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Alivecor problems

Hi, I know some of you have an alivecor and it's been a good indicator for me to record my AF and send to my GP/Cardiologist. I had an episode yesterday and went to record it but when I look for my phone app it was now called Kardia but wouldn't work at all plus it's lost all my data!

So has anyone else had the same problem and if so how can you fix it? Many thanks

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Mine the same but I believe my battery flat. Will change and then see


There were some changes when it went to Kardia but all worked fine and all data kept.

Change the battery and try again.

Did you sign in? Try going to the main website and signing in there. Then delete the app, reload the app and try again. Change the battery and try again.

If nothing works after all that contact Kardia help, they seem to have a good customer support.

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I got in touch with the company and they helped me to organise it- you will be able to get everything back!!


I lost all my data with the change to Kardia, didn't know you could get it back, thanks for info.


thank you I will try all of your suggestion


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