my first proper walk. Only about 1.5 miles, mainly completely flat and at a steady pace. Felt a wee bit tired when I got back, but ok. Then during the evening and at 2am this morning, episodes of AF not fast but with discomfort. The upshot of my witterings is, take it even slower than you think slow is, as it doesn't take much to upset the apple cart. Take care.

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Griffin9 in reply to Ducky2003

Thanks for the advice. Some bruising has started to come out at the top of my right leg, but the wound is dry and looks OK. I've rediscovered my kindle ebook reader and have plenty of books to read.

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Jalia in reply to Griffin9

Interesting to hear about all the bruising as I never had any bruising in either of my groins after my last ablation ( had a single stitch in each). I'm a person who has always bruised easily. After one of my earlier ablations though I had a small haematoma so a certain amount then.

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Ducky2003 in reply to Griffin9

My wound bled for a day and a half (not heavily) but I had no bruising in my groin at all. I had some bruising on my nethers but the main was most of my thigh. It then spread to my lower leg and even as far as my foot. Mostly gone now but my thigh still aches and the odd twinge. Jalia

Yip, very much a non-event. I’ve had two and the actual procedures (one with and one without anaesthetic) were uneventful. Now if they would only do what they are supposed to!


So glad to hear that! 👍👍

Can I ask from others who've had a 2nd ablation if you find it easier than the first one. I am still in NSR, after having my ablation nearly 2 years ago for Persisstent AF. I get episodes of AF now, lasting up to 1/2 hr and some spikes but not symptomatic. My EP has put me on the waiting list for a 2nd ablation hoping this will fix it.Have others had this too?

You would probably be better posing this as a separate question to get more responses. 😊

Glad to hear that mate.👍 keep it steady and easy you’ll soon be back to full steam.

Take care of yourself and don't overdo things. Lets hope things remain as good for you.

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